The Stonecliffe Adventure Begins 6/7/15

We got up at 3:00 a.m. this morning, drove to Daytona Beach airport, left on the 6:00 a.m.flight, stopped in Atlanta, Detroit, and our final destination (by plane) Traverse City.  Every single flight left on time and arrived early.  WHEN is the last time you heard of THAT happening.  We were picked up by wonderful Mackinaw Shuttle, and two hours later we were at the Star Line Ferry dock!

Best Birthday Ever! There are no words to describe how special this day has been. Friends were waiting at the ferry dock to cross with us, and when we reached the island there were friends waiting to greet us there. Then we all walked down to the Pink Pony for an impromptu birthday party! Topping that off were all the birthday greetings and well wishes from family and friends on Facebook. Thank you, thank you to everyone for making my birthday so special. My cup truly runneth over. I love you all.

As you can see, we traded flip-flops and shorts for jackets and socks!

As you can see, we traded flip-flops and shorts for jackets and socks!  Do you think I could smile any bigger?

Pink Pony Party!

Pink Pony Party!

Sure makes a girl feel special!

Sure makes a girl feel special!

We finally headed up to The Inn at Stonecliffe by taxi around 7:00, surrounded by the kind of fog that anywhere else would make you say “Yuk”, but on Mackinac just makes you want to stand out in it and let it soak into your skin.

Our room is beautiful, and our dinner was delicious (more on both in the next few days).  Tomorrow I’m meeting Stephanie for a tour of the mansion, the Summer House Suites, and the gorgeous grounds where both these properties stand.

As we waited for our food to arrive tonight, I walked outside onto the Lakeview Portico with my camera.

Looking across the Lakeview Portico into The Cudahy Chophouse.

Looking across the patio into The Cudahy Chophouse.

The fog was thick and getting thicker.  From the Straits of Mackinac the sound of the foghorn floated across the grounds, and I had to lower the camera and blink back tears.

The fog was thick and getting thicker. From the Straits of Mackinac the sound of the foghorn floated across the Stonecliffe grounds, and I had to lower the camera and blink back tears.

I love this island.  I love it whatever the weather and whatever the season. In any other place I would say “What a dreary day,” but on Mackinac I say, “This is Mackinac, with fog.”

There’s a difference, and I know some of you understand exactly what I mean.

God bless.


17 thoughts on “The Stonecliffe Adventure Begins 6/7/15

  1. This may not make sense to some, but I feel what your feeling! Every time we go to the island something comes over me and I know exactly that feeling of yours. Whatever the weather brings this week for you and Ted, it will be magical! Enjoy and sleep well!

  2. Yes Bree we understand. The love comes from every corner including the fog surrounding us. The haunting sound of the fog horn. Only the love of Mackinac can bring those feeling up. We will be there Tuesday and so looking forward to whatever the island gives up during our visit!

  3. I, too, know how you all feel. The thrill of coming back to the island; well, I feel it’s my island welcoming me back. I know that may sound silly but it’s a very magical place for me. It all started when my husband of 48yrs. took me to the island on our honeymoon, then in later years had a sailboat when our children were little and we’d stay in the marina. We were all there for the filming of ‘Somewhere in Time’ and we all know how magical that was and the list goes on. Now days we ‘hotel’ it as our crew grew up and left home but now they are bringing their families to the island and the memories of Mackinac Island live on. Thanks so much Bree for bringing me home through you words and pictures. Looking forward to more.

    • What a wonderful story, Donna! I know Mackinac must float through all those years of memories just like the fog is floating by my window this morning. Your children are blessed you brought them here when they were little. I hope the Mackinac adventure continues for your family for many generations to come.

  4. I had a feeling there would be a “greeting committee” there when you arrived! And yes, Mackinac Island is magical to me too. Stonecliffe even more so ! It is so beautiful there. Enjoy your stay – I know you will!!!

  5. Reading this makes ME blink back tears! I’m so happy for you to be there. I can’t wait to see more blogs this week!

  6. Happy birthday Bree! So happy you get to spend it in one of the greatest places with friends. Enjoy the magic of The island. I will be living vicariously through you.

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