Settling In – Again 8/19/16

Yeah!!!  The Horton ship has landed for the final time this season (we hope, we hope)!

We are into the newly built Carriage Inn Condos and have slowly unpacked and stored our gear for the remainder of our Mackinac trip.  Good thing too!  We have four great friends arriving this weekend from Georgia.  The Harters are flying up on Saturday and staying with us, and the Phelps are arriving by car on Sunday (with their four-legged baby Tessa) and staying downtown.  Ted and I are promising to be the best tour guides we can possibly be during their stay.  Watch out Mackinac . . . four fudgies are hitting the island for five days!

Thanks so much to downtown friends who took us in when we were homeless for a few days.


My favorite spot was on their deck, where we had a full view of boats coming and going . . .


. . . and a full moon rising a few nights ago.

The new place has a pretty nice view also . . .


From the family room and front porch we can easily see over the Jewel Golf Course to Lake Huron.  That’s part of Grand Hotel on the right.


On the side we usually have two gorgeous Grand Hotel Hackneys for neighbors, and we can see up the hill to Grand Hotel stables.


From the kitchen window.


Landscaping out back gives us a large commons area with coming picnic tables and a barbeque grill.  The front isn’t landscaped yet, but it will be soon.


Condos from the back.

I’ll give you the inside tour a little later after pictures are hung and window treatments are up, but here’s a little peek . . . .


Love the family room/kitchen combination.  All sparkly and new and beautifully decorated by the owner.

It’s so different up here than being downtown, and we knew it would be.  We’re close to where our former condo was at Surrey Ridge.and that is bringing back wonderful memories of those days.  I can’t wait to go around visiting neighbors and start traipsing around on the wood trails.  We’re also enjoying meeting our new neighbors – a great group – and so far almost everyone has a fur baby (or two).  Ted and I are feeling right at home!


We wandered up to Surrey Hill (our old stomping grounds) with Maddie this afternoon and discovered this newly opened shop – the Paddock – near the Wings of Mackinac Butterfly House.  Had a great time checking this cute little place out!


Found a beautiful butterfly resting among the foliage outside Wings of Mackinac.  The Grand Hotel stable is in the background.

We’re excited to be settled in again and awaiting friends.  We can’t believe we’ve been here almost five weeks now.  Time is flying by – but then it always does when you’re enjoying what you’re doing!

Have a great weekend, and I’ll be back soon!

God bless.

12 thoughts on “Settling In – Again 8/19/16

  1. It’s like a second vacation in a different place – except it’s not! Love seeing the horses, and being closer to the woods (read: don’t have to climb Mission Hill!) And how wonerful to have had a few nights right on the water, especially with that gorgeous moon. This may be your best year yet on Mackinac! So very glad you share.

  2. Glen and I are now on our way from Corbin, KY to Bay City, MI. And then tomorrow will be the day I have been waiting for-arriving at Mackinac Island! Just being there gets me excited! Thank you for making me fall in love with Mackinac through your blog and for taking us on a tour during our first stay there. We are both looking forward to seeing you and Ted!

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