49757 Postcard – #5 (7/26/16)

Dear Friends,

Today . . . .


Jordan and Matthew arrived at the Pellston Airport!

And, of course, we were there to pick them up! 

What fun!  This is the first time they’ve flown up alone, and we are so excited to have them with us for a whole week!

We got them bikes for their stay, went out to dinner at the Chippewa Hotel, and . . .


. . . followed that with ice cream at the No Name Café (across the street from the Chip).


We’d left our bikes beside the Chippewa while we had dinner, which gave us a backdrop of all the boats in the marina from the Chicago to Mackinac Yacht Race.  Tomorrow this marina will return to normal as all these sailboats return to their home harbors. 

Looking forward to a wonderful week with the grands!

Wish you were here.

God bless.


9 thoughts on “49757 Postcard – #5 (7/26/16)

    • Lauri, Pellstin is the greatest little airport in the world – in my opinions. Looks like a North Woods lodge. They even have rocking chairs pulled up to a fireplace!


      • It must be a municipal airport. I know the one around here that is popular with corporate jets because there’s very little security.

  1. You and Ted will have such fun! The island is such a safe place so I am not too nervous when I have my nieces or nephews with me and they want to go down to the shops by themselves. The kids will have such a blast and by the time they leave you will need a nap! LOL!

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