It Sure Is Quiet Tonight 8/2/16

When you’re senior citizens (like us), and your children have been off, gone, and busy with their own lives as long as ours have, it’s hard to remember how full your house can seem having teenagers around.  Laughter-filled, chatter-filled, always-in-motion-filled, siblings-good-naturedly-fighting-filled . . . . . just FILLED. 

And then they leave. 

I’m typing this around 6:00 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.  Jordan and Matthew are somewhere in the air between Detroit and Atlanta.  From Atlanta they’ll fly into Daytona Beach after dark.  The house is quiet.  I can once again hear bike tires and lawn mowers and ferry horns.

I miss them already.


It’s a pretty special day when your grandchildren invite you to dinner at the Woods Restaurant  . . . . THEIR treat!  That’s what happened Sunday.  We took the Woods shuttle from downtown.  Actually GETTING to the Woods is part of the delight of eating there.  The trip up Cadotte . . .


. . . then out through the Annex, on roads lined with rail fences and hardwood trees, makes for a beautiful appetizer . . . even before you arrive at the restaurant..  From town it takes about 30 minutes (depending on how many folks you pick up at the Grand), and it’s worth every minute!  And then you get to dine at one of the greatest restaurants on the island.  It was a very special evening! 


On Monday we rode our bikes around the island, stopping to peek at the progress at Silver Birches.


Late afternoon on Monday we took Maddie on a long walk along the shoreline at Mission Point.


It had been such a beautiful day we didn’t want it to end.


Had to snap a pic of this flower.  I think it’s a weed (someone correct me if I’m wrong), but it sure was a beautiful weed!


Jordan, Maddie, and Ted – walking back to the condo.


. . . while Matthew practiced his putting just across the street.


A daylily in a Mission Point garden.


The island grapevine went crazy over the weekend when this yacht, owned by Jimmy Johns, pulled into the bay.  The rumor on the streets was that Kid Rock was aboard.


And, sure enough, later that evening he was spotted in the Pink Pony. (Photo: Pink Pony)


Monday night ice cream at the No Name Café.  We’d say we’re probably part-owners in Moomers Ice Cream now!


Ted and I were sad when we realized this morning would be the last time we had four bikes in the racks at this condo.  We rode them into town . . .


. . . had breakfast at the Chuck Wagon, then turned in Jordan and Matthew’s bikes to Mackinac on Wheels.


Too soon we were on Shepler’s (Matthew and I rode up top) and heading for the airport.  We got a close-up look at the American Integrity as we turned out of the harbor.


Last glance going through security (Ted saw them onto the plane with a special pass) . .


And then they were away.

It’s sad when we look back and think Jordan and Matthew are 16 and 14, and this is the first time they’ve spent this long with us without their parents.  Many of their “growing-up” years were spent in Arkansas, and we only saw them once or twice a year.  One of the big reasons we moved to Florida was to get to know our grandchildren (and have them get to know us) before they were “off and away” –  just like our children are now.  It was a good move.

Jordan and Matthew, when your mom  and dad asked where you’d like to spend a week’s vacation, we thank you for both saying “with BeBe and G-Daddy on Mackinac!”

Our hearts are full tonight.  We love you, and we miss you.  You are both awesome beyond words, and you make us so, so proud every single day.

Hold things together in Florida until we get back.

God bless.

19 thoughts on “It Sure Is Quiet Tonight 8/2/16

  1. Ah thanks Brenda…I got all the way to the end thinking how sweet this story was and then the lump in my throat appeared. You just had to do it, didn’t you!

  2. What a wonderful time and visit you seemed to have with your grandchildren. It’s so wonderful that they wanted to spend a week with you guys and you could certainly tell they loved it!! Hope it can be an annual event for some years to come! So happy for the great week you were able to spend together..

  3. Brenda & Ted,

    Well, I didn’t have any tears or lumps in the throat, but I sure did enjoy the blog. You certainly have two grand grandkids. Hopefully, they’ll be back with you on the Island next summer.

  4. Well I got that pit in my stomach and goosebumps too! It is always so hard to say good-bye. It was great you had this special time with your grandkids…..they grow up so fast. Plus you get to spoil them! I’m sure they will be back with you next summer!

  5. How beautiful a close to a memory filled week. The fact that it was mutual thoughts and feelings that contain two of your favorite people on this earth. Could not be any more special. That move to Florida will be forever a perfect choice for you and Ted, but even more Jordan and Matthew received the gift of endless love by way of Be-Be and G-Daddy time. Rest well for the next few days if you can… and realize you’ll never be able to look at a pickle and or fudge with out thinking of Matthew’s preferred appetizer and beautiful Jordan quietly content with her Be-Be and G-Gaddy, just watching the quiet of all that is Mackinac Island.
    The purple flower is actually thistle, the plant that gives you wild thistle bird feed. Yes it is a weed.

  6. I truly believe one day Jordan and Matthew will be holding the hand of someone and recalling all of these wonderful days spent on the island.

  7. My grandparents have been gone so many years but I think about them everyday. My brother and I had so many good times with them and they truly loved us. My dad has been gone for ten years. Our mother is going to be 93 years old on August 12 and we see her everyday. She is still doing quite well and is a joy to be around! I’m sure Jordan and Matthew had so much fun with you and Ted on Mackinac and the memories will last forever! Thanks for sharing!

  8. looks like you had a great week. so funny u had a picture of Kid Rock. I saw online he was rumored to be there, but leave it to your blog to prove that rumor true, lol. we will be there saturday afternoon! Can’t wait!

  9. What an unexpected pleasure it was to meet you yesterday at the nail salon. Glad to know you are still writing, and spending time on the island. I’m looking forward to catching up on the blog posts I’ve missed the past few years. Feel free to stop by our cottage. New friends are always welcome!!

      • Sorry it took me so long to respond. It’s been a busy week! I’ve been at the cottage in Bearinger Township. Spent the weekend doing Henna at the nautical festival in Roger city. Hope to catch up with you again!

  10. You can remind yourself of this post the next time you think how hot Florida is. 🙂 It sounds like a very special time that I’m glad all of you enjoyed.

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