49757 Postcard – #3 (7/22/16)

Dear Friends,

While I was taking some solitary time this afternoon out on the deck, it occurred to me how much I’ve been missing the color green.  As I sat there, surrounded by green trees, green grass and green bushes I realized how little of that color we have near us in Florida.  We have beautiful blue water, wonderful cinnamon-colored sand, and the occasional fluff of green at the top of a palm tree.  We have grass, but in the heat of the summer it struggles to remain its intended shade.

On the deck today I felt as though I was swaddled in a lush, dark, deep, well-nourished, as-God-intended-that-color-to-look cocoon of . . . . green-ness. 


Silly to get so enraptured by a color, isn’t it? 

Wishing you were all here.



11 thoughts on “49757 Postcard – #3 (7/22/16)

  1. I know what you mean about the color. In November here in Wisconsin everything turns brown and I can’t wait for that first snowfall to “brighten” things up!

  2. I love the green of Spring and Summer, except maybe on these 90 + degree and very humid days we’ve been having. For Pete’s this Michigan, not Florida. It looks so cool and peaceful on the Island.

    • It hit 80 today, but there was a nice breeze. I think we’re supposed to have another 80’s day, then back to the 70’s for highs.


  3. My wife and I just returned from the Island last week. Miss it already. Is the condo complex you bought into those near Mission Point?

  4. saw your last post card number three, and your picture from your balcony, and I knew exactly where you were. on said:

    Hi Bree. You don’t know me but I have been following you for a couple of years now. I saw your last post card number three, and your picture from your balcony, and I knew exactly where you were. My family and I arrived today, in the heat, and we are now across the street from your balcony playing golf. Love your posts. Enjoy your time here. This is my favorite place too. By the way my name is Elaine.

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