49757 Postcard – #9 9/9/16

Dear Friends,

We had another of Ted’s newly-found cousins, Dave Bennink and his wife Diane, visit with us for a couple of days this week, and we continue to feel so blessed to have the chance to connect with such nice folks.

We’d been told by other family members what a “big guy” Dave was, and that turned out to be an understatement!


At 6′ 5″ Dave is a commanding presence (no, Ted is not standing on a lower step),and we both instantly fell in love with him and his sweet wife Diane.


Even though the Benninks had been to Mackinac several times over the years, the private tour with Blake Ruddle took them a few places they hadn’t seen . . . like Fort Holmes!


We even spotted some trees at the cemeteries that had begun to show their Fall colors!  I think it’s going to be a brilliant Fall on the island!


While downtown, this sweet lady – Joan Bishop – recognized Ted and I from the blog, and we sat down to chat a moment.  It turns out Joan and Diane know some of the same people from Muskegon and attended the same high school! Such a small, small world!


Diane and I cracked up at this candid pic I took of Ted and Dave working those iPhones one evening.  Look at those faces!  Exact same expressions.  Yep, they’re cousins all right.

Our visit with the Benninks was saddened when we learned of the passing of Harry Shade, husband of Ted’s half-sister, Sheryl.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Sheryl and her family during this sad time.


A few pics of the new condo . . . .


Thanks to neighbor Pam Day for this nice shot of the condos as she was returning home one evening. We’re in the bottom right-hand unit.  That’s the Grand Hotel stable and carriage museum behind us on the right. 


The living area . . . love that chaise!


. . . and kitchen.


Guest bedroom one . . .


. . . and two.


Master bedroom.

There are also two nice-sized bathrooms, a large walk-in closet, and a laundry room. The landscaping hasn’t been completed yet in the front, but Jack Barnwell is in charge.  Can’t wait to see what he will come up with, and one thing’s for sure – it will be gorgeous!  We are loving being up the hill again!

Backyard space.

Backyard space.


While Ted was seeing Dave and Diane off yesterday, I was transporting Maddie down to Chambers corner for a visit with one of the island vets, Dr. Hites.  Maddie has been limping for over a week, and we discovered a growth between two of her toes. I didn’t want her to have to walk all the way down there, so I put a towel in my bike basket, put Maddie on the towel, and away we went.  No, I didn’t ride the bike, I walked it (I’m off-balance enough without an extra 12 lbs. in the basket to throw me off).  Dr. Hites gave her an oral antibiotic, an antibiotic cream, and something for pain relief.  He said she could have gotten a cut, or a thorn, or it could have just come up on its own.  Back in the basket she went, and up the hill we came.  I can’t begin to tell you how many tourists took pictures of Miss Maddie riding in the basket! 



I received a few more pics of Bodie yesterday, and all I can say is “That boy is growing like a weed!”


This original photo was taken at three months.


And this is Bodie today at 5 1/2 months!


He’s a gorgeous BIG boy already, and I can’t wait to wrap my arms around him and take him home five weeks from now!


It seems there are going to be several blog fans on the island Sept. 18-21, and I’m hoping we can all get together for dinner Monday night, Sept. 19.  Those I know for sure will be here are Lowell & Faye Greene, Frankie Thill and her friend Sue, Kem and Ed Green, Hilde & Bud DaVanon, Yvonne & Tony Pitsch, and Joleen & Bruce Griffin. If you happen to have a trip planned to the island during that time period, I’d love to add you to the dinner group.  Just email me at brendasumnerhorton@hotmail.com.  Looking forward to it!

God bless.

19 thoughts on “49757 Postcard – #9 9/9/16

  1. The pictures are wonderful. I hope Maddie gets quick relief. I’m very impressed that she stayed in the basket without complaint. Bodie is so beautiful and very much needs all that attention he’s going to receive when he joins your family. I love your choice in puppys. Walk those trails for me. I too consider the island to be my heart’s home.

  2. Maddie in the basket! How adorable! That happened to dear Morgaine once; stepped on a nasty thorn. Had to go on antibiotics etc. From then on, she’d lift that foot in the cold weather; it must have remained quite sensitive. It happened when she was about six months old, and she died at 18 – she favored that foot almost her entire life. As an aside – one of her pups, Olivia, in the winter, learned to do all doggie things from her momma – including, lifting that back left paw when it was cold! Out it the snow – up would go Morgaine’s paw; so too would go Olivia’s. So enjoying your visit this summer. I miss the place terribly, so you’re my ears and eyes………….sigh…………thanks!

  3. Bodie looks so fluffy….you just want to squeeze him! He looks like a real charmer. Maddie is so well behaved…..I don’t think our Yorkie ever would have stayed in the basket. It looks like we will be coming to the island, but probably not until that last week in September. Wish we could be there for the “meet and greet”! It sounds like so much fun. A great idea! Enjoy!!!

  4. Brenda, the condo is lovely! I got tickled at the picture of Ted and his cousin on the sofa. They are most definitely related. Also, on the way home from the island I noticed that Tessa was limping. It continued for a few days and I think she is alright now. Just keeping a close watch on her. What a coincidence! Still singing praises of you, Ted and the island!

  5. WooHooo….one more week! Can’t wait to meet everyone.
    Yup Ted and Dave definitely looked like cousins…and the new condo is exactly the one we saw as it were being built. Love the look of the inside and what a great location.
    Hope Maddie heals fast and do you plan to keep “Bodie” as Bodie’s name? ( Just curious…I like it..it’s different :)).

  6. Maddie is such a diva!! I’m sure you don’t encourage that at ALL, do you? 🙂 Bodie’s going to enjoy playing with her!

    And my condolences to Ted and his family. Much love to you all.

  7. Great post card update. How exciting for you and Ted to meet all the new relatives. Couldn’t find anything on the condos you’re staying in online. If you find a free a moment drop me some contact info or web Address’ please to my email.

    Only 5 more weeks! Time really flew by huh!

  8. I’m so sorry to hear Maggie has been in pain. Poor gal. I was looking all over for her when were on the island for a few days last week. Your new pup is gorgeous! How fun to get together with new found family members and what better place than the island. I love the island more and more every visit. The Cloghaun was a wonderful experience and we will back only for at least 4 nights and not just 2 next time. I keep pouring over our pictures.

  9. Maddie is the regal queen in her basket chariot and Bodie is handsome, but I’m sure he will have to be the prince because I’m sure Maddie will let him know who has first place in the Horton household. Condo looks very nice, inside and out. I sure like the header. Just one week from tomorrow!!!

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