Mackinac Island Christmas Bazaar Trip – Post 9

Friends, there is so much happening, and some of it deserves more than a few sentences. So here’s a little teaser for a blog I’ll do when I get home:

Out of the sunset a seaplane touched down last night . .  
. . and taxied up to the beach at our backdoor.

Jill and Sue got them safely to shore by flashing our mag lights on the dock.

To say the least, it was quite an adventure!

They wanted to take us up, but the weather was a little dicey for the old granny here.

More later when I get home. It’s a great story!

10 thoughts on “Mackinac Island Christmas Bazaar Trip – Post 9

  1. Love everything you write long or short! Keep it coming!! Beverly on the Central Coast of California

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  2. Loving all of these posts-thanks so much! Glad you had such nice weather all weekend. Can’t wait for the rest of the stories and photos after you get home.

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