Mackinac Island Christmas Bazaar Trip – Post 11

It’s said all good things must come to an end, but when you’re talking about fudge, the end of the cooking/packaging/shipping phase means the BEGINNING of the eating, enjoying, “oh my gosh can you believe how good this is” phase!
Monday was another beautiful Mackinac morning as we packed our bags and left the cottage where we’d been staying.  We had several hours before the departure of the ferry (12:30 p.m.), and our first stop (as it was every morning) was the Original Murdick’s Fudge shop.
It was a “shipping-out morning”, and we were able to watch the final process of getting all that delicious fudge – homemade with loving hands in those copper kettles and cooled on those marble-topped tables – into the homes of people all over the United States.
Right next door to Original Murdick's Fudge is Island Slice Pizzeria. Now closed for the winter, the store serves as the hub for shipping fudge.

Right next door to Original Murdick’s Fudge is Island Slice Pizzeria. Now closed for the winter, the store serves as the hub for shipping fudge and other Murdick’s confections.

It is there boxes are assembled . . .

It is there that boxes are assembled . . .

. . . and stuffed with filler.

. . . and stuffed with filler.

Assembled boxes are brought to the fudge shop, where they are packed with the customer's order . . .

Assembled boxes are then brought to the fudge shop, where they are packed with the customer’s order . . .


. . . and loaded on wheeled carts.

. . . and loaded on carts.

The carts are wheeled down to the ferry dock . . .

The carts are wheeled down to the ferry dock . . .

. . . shrink-wrapped in case there's a bumpy ride . . .

. . . shrink-wrapped in case there’s a bumpy ride . . .

. . . . and loaded on.

. . . . and loaded on.


Fudge, luggage and people – all crossing on the same ferry to St. Ignace.

Once in St. Ignace, the fudge is loaded onto trucks and begins the second part of its journey – into homes across the nation!

Betty Hester, a good friend of mine in Albany GA, contacted me while I was on the island and said she was ordering the Murdick’s Sampler.  The Sampler contains 4 slices of fudge (your choice from 12 flavors), a bag of Caramel Corn, a box of brittle (your choice of 4 flavors), and a bag of toffee.  Betty told me her plan was to give the fudge as gifts and munch on the rest herself..

Well, after I got home I got the following emails from Betty:

“I love the Toffee and the Brittle, and I tried the Turtle Fudge this afternoon. I am not sharing any of it with anyone. I am so selfish.”

That email was followed – a day later – by this one:

“I started on the Michigan Maple Walnut Fudge. It’s so yummy that I can’t stop….
I knew this would happen if I opened it. I couldn’t tell what was in each of the boxes so I just opened one. It’s almost gone. Best fudge I’ve ever had. I will not give any of this fudge away ….  it’s mine now.
Merry Merry Christmas to ME!!!
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when you decide to give Murdick’s Original Fudge as a gift!  ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS order one for your friends AND ONE FOR YOURSELF!
The 15% discount is available through December 17 if you type “Breesblog” into the coupon box at the end of the payment section!  Order by clicking here:!
A HUGE thank you to the entire Original Murdick’s Fudge family for making my first – and hopefully not my last – Christmas Bazaar another fantastic Mackinac Island memory!

10 thoughts on “Mackinac Island Christmas Bazaar Trip – Post 11

  1. Thanks for sharing such an interesting story! who would ever think the fudge business would be thriving in December?….ah…I guess the Murdicks would! Merry Christmas Brenda & Ted!

  2. Bree, I have now tried all the fudge and the Butter Pecan is my favorite. I did share a little bite of all of them with a good friend. Her favorite is the Turtle. The Michigan Maple Walnut is gone. It is my second favorite. I am quite hooked on Murdick’s Fudge. I am not a huge fan of South Georgia Homemade Fudge which is always Chocolate and very thick but the Murdick’s Chocolate has the wonderful aftertaste of the Fudge Cycle that I loved as a child. I have to mush it up with my tongue when I eat it and think of my happy childhood days. I still have much more mushing to do thanks to you, Brenda. Love you and wish I could go to the island with you.

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