Mackinac Island Christmas Bazaar Trip – Post 10

Hi Everyone!

I’m sitting in the Detroit airport waiting to board my 7:05 pm flight. Hoping it’s on time, but it sure is foggy right now!

It’s been a fantastic few days – even without the snow!!  When I get home and get settled, there will be at least three more island blogs: behind the scenes at the Grand Hotel in the winter (including a peek into the kitchen!), our seaplane arrival adventure, and the last leg of fudge making on the island in winter (how it gets off the island)!

I only have an hour layover in Atlanta, so I’m hoping we’re on time. Back in Daytona Beach around 11:30, where Ted will be waiting to take me home. Whew!!

My favorite airport – Pellston MI




Somewhere between Pellston and Detroit.


The Detroit airport is festive!

Ok – just called for boarding. We might be on time getting out of here!

Talk to y’all later in the week. Thanks so much for coming along with me on the trip to the island!!

4 thoughts on “Mackinac Island Christmas Bazaar Trip – Post 10

  1. Welcome home. I called Lori just now and she wasn’t available. I hope she calls me back because I want some fudge. Hopefully, I can get the Murdick’s Sampler on the way. Take care and have a Merry, Merry visit with Ted, Bear, and Maddie.

  2. Brenda, I have ordered the sampler and it should be shipped soon. Thanks for the discount. It paid for most of the shipping costs. I hope you and Ted can return every year and maybe I’ll make it one day.

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