The Bearster 4/21/16

You just never know what each week will bring, do you?

Facebook friends have already heard about this, but some of you don’t do Facebook, and I wanted to share and ask for your prayers.

Bear had a grooming appointment on Monday.  When I went to pick him up he was still on the table, and his groomer asked me to step in the back so she could show me something.  Behind Bear’s right ear was a growth about the size of a dime that was bleeding pretty well.  The lady who washes Bear had found it when she was blowing him dry.  Every time one of us would touch it, it would gush more blood.

I honestly thought it was a scab that the washing lady had scrubbed off – maybe from a bug bite, or where he had scratched it on something when he rolls around on the grass.  But the groomer insisted I take him directly to our vet.  “I just don’t like the way it looks,” she said.

So I called Flagler Animal Hospital, and they said “Come on in now.”

By the time we got there, the sore had stopped bleeding, and after they cleaned it up, it looked like a bright red blood blister.  The vet said, “It’s a tumor – either a hemangioma (benign) or a hemangiosarcoma (malignant).  It’s impossible to tell them apart just by looking, so we’re going to need to take it off and send it to the University of Florida School of Veterinary Medicine for a pathology report.”

So this morning I dropped Bear off on my way to volunteer at the ER.  They removed the tumor and closed the wound with two stitches.  I picked him up around 1:00 this afternoon.  He’s still a little sleepy from the anesthesia but ate a little supper and seems to be doing fine.  He has pain meds, and he’ll be in his halo collar when we aren’t around to monitor him (so he won’t scratch his stitches out).

We were told it could take one to two weeks to get the results back.  The waiting is going to be hard.

Please remember Bear in your prayers.  We pray for a benign report and many more years with our precious boy.

God bless.IMG_7405



40 thoughts on “The Bearster 4/21/16

  1. I know how hard it is to wait. We’ve been there too with our pets. We will keep praying for your sweet Bear. God knows how much we love our fur-babies. Hugs. ❤

  2. My prayers are with your sweet Bear. I have been through the waiting also. Our fur babies are our children and we love them dearly. Know I care . Big Hugs to you and yours. God is with you..

  3. Just had a cancer scare with our Bailey 2 weeks ago and had to wait 10 days – very long and scary days. Our news was good and I’ll be praying you will have the same outcome. Keep the faith, stay busy and lots of love all around. We’ll be sending positive thoughts and prayers for all of you.

  4. “Dogs talk. We just haven’t evolved enough to understand them.”
    Love you Bear…lots of prayers coming your way and big hugs and kisses when I see you in September!!

  5. Praying for sweet Bear to heal quickly and be well (good news), and for his mom and dad while you wait. Love those fur kids!

  6. Hope Bear will be OK. April has not been a good month for us either. Our daughter is having surgery tomorrow for colorectal cancer that was just diagnosed a week ago. On the same day we got the news that the polyp was questionable, our son took a hit from the hail storm that went through Wylie TX. He’s been in his new house two months and he lost his roof, 5 windows, the car was totaled, all guttering ruined. Looks like all ceiling sheetrock and insulation will have to be replaced. Don’t know about the carpet yet. On top of that his 6 yr old son was diagnosed with asthma on Tuesday.

  7. Poor Bear and his Mom and Dad. Prayers being said, happy and positive thoughts being sent your way. I hope all turns out well.

  8. Aw Bear get well soon! I what to see you and Maddie running around the Island this summer. I will keep you in my prayers for a negative report.

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