Visiting Mackinac June 1-9!

Although this blog has been officially closed down, I can’t think of a single rule that says I can’t open it up again!

For those who followed  Bree’s Mackinac Island Blog for so many years, but didn’t make the switch to the new blog when we sold our Island condo, this is just a note to let you know Ted and I will be visiting the Island June 1-9.  While we’re there, I’ll be once again posting Island stories here on this blog, as well as on Bree’s Connecting the Dots Blog.

I’ve been given a wonderful opportunity to do some freelance writing and guest blogging for the Original Murdick’s Fudge ( folks; so Ted, the pooches, and I will be heading north in a matter of days.

God bless, and see you soon!

14 thoughts on “Visiting Mackinac June 1-9!

  1. I haven’t received posts from your other blog. I was sure I signed up for it too. I may try to get a couple of days off and visit during that time.

    • Monique, I’m so sorry you haven’t received the update announcements. Try going to that site again ( There should be a “follow” button – it’s usually at the top over the header photo. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. Are you going to be coming back and staying longer on the Island?
    How your winter went well and everyone is healthy.

    • Yes! We’ll be back the last two weeks in August and the first four weeks of September. Very excited though that we got this unexpected chance to get up there in June! We are all great – trying to sell our lake house in Georgia while building a new home in Florida. It’s been a BUSY winter. Hope you are well also!

  3. sounds like there a lot to talk about this year on the island sad to hear all the drama thats going on am sure you can get to thee bottom of it all and keep us updated on all the good thats going on. I have missed your blogs my family and I will be on the island july 18-20 then in the city for 3 days I use to keep up to date on what was going on years past before we would arrive by all your awesome blogs I tried to stay up to date on Facebook but they don’t give and good info out LOL I will be looking forward to your blogs June 1-9

    • Awww . . Thank you, Justin! Will try to give you some good stories while we’re there!

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    • Justin, I don’t know if you’re aware or not, but I still do updates on the Island on nearly all the posts I do on Bree’s Connecting the Dots. Wherever we happen to be, I’m always going to find something to say about the island!

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  4. It is great news but I am sorry we won’t be there yet. Enjoy your visit and we will see you in August. Hugs for both

  5. HOORAY!!!! I was just thinking the other day how much I missed ( and could have really used ) a mackinac blog from Bree. This is great news!

      • oh I cant wait! with the summer starting off slow ( cold!) so I am opening the pool about a month later than normal ( I am a TOTAL summer guy! I postponed 2 shoulder surgeries last spring to the end of august so I could have my summer and now it looks like I might need back to put it lightly..I MISS MY BREE AND MY MACKINAC REPORTS!!! I am grateful that some are coming our way and I really hope that you guys have an awesome visit! Have fun and I look very forward to upcoming reports!

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