49757 Postcard – #2 (7/21/16)

We had some rain during the morning today, but that didn’t stop Jill, Sue, Patty and I from spending most of the day together (so much fun to see Michigan friends again)!


We stopped off at the Arnold dock to wish some friends a safe trip out of state and took shelter under the warehouse overhang.


Since the rain wasn’t letting up, it gave us a good excuse to wander around inside the freight warehouse – which was dry and filled with bikes, burleys, carts, and all sorts of goodies!


Jill – checking to see if the rain has stopped.

Loving Mackinac - even in the rain!

Loving Mackinac – even in the rain!





9 thoughts on “49757 Postcard – #2 (7/21/16)

  1. You know….we can moan and groan and belly-ache about you being on the Island and we aren’t….but it is really great to see your reports and pictures flowing in about your experiences…really happy to see your personal and in person touch again….

    But….we are really jealous….just sayin”

    • Wish y’all were here, Paul and Elaine! I remember being envious early in the summer when you were here and we weren’t!


  2. Right with you, Hilde! BTW, I had to look up the definition of ‘burley’ – never heard that one before. Now I know!

  3. Definitely jealous! We have been there in the rain and it didn’t make any difference to us either. i will take it rain or shine. Love the postcard idea1

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