Heading North . . . 5/31/2014

After leaving at 6 a.m. instead of the planned 4 a.m., we didn’t get as far as we were planning today.  We’ve stopped in Wapakoneta, Ohio at a dog-friendly Best Western we’ve stayed in once before.  We are all very T.I.R.E.D. of the car! 

We’ve chowed down on Taco Bell tacos (in the room because we can’t leave the dogs alone, and it’s too hot for them to stay in the car while we eat).  Soon we’ll take them on a long walk somewhere, and hopefully find a patch of grass I can let Bear off the leash so he can chase the tennis ball for a while.  As usual, he’s spent the day without sleep, wedged between the passenger and driver seats – making sure Ted is following the right route north.

Our only break from the ordinary has been discovering we forgot Maddie’s harness.  We stopped at a Pet Smart in Richmond, KY.  In we all went.  Ted walked down the endless aisle of leashes, collars, and harnesses, grabbed a harness, tried it on Maddie, declared it a good fit, and away we went to the cash register.  Two minutes . . . tops.

At the next rest area we discovered the harness was too big when Maddie stepped right out of it in the grass.  We tried adjusting it, but to no avail.  Too big is too big.  I got on my iPhone and tracked down the next Pet Smart along our route.  We pulled off at the right exit, but before we found the Pet Smart, we found a Petco.  In we all went.  A precious little sales girl got in the middle of the floor with Maddie and snapped her into harnesses until she found the right fit.  She explained in detail how it worked, showing us the marked “head”, “right leg”, “left leg”, and “tail” tags on the harness.  Then she fed them treats.  Maddie and Bear begged to stay with her!  I’ll take the PetSmart harness back when we get home and get a refund. 

No matter how many times we make this trip, I always take the same photos.  The only thing that changes are the colors, makes, and models of cars in the lanes ahead of us and how many bugs are splattered on the windshield . . .

Downtown Atlanta, with the Olympic Torch towering above Centennial Park . . .

Downtown Atlanta, with the Olympic Torch towering above Centennial Park . . .


The Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee . . .

. . . the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee . . .


. . . the skyline of Cincinnati . . .

. . . the skyline of Cincinnati . . .


. . . and the Ohio River.

. . . and the Ohio River.

We’re hoping to leave by 8:00 in the morning.  Good Lord willing, and with about seven more hours of driving, we should be on the ferry to the island the middle of the afternoon.  Woo Hoo!

Thank you for all the safe travel prayers.  Sure would appreciate a few more of those tomorrow for the rest of our trip.

God bless!



4 thoughts on “Heading North . . . 5/31/2014

  1. Sounds like you made it quite a ways even if it wasn’t all the way to Mackinac. We divide it into two day, and we’re just north of Cincinnati. (Of course, stopping in Frankenmuth for a chicken dinner is always fun, and maybe a trip into Bronners)
    I was talking to someone this past week. I’m incredibly biased, but I believe Cincinnati has one of the prettiest skylines anywhere!

  2. man..i’m a little behind on the e-mails but it is really interesting how much I missed these little notes and details and the building excitement to get to mackinac. Have ( or you probably already had but I am still catching up ) a wonderful safe trip!

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