Quiet 10/29/2013

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick note to say we aren’t leaving Wednesday as planned.  We closed on the condo today at noon, so we’re officially “homeless on Mackinac.”  We’ve been too busy today to get all our cleaning done, and now we plan to leave on the 8 a.m. ferry on Thursday morning. 

Ted and I hurried down the hill this morning to see Jill off on the 11:00 ferry.  Ted had seven more shipping boxes precariously balanced on his hand cart, but he managed to get down the hill with only one spill - and it was a minor one.

Ted and I hurried down the hill this morning to see Jill off on the 11:00 ferry. Ted had seven more shipping boxes precariously balanced on his hand cart, but he managed to get down to town with only one spill – and it was a minor one.  Grand Hotel employees were still leaving in large numbers, but Jill made it on board with no trouble.  She texted me a little after 4:00 to let me know she’d made it home to Lansing safely.

Mary Stancik was on the dock seeing someone off also.  I think we'll be leaving on the same boat Thursday morning.

Mary Stancik was on the dock seeing someone off also. I think we’ll be leaving on the same boat Thursday morning.

After we closed, we ate lunch at the Seabiscuit, then started back to the condo to start our second day of cleaning.  I think the Seabiscuit, the Village Inn (which will be closed the month of November), and the Mustang are the only restaurants open now.

After we closed on the condo, we ate lunch at the Seabiscuit.  Ted stayed downtown to run some errands, and I started back to the condo to begin the second day of cleaning. I think the Seabiscuit (which is closing soon), Cawthone’s Village Inn (which will be closed the month of November), and the Mustang are the only restaurants open now.  Hoban Street was very quiet . . .

. . . and so was Cadotte

. . . and so was Cadotte.  From Market Street all the way to the Grand, I was the only person on the street.

When I reached the Grand and turned around to look back toward town

When I reached the top of Grand Hill and turned around to look back toward town, the only other person was a lady pushing a cart filled with white bags. 

This is an entirely different Mackinac Island than most are used to seeing.  There were a few tourists in the Seabiscuit, but many more locals.  Awnings are being removed, shop windows covered, and painting has begun on several businesses.  All the outside maintenance has to be done before the snow begins.

As I walked up the hill, the silence was like slipping alone into a great cathedral.  As much as I love Mackinac in the summer – with bikes whizzing by, people laughing and talking, and taxi and dray and carriage horses clip-clopping up and down the streets – I may love this great quietness, surrounded by so much beauty, even more. 

These last few days have been spent exploring all kinds of options, but nothing has been decided except we don’t think we’re ready to only have Mackinac in our lives for one or two months.  We need to go home to think and pray it all through again.  And wait for God’s answer.


43 thoughts on “Quiet 10/29/2013

  1. Bree safe travels to you and Ted and your precious dogs. Thank you again for another wonderful mackinac blog! I just love seeing the island in different stages of the season. And I am selfishly hoping you and Ted decide to come back to Mackinac island, Blessings to you both

    • My thoughts exactly, I envy you so much that you are able to spend so much time on the beautiful island. I have lived in the U.P. my entire life and everytime I travel over the bridge I dream of what it is like over there, only made it once this summer but look forward to next summer. The picture of you and Jill is wonderful. I hope you find that you are able to begin a new journey in a new house next year, I would never be able to leave the place if I had a chance..love seeing the pictures of the island preparing for winter. I have the Main Street web cam on my favorites and open it every day just to see what the main street is doing and wishing I was there. Safe travels and THANKS!

  2. Hi Bree,

    Ironically I just finished reading your Nov 2009 blog when you were also leaving the Island. I am truly taken with your blogs so much that I don’t get anything done. Had to do laundry today as I was out of undies LOL.

    I wish you all a safe trip back to Georgia and look forward to the next year of Mackinac Island blogs, 2014, and going back now to 2010. Safe travels!!

    ps..I have also been reading the Georgia blogs and will continue those as well. Oh..and did you ever write your book? I guess I will eventually find out by continuing to read the 2010 + blogs.


  3. Safe journeys! (and happy cleaning!) You fall pictures make me very sad. These are my favorite months of the year there – plus January – and your photos capture the quiet so well!
    (I agree, Pam, a book of many chapters – and hopefully, more to come!)

  4. Brenda, Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pictures of the Island with us. I miss Mackinac so much when I’m not there and following your blog I feel like I’m there. At least until a jet flys over our house and brings me back to Chicago 😉 . Have a safe trip and see you soon!

  5. I was thinking of you today. I know this week is not easy for you. I know it will be easier when you are back in Georgia. I know God will lead you where he wants you to be.

  6. Brenda,
    I have not left a comment in quite sometime, life seems to be so consuming these days. I need you to know your blog is one of my favorite escapes from it all. Thank you! xoxo
    You may be homeless on Mackinac at the moment, although I truly believe the answer will be revealed to you soon I do not quite know why I feel so sure in saying this, except I feel it very strong from deep within.
    Enjoy the peace & quiet for the short time you have. Safe travels to you and Ted.

  7. Thank you again for another wonderful season on Mackinac, Brenda. I know that God will lead you in the right direction as He always does for all of us.

    Oh, I happened to pick up a card that I’m giving to my father before he heads south to Florida and I want to share it not only with you but to all your readers as well:

    The Motorist’s Prayer

    Grant me O, Lord a steady
    hand and watchful eye.
    That no one shall be hurt as
    I pass by.

    Thou gavest life,
    I pray no act of mine
    May take away or mar that
    gift of Thine.

    Shelter those, dear Lord,
    who bear me company,
    From the evils of fire and all

    Teach me to use my car
    for others need;
    Nor miss through love of undue

    The beauty of the world;
    that thus I may
    With joy and courtesy go on
    my way.

    St. Christopher,
    holy patron of travellers,
    Protect me and lead me safely
    to my destiny.

    Sorry so long. Have a safe journey.

  8. Brenda, for our 1st 10 years on the Island, when we worked for Kughns , 🎉his birthday was Halloween so party of course. 🎃 Sooo that ment we didn’t leave till Nov 2nd. l remember very well how strange it was, EVery thing was closed up tight. Not one person left on the west bluff. It was a strange feeling being alone up there, silence and calm was only good for so long, I was ready for a season at my real home. I pray for peace for you as you head for the boat and your real home.💗

  9. The serene and quiet streets. We loved how quiet Mackinac was during our Dec 2010 trip. Just snowmobiles cruising about. Yeah you’re right The Village Inn, the Mustang Lounge are open in the winter. I thought the old Irish Pub (can’t remember the new name change) was open in the winter too.

    I’ve said it plenty of times, but once more can’t hurt. Y’all be careful on the road. We’ll be praying for you.

  10. When you get to your car, “DON’t FORGET” to make sure the windows are CLEAN. You’ll be snapping LOTS of photos. The trees & scenery are still beautiful.

  11. Ms. Brenda and Company,

    If you folks could use a quick break in Middle Georgia, we are rite off i75 & our restrooms are clean 😉
    Praying for your safe travels!

    Tony, Alison & Some Really Cute Kidos

    • Awww, thank you Tony and Company! By the time we reach middle Georgia though, I’m sure there’ll be no stopping our momentum. Hug those cute little kids for us!

      Sent from my iPhone


  12. I just want to add our “safe travel” thoughts to you as you drive back to GA., and to thank you for all the beautiful pictures and stories you have so generously shared with us again this summer. Your friends on the River must be as eagerly looking forward to having you back as we are sad to see you leave the Island. We look forward to reading your winter blog from there.

    We had a chance to spend only a couple hours with Jill last night at the Volley Ball game before her nieces insisted on her spending the night at their house.

    • Joanne – It is nice to meet Jill’s mom (if only in the internet world)! LOL! Jill is such a fixture at the book store and an absolute treasure. I love her “gypsy” lifestyle! She is so funny! You did a great job with her!

  13. Just remember this is not good-bye, it’s see you later beautiful island. Have a safe trip south and I, along with your many followers, will continue to keep up with your posts. You are truly a gifted writer and I love following your blog along with my husband Bruce. Beautiful photos and a very different look to the island in its “quiet time”. Safe journey and God Bless! Joleen

  14. The picture of you and Jill is wonderful! It is so funny that she was whisked off already by her nieces when she got home. My oldest niece Nicole (who visited the island with us a couple of summers ago) is getting married this weekend. So Aunt Von will be “supervising” the wedding with a clipboard by one side and a wedding day emergency bag on other. Lord give me the strength to get through this weekend! LOL!

    I am trying to stay positive with you leaving the island so I am not going to say good-by, I am going to say safe travels!

  15. I bet it is weird this time of year when everyone leaves……safe travels and wave “hello” (or maybe “good-bye”) as you leave Michigan! You and Jill looked like you were all bundled up!!

  16. Dear ones May God Bless and keep all 4 of you on your journey home this year.
    Enjoy your peaceful, prayerful November. Your answers shall come.

    Remember your Blog Community of friends will only be a click away.
    Your Mackinac dreams will live in your hearts forever…..the profound opportunity will present itself in a quiet unexpected moment..
    Remember to pay attention to those beautiful moments that can pass

    With love and hugs from the bottom of the mitten!


    P.S. Don’t forget your rain gear tomorrow morning!! Heavy rain for the morning down state.

  17. Have a safe trip home! I will miss your blog so much. Never missed a post yet. Congrats on the condo sale, and Good Luck with whatever your future holds. God Bless!

  18. Brenda & Ted,

    One more night on the Island. Will you be sleeping on the floor?

    I hope you have your rain gear and/or umbrellas handy. You’re going to need them tomorrow as you head south. Take it easy in the rain on the highway and watch out for the crazies. It won’t hurt a bit to take it a little slower. Just listen to Gramps telling the young ones how to do things.

    I just thought of something. Since it’ll probably be raining, I’ll bet Bear and Maddie will “need” to get out of the truck twice as often. After all they are kids and that’s what kids do. I have a great story from New Orleans about that, but I’ll leave it for another time.

    Of course, the thought of New Orleans reminds me of Cathie. How is she doing. I think of her often.

    • Have our rain gear packed, Lowell. Cathie is doing pretty good. We’ve been in touch with her a lot this week. She’s really missing Charlie.

      Sent from my iPhone


  19. If the ferry left the Island on time, and I suspect it did, you’ve just stepped off onto the dock in Mackinaw City.

    I’ve spoken to God this morning for your safety, so sit back, relax and enjoy the drive south.

  20. My source says the boat was ON TIME & Ted, Brenda, Bear & Maddie just pulled out of Shepler’s lot…..”not room for one more thing in the truck”!
    Fog & Rain….praying for safe travels.

  21. Bree, I apologize for all the rain you and Ted will encounter on your drive home through Michgan. At least the rain will camouflage the tears in your eyes. I always cry when leaving the Island!! Hopefully the weather, and You, will be bright and sunny when you finally reach your home in Georgia.

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