Happy Easter – From Snow to Palm Trees! 3/27/16


Mackinac Island was hit by a late season snow storm this week – but nobody was complaining too much.  The snow allowed folks who had stranded snowmobiles parked around the island to move them to proper spots for transport to summer storage.  The island  could have done without the damage to a dock, of course, but repair work will begin on that very soon.


As the snow day began, a taxi makes a run to town from up on the East Bluff.


As the day progressed, the winds increased . . .


. . . and this seawall took quite a pounding. (This photo and one above: Tony Boom


Damage to a dock.  (Photo: Clark Bloswick)


On the mainland this would have almost certainly been a “snow day” for school, but on Mackinac, where students arrive by snowmobile, it was business at usual.  (Photo: Clark Bloswick)


The snow continued throughout the day, but tapered off as darkness began to fall.  (Photo: Clark Bloswick)


An almost-full-moon over the Straits.  (Photo: Steve Fridley)


The Arnold Dock – with Easter egg lighting! (Photo: Robert McGreevy)



An early morning view of town, the Straits, the bridge and the moon.  (Photo: Clark Bloswick.


Early morning ferry ride.  (Photo: Bobby Lee)


Angelique, a friend and neighbor here in Sunset Inlet, shared this photo this week.  A family member of hers took the picture in 1947, and it shows the Mackinaw City ferry station.  This is BEFORE the Mackinac Bridge was built.  The tall building was an elevator for the car ferry and still stands today.  (Photo information from Mackinac island resident Jason St. Onge)



I was walking out of Florida Hospital Flagler after volunteering this week and noticed that a whole bed of azaleas was blooming!  As prevalent as these flowers are in Georgia, I don’t see them that much in Florida.  Just had to snap a photo!


Where I work in the ER on Thursday mornings!

What a wonderful Easter Sunday we’ve had in Florida today.  Ted and I were up – literally – before the break of dawn and heading for the little park in downtown Flagler Beach for a community sunrise service.


Several days of rain had made the chances of an outdoor service sketchy at best, but the clouds parted . . .


. . . the crowds came . . .



. . . and we were all blessed by the story of Christ’s resurrection.  He is Risen!

We’d just gotten home from breakfast after the sunrise service when friends from Georgia called to say they were 20 minutes away, on the way back home, and could they stop by.  Of course!  So good to spend a little time with Tommy and Dawn this morning!  Y’all come back when you can stay longer!


I was just about to publish what I’d written above when Ted shouted, “Manatee!”  I grabbed the camera, and we spent the next hour with several of our neighbors running from dock to dock and along the seawall, following this enormous creature.  She (we’ve all decided it’s a she just because she’s so friendly, calm, beautiful, and appreciative) swam right over to wherever we gathered and proceeded to put on quite the show!

First spotted in the inlet . . .

First spotted in the inlet . . .

. . . coming at us. . .

. . . coming at us. . .

. . . a perspective on how big she is!

. . . a perspective on how big she is!  She has multiple old wounds from boat propellers and is missing part of her tail.  Quite the old warrior she is.


Rolled over and relaxing just off the seawall.

Rolled over and relaxing just off the seawall.

Head and eyes . . .

Head and eyes . . .


This mama has definitely spent time around humans before!

Amazing place we live!

God bless, and have a great week!


21 thoughts on “Happy Easter – From Snow to Palm Trees! 3/27/16

  1. Happy Easter! Loved that you showed us the hospital where you volunteer. Always love seeing the photos of Mackinac Island, some are repeats for me as I follow MINV, but somehow you manage to slip in new ones here and there….love it. Lastly, loved seeing the manatee, such gentle giants. She really liked posing for you all. Thanks again Bree and have a wonderful week!

  2. Just got home from our Easter with family to read about your Easter. What a lovely day we’ve had! Happy Easter to you all. btw, hadn’t heard about the dock damage. Was that the one behind Bay View?

  3. What a beautiful morning it turned out to be for Easter service. Happy and blessed Easter to you and Ted! Weather wise it wasn’t that great here, little cloudy, little chilly and the wind is starting to come up more now. Supposed to be cooler here but I guess not as cold as it will be Wednesday in Denver and Wyoming. 😉

  4. It has rained for four days in SWGA. I will never complain about pollen again!
    How fun to see a manatee up close and personal. I saw something on TV yesterday about them being removed from the endangered list. I’m not sure I’m in favor of that.

    I know you love working in the ED. Arch has worked at Archbold’s for almost 30 years now. He will retire in 5 years. I think he’ll become a professional/habitual fisherman then. 🙂 And won’t miss the hectic days of the ED!

    Happy Easter! He is Risen!!

    • I think they’re off the endangered list, MJ, but will still be “protected”. I don’t exactly know what the difference is though. They are such interesting, gentle creatures.


  5. Being a snow lover my favorite pictures are the snowy ones! The manatee is amazing I cannot imagine seeing them up close like that. And she seemed so tame. We had a drippy, rainy day here. But had a great time with family, Great that you had “divine intervention” and were able to have your sunrise service in the park!

  6. Happy Easter! Love the pics of the manatee. If I lived there I could sit out there all day and watch the manatee. awesome!

  7. Beautiful Easter here in Ohio. Sunny and 76 deg. Hope you had the Happiest Easter.
    Mackinac too cold for me, right now. Still beautiful.
    Must love the Manatee, but I hate to see their injuries. Know that’s a big problem in FL.
    Take care

  8. Brenda,

    We didn’t get the snow in southern Michigan, just rain, but I thought about there not being a snow day for those students and teachers on the Island. Needless to say, but I sure liked the snow pictures (especially since I didn’t have to experience it).

    We had a beautiful and very nice Easter, church in the morning, dinner at Faye’s sister and brother in law’s house with sixteen family members and a trip to Grand Rapids and back after dinner. Sunny all day and up to 72 degrees in the afternoon. Of course, it only made it to 42 this afternoon and down to 27 tonight.

    I have never seen a manatee, so do you think you and Ted could transport one north to the Island this summer? A palm tree or two would be nice too.

    • Hmmm-I think the palm tree would be easier to transport than the manatee, Lowell. Just can’t see Maddie sharing the truck with another creature. It’s hard enough getting her to share it with Bear.


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