Reader Participation Day! 2/21/16

A few days ago I was invited by friend Anne Stanard to post one nature photo per day (on Facebook) for seven days and to invite a different person each day to do the same.  While I was going through what seemed like millions of photos, I had a really great idea – at least I think it’s great.  Let’s see what y’all think!

You know how I’m always trying to get to know all of you better?  How about if each of you emails me one of your favorite photographs showing WHERE YOU LIVE.  I’m not asking for “people” photos (we’ll do that another time if this gets a good response) – just a photograph of the city, town, or general area where you reside (maybe a photo of a local tourist attraction, or one of your favorite spots to visit, or just a photo of an area in your town that has special meaning to you).  I ask that you give your name (first name only), and a few details about the photo (where it was taken, when, etc.)  The deadline is Wednesday, February 24, to get those in to me.  It doesn’t have to be a recent photograph and can be any season.

I will publish the photographs in some format either Thursday or next Sunday – depending on how many I get – and I’m hoping to get A LOT!!  We’ll all get to see different parts of the country and connect the dots of names and locations.  As always, I am hoping – along with my regular commenters – to hear from some of my SILENT READERS out there!

Remember – this is NOT about your favorite vacation spot.  This is about WHERE YOU LIVE!!

I’m EXCITED about this!  Please email photo, your first name, and photo caption to me by Wednesday, February 24, to


One more thing to love about Florida - a February morning bike ride with next-door-neighbors Lisa and David to Java Joint for breakfast.

One more thing to love about Florida – a February morning bike ride with next-door-neighbors Lisa and David to Java Joint for breakfast.


The newest “Bear” in the neighborhood – a little smaller than our Bear, but such a sweetie!


A golden photograph by Robert McGreevy of downtown Mackinac Island one evening this week. 

Personal note:  I’ve been referred for physical therapy for my neck but haven’t heard from them yet about an appointment.  My doctor said the LAST thing he wanted to do was a triple (insert long word here I didn’t comprehend) fusion of vertebrae in my neck, so he wants to try PT first.  If that doesn’t work, we’ll move to injections.  I’m pulling for the PT to make a huge difference.  Surgery is the LAST thing I want also.

Don’t forget. . .  please find a great photo of where you live and email to me at  Thanks!

God bless.


6 thoughts on “Reader Participation Day! 2/21/16

  1. Definitely something new for me, but I will give it the old college try.
    So excited for my daughter, she was at her first, Daytona 500 today.
    Is Daytona Beach very far from you?
    Be well

    • How exciting for her, Christine! And yes! Daytona is only about 20 minutes from us. We ride by the speedway at least once a week when we go shopping in Daytona. It is HUGE!

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