49757 Postcard – #1 (7/20/16)

Hi Gang!

Although I won’t try to write a blog everyday, I am going to try and touch base with you at least every one or two days with a feature I’m calling “49757 Postcard (I know you’ve already figured out that “49757” is Mackinac Island’s zip code).

These will just be little snippets of island life that I’ll photograph as we go about the business of just “being” on Mackinac for three months.


What better place to start an island postcard than the Mackinac Island Post Office!


You’ve probably seen the outside many, many times as an island visitor, but have you ever been inside? Not much different from other post offices across the country, except that many tourists buy postcards and mail them from here just to send something metered on Mackinac.  Oh, and a LOT of fudge gets shipped from here every day in the summer!


The bulletin board inside the post office is a source of all kinds of information for island residents and workers.  Because there is no mail delivery on the island, every island resident must come to the post office to get mail, making this a prime spot to disseminate important island news!

Hope you enjoyed 49757 Postcard #1!


8 thoughts on “49757 Postcard – #1 (7/20/16)

  1. I will be there tomorrow for one night. I hope I run into you. I’m staying at the Lakeview. PamDay from Michigan.

  2. Bree: These postcards are a great idea! I have been to the Island many times but never saw the inside of the Post Office. Thanks for sharing.

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