See You Back Here in Six Weeks! 6/24/2014

Hi Friends!

Just a note to let you know there won’t be any other new posts to this blog until Ted, Bear, Maddie and I return to Mackinac Island the week of August 18.

If you haven’t already done so, you might want to click over to Mike Forrester’s Mackinac Island Blog to read the guest post Mike asked me to write.  He put it up on Sunday, and it’s all about “Roads Less Traveled” on Mackinac.

See you back here sometime during the week of August 18!

God bless.


12 thoughts on “See You Back Here in Six Weeks! 6/24/2014

  1. We’ll miss you for the next few weeks and look forward to your news when you return to THE Island in August 🙂 We are missing Mackinac but hope to visit again a time or two agan this summer.

      • You are so lucky before my husband died we took a rip to Mackinac Island and it was a perfect place — we had a wonderful time and looking at your pictures brought back so many precious memories – I am glad I found your blog

      • Hello, May and welcome! I’m so glad you’ve found my Mackinac Island blog and that it brings back sweet memories. I hope you’ll go back through the archives and read about our magical time there for six summers. Hugs.

  2. I’ll miss your posts so much! Hope all is well. Have a good 6 weeks, wherever you roam, whatever you are doing! God bless!

  3. We are planning a 3 night stay on the island in early August with our 4 children (ages 5-12). Last summer we stayed at the Grand and thoroughly enjoyed. I am contemplating staying at Mission Point but can’t decide if we should stick with the Grand! Any suggestions?

    • Since we’ve never stayed in either place, Catherine, I’m probably not the best one to ask. I know the Grand has a great children’s program, but I think Mission Point does also, but I know you’ve probably already checked that out. Mission Point doesn’t have the strict dress code after six that the Grand has, but you guys might love dressing up for dinner! I guess the best thing to do is try Mission Point one year and see how it compares. Then you’ll know! P. S. You’ll have a great time regardless . . . You’re on Mackinac!

  4. Love your blog! The wife and I were on the Island over the 4th for the first time and loved it so much we’re looking for a place of our own!

    • What we did was monitor the web site of Mackinac Realty on a daily basis until something in our price range came up. There’s another real estate office on the island now also – Murray Realty. There is no “multi-listing” on the Island, so you have to check both separately. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to call both offices, and tell them what you’re looking for. That way they would contact you if they found something interesting – before it appeared on the web sites. Have patience. Houses don’t come up for sale frequently on Mackinac. Most of the ones listed have been for sale a while, so never be afraid to make an offer – you might get lucky!

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