49757 Postcard #10 9/12/16

Dear Friends,

Ted flew off the island with a bunch of buddies to play golf for two days on Drummond Island, so I went to church solo yesterday.  After joining the rest of the Little Stone Church congregation for lunch at the Gatehouse (a farewell gathering for our wonderful pastor Fred Zobel and his wife Mary), I decided to walk on downtown to Doud’s to pick up a few items I needed. We (the folks who have so far moved into the new condos) were planning a “thank you” grill-out for the condo construction workers we’ve all gotten to know so well this summer.  I thought my corn salad would be a good contribution. 

There are three ways to get back to the condo from downtown.  The easiest hill to climb is the one by the Grand Hotel, but that would have meant walking all the way back down Market Street to make that turn up Cadotte.  The other two ways were the much closer (and much steeper) Turkey or Fort Hills.  With a purse and a pretty heavy grocery bag, I decided to bite the bullet and climb Fort Hill – the steepest, but the shortest route. 


The Michigan Governor’s Summer Residence sits at the top of Fort Hill.  That’s where I was heading.


Totally amazing what a grocery bag with only two cans of corn and a few other items can weigh!  My first stop – looking down on my alternative route, Turkey Hill – not as steep a climb, but longer.


Fifty steps later – an official rest stop under a great big, shady tree!


Almost to the top!


At the summit I walked about 50 more steps over to the top of Turkey Hill – in time to say hello to some horse riders!


A few steps later I turned at the sound of horses behind me, and a friendly driver called out, “Hey! I know you!  Hop on board!”  Thank you very much, I sure will!  I was dropped off at the corner of our condos, as he made the turn up to Surrey Hill.  I love it when that happens!



The grill-out today in the backyard.  Craig manned the grill, and his wife Meredith helped workers Joe and Ken fill their plates.


Another of our favorite workers is Steve.  He’s from Jamaica, and we all wonder when in the world he ever sleeps.  He works around the condos all day, then works downtown until three in the morning.  Superman!  That’s neighbor Eugenia sitting with Steve.

The weather is going to be great the next couple of weeks – highs in the 60’s, lows in the 50’s!  There’s a crispness to the air, and I can’t wait to experience another Fall on Mackinac!

Grand Hotel cupola in the fog a few days ago. (Photo: Tom Chambers)

Grand Hotel cupola, in the fog a few days ago. (Photo: Tom Chambers)

Sunrise from Windermere Point. (Photo: Clark Bloswick)

Sunrise from Windermere Point. (Photo: Clark Bloswick)

Wish you were here!

15 thoughts on “49757 Postcard #10 9/12/16

  1. I remember sledding down Fort Hill (before they put in the barricades!) My,that was a while ago. I walked up it only a time or two – and rested at regular intervals, too! That’ll get your heart pumping, for sure.

  2. Dear Brenda,
    Ah memories of Fort Hill but try marching up it with 12 Girl Scouts saying cadence while trying to breathe (The Scout Service Camp or Honor Guard). We adults were at the end of the line but as the years went on we finally got dispensation to let the girls go ahead and we adults went up according to our own speed.
    Years later my daughter and I were on the island for an Honor Guard reunion and were slowly walking up Mission Hill when a dray driver took pity and gave us a lift–much appreciated.
    I hope the cool temps continue as my husband and I will be on the island Sept 26-29th for a delayed 45th anniversary trip–can’t wait!
    Take care.

  3. Brenda,

    I’ve never walked up Fort Hill and never plan to. I don’t know how you did it.

    You said, “Wish you were here.” Well, if the Lord is willing, we will be next Sunday afternoon. Getting a little excited.

  4. Just the pick me up I needed tonite! I have never climbed those hills either and probably will not in the future! Thanks for taking me along on your climb!!

  5. Oh my…I remember walking up with a bike & back pack in tow 2 years ago this September. Never again! I am glad you got a lift, at least, part way.

  6. Used to walk up Fort Hill on my way home from work at the Medical Center my first winter on the Island (before I had the apt. near Jill’s). It was fun skiing down on the way back to work the next morning on cross country skis (too poor for a snow machine) and hitting that turn on to Market Street! 😃

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