Almost Gone 7/13/16

These last days before we leave are speeding by now.  It’s Wednesday, and I’ve been doing all those “girly” things I do before any trip – covering my gray roots, getting a new hair cut, splurging on a French manicure (because it will last longer than color and I’ve got to find out if the lady who did my nails last summer in Cheboygan is still in business), and then really pampering myself with a pedicure!

Ted – with the help of neighbor and friend Toney – has taken the boat out of the water and put it in dry storage.  We have to do that in case a hurricane should churn ashore here while we’re gone.  If it did, and it was powerful enough, all the boats in our inlet would have to be taken out.  In strong enough winds, and high enough tides, they could be swept off their lifts and into our houses.

Neighbors are temporarily adopting my houseplants, bless their hearts.

We’re going to leave early (very early) Saturday morning.  We’ll spend the first night in Atlanta with Jason, and then we’ll try to get somewhere in Michigan by Sunday night.  We’re due on Mackinac Monday, July 18.

Jill texted me today that it was “hot and humid” on the island this week.  I immediately checked the Weather Channel and found that the “feel like” temp on Mackinac was 79.  The “feel like” temp here in Beverly Beach at the same time was 97.  Heat is relative.

I began packing today.  It’s going to be hard when I get around to packing the few little things Maddie will need.  Bear and Maddie together had a whole piece of luggage (a fairly large piece) for themselves.  This year Maddie’s things will go into a small tote.  The 30-lb bag of dogfood has been replaced by a 5-lb bag, there are fewer toys, fewer chew bones, fewer bowls, fewer meds, no grooming equipment.  How I miss my big boy, and how I will miss him on Mackinac.  Walks in the woods won’t be the same this year, but I’m hoping by next summer we’ll have another big fur baby to run the woods with us.

Cutest picture ever! Jill snapped this one before the 4th of July parade!

Cutest picture ever! Jill snapped this one before the 4th of July parade.  Talk about pampered pooches!

A rainy late night on Mackinac from our taxi driver friend Jim Gillespie's front seat.

A rainy late night on Mackinac from our taxi driver friend Jim Gillespie’s front seat.

Dock porter and friend Josh Carley snapped this wondrous photo of clouds and their reflections from the Chippewa Hotel.

Dock porter and friend Josh Carley snapped this wondrous photo of clouds and their reflections.

From Max Jones -

From Max Jones –  a view of the Mackinac Bridge beneath heavy clouds.

Clark Bloswick's stunning photograph of St. Anne's Church at sunset.

Clark Bloswick’s photograph of magnificent St. Anne’s Church at sunset.

A perfect Mackinac day! (Photo: Tom Chambers)

A perfect Mackinac 4th of July.  Crowds are gathered in front of the beautiful Iroquois Hotel for the Stone Skipping Contest, one of many 4th of July island activities.  (Photo: Tom Chambers)

The second week after we arrive our precious Jordan and Matthew are flying up (without Matt and Julie) to spend a week with us!  We are so excited we can hardly stand it.  It’s been several years since they’ve been to Mackinac, and we are so proud – given the choices of where they could go for a week – they chose us!

It will be difficult leaving Sunset Inlet.  Since we departed last summer, our neighborhood of 31 houses has almost been completed – only one home remains unsold.  Folks we didn’t know at all almost two years ago are now good friends.  I won’t miss this heat, but I will surely miss each and every one of them.  There’s talk a couple or two may come up to see us this summer or fall,  We hope so!!

We continue to have some of the most gorgeous sunsets . . .

We continue to have the most gorgeous sunsets ever!

This one and the one above captured by neighbor and friend Monika O'Connor.

This one and the one above captured by neighbor and friend Monika O’Connor.

Even though I’m sad to be leaving all this behind, to say I’m looking forward to sharing my special island with all of you again for three months is such an understatement.  I’m hoping to fill this blog with enough words and enough photographs to satisfy the most ardent Mackinac Island fan.

I’ll be posting to Facebook while we’re driving up, so we can stay connected that way if we’re “friends”.  I’ll be happy to accept a friend request from you if you’ll make a note on the request that you are a blog reader!

I’ll be posting a blog from the island as soon as we arrive, and I get everything set up!  As always, safe travel prayers will be so appreciated.

See y’all soon from beautiful, magical, and COOL Mackinac!

God bless.



22 thoughts on “Almost Gone 7/13/16

  1. I’m so excited for you. Have a safe drive and good luck wth the summer road construction. We will be going to the island for a day trip in August. We’re spending a week at a lake house in Gaylord so it’s close enough to drive up. Hopefully we’ll go back in the fall. Maybe we’ll see you if we are lucky.

    • Karen, I’ve been meaning to mention to you that the puppy we have reserved is from Lake Country English Cream Goldens in Niles!


  2. safe travels! We might see you on the island the week of Aug 6-13. Our family so looks forward to this trip every year. Enjoy.
    Bear will be smiling as he looks down from heaven and sees you on his favorite island.

  3. Hi..enjoy your wonderful 3 months ….sounds just wonderful….you have a lot of responsibility making us feel like we are there , with your words !! you do such a great job … i haven’t been there in years but you make me feel like i am there with you ……i am not on fb , so i will be anxious to read about your trip north! its been hot here in mich, hope it cools down for you 2.
    safe travels…
    Thank you!

  4. Safe travels. I look forward to the Island updates. Don’t you wish you could make time stand still? The Island and Inlet would be frozen when you left so you didn’t miss anything until you came back.

  5. Very excited for all three of you! The island is a healing place for me. Wishing the same for you this year.
    Wishing you were there now and posting away! Safe travels.

  6. Safe trip north. Can’t wait to see your updates from the Island. We were there already in June. Wish we could be there again but we’ll be at Crisp Point Lighthouse in Sept.

  7. Very excited for you! Looking forward to your photos…I never get enough of the Island!! Praying for travel mercies as you all head north.

  8. Just discovered your blog and like you, I love Mackinac Island! We visit yearly, but am jealous you get to live there! How wonderful! I adore that you don’t seem to take any of it for granted! The pictures you post….swoon! Thanks so much for letting me enjoy the island more than a few days each year!

    • Thank you, Carol! We lived on the island for six months of the year for the seven years we owned a condo there. Now we try to get up for three months each summer. Finding a rental for that long that allows dogs is a challenge, but so far we’ve been lucky. Thanks for reading the blog. It’s truly a labor of love.

  9. Who are you on Facebook so we can be “friends”?? Please and thank you and tell the island HELLO from Jean and Lisa!

  10. I’m chuckling over the pic of dogs in strollers. I was on the Island a couple weeks ago and couldn’t believe all of the strollers with dogs!! Every time I turned around, a dog in a stroller 🙂

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