All Roads Lead to Mackinac – and Florida – and . . . Marshall MI!

Geez!  It seems like weeks since I sat down to write about Mackinac, but oh my goodness how I enjoyed all the photographs and notes from those of you who sent in the towns you call home.  I’ve gone back and looked at all of them several times this week, and I know from your comments how much you enjoyed this series.  My thinking cap is on for another “reader participation” blog soon!

And now . . . off to Mackinac, where it’s still cold and snowy, and where those sunsets just keep on setting records for beauty!


Love this cute photo from Clark Bloswick.  These taxi horses look as though they’re ready to take off at a gallop if a policeman comes into sight.  I can just hear them now.  “But officer, WE didn’t park here – the DRIVER did!”


Ferry service has been off and on – but mostly “on”.  It’s been a long, long time since islanders had ferry service for as long as they have this winter.  It sure makes getting on and off the island so much easier for everyone!  (Photo: Clark Bloswick)


Blue ice on the shoreline – captured by Liz Burt . . .


. . . and more, captured by Robert McGreevy.  The blue color comes from the ice being so compressed that every other color of the spectrum except blue is absorbed – so blue is what you see!  Awesome!


A beautiful sunset photo by Tom Chambers.



In this one by Clark Bloswick it looks as though the sun has exploded on impact with the water! 


Where’d everyone – and everything – go?  Greg Main captured these almost white-out conditions last week.  You can barely make out a taxi carriage and I “think” two snowmobiles.


Clark Bloswick’s photo of sunset on the same day as the blizzard.  These are some of the most incredible colors I’ve ever seen.  And I can guarantee that Clark uses no filters and enhancements of any kind.  This is purely God’s art.


For some reason we’ve been crazy busy the last week.  Between Ted and I, we are volunteering three days out of the week, and now I’ve added physical therapy sessions twice a week. 

I’ve only had two sessions so far.  The first was this amazing deep tissue massage that would have been very relaxing – if it hadn’t been so painful.  I said to the guy, “You know, what you’re doing really, REALLY hurts.”  His reply was, “I bet it does!”  So much for sympathy. At the second session it was all about exercises to strengthen my shoulders and back.  In their words, “There’s nothing we can do about your spine deformity.  All we can do is strengthen all your muscles so your neck isn’t taking all the pressure of anything you do.”  Oh, one other thing.  They said my posture is horrible (yes, mom, I can see you smiling in Heaven and thinking about all those times you told me to stand up straight), but at the end of eight weeks I’m going to look like a super-model.  Now THAT got my attention, and I gave my therapist a big smile.  “Wait,” he said.  “I meant you’re going to STAND like a super-model, not LOOK like one!”

Note to self:  You have to have a tough skin to go into physical therapy.

But – that’s ok.  If it means at the end of eight weeks the pain will be gone, or at least much better, I can take it.


Last weekend was beautiful, and Ted and I decided to explore a few parts of Fort Matanzas National Park we hadn’t seen before.  The Nature Trail was lovely, although nowhere nearly as lush with foliage as it will be very soon. 


Loved how the sun was shining through these palm fronds . . .



. . . and the squiggly lines of these tree branches.


As we were about to leave, I couldn’t help but notice this cool vintage Corvette in the parking lot – OR the strange camper it was connected to.


The owner of the ‘Vette was cooking hamburgers, and since I have never met a stranger, I walked right up and asked him if I could take a photo of his car and camper (Ted LOVES it when I do stuff like that).  Well . . . the gentleman told us all about how he had built the camper himself and had just driven down from MICHIGAN. “Michigan?” I said (of course I did).  And it turns out his uncle was the DOCTOR on Mackinac Island during the 70’s, and this gentleman had spent summers with his uncle on Mackinac when he was a young man.  I think he said the uncle’s name was Middleton.  Does that ring a bell with any islander readers? 


My good Sunset Inlet friend, Jennifer, is crazy about dogs and loves Bear and Maddie with a passion.  Many weeks ago she began a tradition of handing out doggie treats when we’d pass their house on our late afternoon walk.  Every day, as soon as we approach Jen and Ernie’s house, the two pooches go on alert and look to see if Jen is standing outside or sitting up on one of their balconies.  Either way, if they see her, they know goodies are in their future.

And . . . . if she ISN’T in sight, they now run up to the back door and bark for her!


On this particular day we knew Jen and Ernie weren’t home, but the pups gave it a good try anyway!


Happy to share one last "place where you live" from reader Marsha. She calls Marshall MI home, and she sent this lovely shot of the sun rising over new snow on Lyon Lake. Beautiful, Marsha!

Happy to share one last “place where you live” from reader Marsha. She calls Marshall MI home, and she sent this lovely shot of the sun rising over new snow on Lyon Lake. Too beautiful not to share,  Marsha!

We have Georgia/Mackinac company coming later in the week, so you may not hear from me until next Sunday. 

Have a great week!

God bless.


16 thoughts on “All Roads Lead to Mackinac – and Florida – and . . . Marshall MI!

  1. Those pictures are great. What extremes from the blue ice to the palms in Florida! The dogs begging at the door is so cute! I always wonder what they are thinking!

  2. I don’t know how you do it, but you always seem to find a “story” in every encounter that comes along. What a cool story about the “vette”. AND what a difference in the pics from the island to Sunset Inlet. It’s like night and day. I’m so ready for night…or is it day? 😉

  3. The photos are fantastic, especially the blue ice and Bear and Maddie, knocking on the door. Oh, so sweet. Thank you for posting the rest of “the road trip”. That turned out to be one great idea.
    Florida looks pretty good this time of year too!
    Keep working that neck. What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger, or something like that.
    Be well.

  4. The contrast between the Mackinac pictures and those of Florida sure goes a long way toward showing why so many people from Michigan spend time in Florida in the winter.

    We lived on Lyon Lake for a year before moving to Texas way back in 1964. Our only child at the time, Todd, would never go near the water if he had normal clothes on, but if he had on a swimsuit, it was straight to the water. Of course, that was in the summer and not when the lake looked like Marsha’s beautiful picture.

  5. Magnificent pictures! I agree with the other bloggers, you always find the most interesting stories to share with us. Hang in there with your therapy.

  6. Marshall, MI is just 15 minutes or so from my neck of the woods… or the ones I used to call home. How fun to see that in your title tonight!

    Marshall and Olivet are just a hop, skip, and a jump from each other as well so the Greene’s didn’t land too far from where they had been.

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