Mackinac Island Christmas Bazaar – Post 4

Up and out this morning after a great night’s sleep!

First stop – Original Murdick’s Fudge shop, where their Christmas tree is decorated with a few samples of the good stuff!



Inside is busy, busy, busy this morning . . . Making fudge and shipping it out!


 We’ll be back here later in the day! 


3 thoughts on “Mackinac Island Christmas Bazaar – Post 4

  1. I love these quickie blogs! Glad you made it to the Island safely. Hard to believe this is December in Michigan. I do love snow though. Is that fudge flying in the air as he’s making it? Unbelievable! Enjoy your stay. Wish I was there too.

  2. Fudge samples on the Christmas tree? What a great idea! I also like the Saint Louis Arch of fudge at the marble table. Nice job taking that photo Bree. Lastly, I sure could go for a hamburger and fries at the Mustang and a conversation with Tony Boom’s smiling face. Have a great time!

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