49757 Postcard – #6 (7/27/16)

Dear Friends,

Our first full day with Jordan and Matthew is coming to an end.  I’ve put baked spaghetti in the oven, Ted is tossing a salad, and I’ve run upstairs to write this postcard.  After dinner the kids think we’re going to go play putt-putt.  Ted and I are personally thinking we’ll fall asleep in our plates of spaghetti during dinner and Jordan and Matthew may have to play that game of putt-putt by themselves.  That remains to be seen.


First thing on the agenda this morning was to get the bikes licensed; so it was off to City Hall right after breakfast.


Jordan and Matthew love to go caving, and G-Daddy had some new ones lined up they hadn’t explored yet.  Here they’re climbing up to Eagles’s Point Cave.


They made it!

After lunch, while G-Daddy napped, I took them both downtown shopping (not nearly as exciting as cave climbing, but Matthew got fudge samples at every fudge shop on Main Street, and Jordan got some ideas for when she goes back “seriously” shopping later this week.


On our before -dinner walk with Maddie, the kids stopped to skip stones . . .


. . . climb trees . . .


. . . and try a few handstands!  Ahhhh . . . be young again!

We’ll be up at 6:00 Thursday morning and hopping aboard a charter boat at 7:00 for a half-day fishing trip out into Lake Huron. Hoping for some salmon or lake trout! 


Making memories.

Wish you were here.

God bless.

10 thoughts on “49757 Postcard – #6 (7/27/16)

  1. Oh, you’ll sleep soundly tonight! 🙂 So great that you can enjoy these kind of adventures with the kids.

  2. Grandchildren are the best. And all their energy challenges us to keeping moving in order to keep up (or at least be able to follow and watch).

  3. Thinking about a first visit to Mackinac Island this fall (because Paris is no longer sounding like fun…) and your lovely posts are definitely weighting the scales in favor of Michigan!

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