Here and There and Everywhere! 9/19/2013

Hi gang!  It’s basically been a normal Mackinac Island week, so there isn’t a lot to write about tonight.    But . . . it seems everyone likes the “normal” stuff as well as the big events, so here’s what I have for you . . .

Monday I worked at the Stuart House, and it was one of only two of my volunteer days this season when no blog readers stopped by.  I felt lonely!  But since then, I’ve seen a couple of readers on Main Street, and tonight, as Ted and I were walking downtown, I heard someone calling, “Bree! Bree!”  We looked all around and finally looked UP!  A man was standing on the third floor balcony of the Grand Hotel shouting and waving, “My wife and I read your blog!”  We waved, and I shouted, “Thank you!”  Loved it!


Tuesday I was off-island with Bear for his “spa day”.  Bless his heart.  He has his annual Fall season hot spot, and boy is this one in a doozie of a location – on the bottom of his tail, right up next to where the tail joins the body (think about it).  He has not been a happy camper all week, especially since he’s been forced to wear that awful halo collar so he can’t bite at the spot and just make it worse.  I’ve been trying some “natural” meds so I don’t have to resort to steroids, which he does not tolerate well at all.  I AM applying some ointment from the vet that has helped the itching, but I didn’t get that until after he was groomed.  The ladies at the spa said he was like a different dog on Tuesday – fidgety, nervous and refusing to stand still.  Well, I couldn’t stand still if I had an itch I couldn’t scratch either!   Poor Bear.


I had some banking to do last week, and as I opened the bank door, a large dog who had been sitting on the sidewalk ran inside with me.  I figured her owner must be in the bank, so I just ignored her and walked over to the counter to write a check.  When I turned around . . .

. . . the dog, who I finally recognized as Annie (she belongs to a lady in the Village), was going from one teller window to another, standing on her hind legs and checking

. . . the dog, who I finally recognized as Annie (she belongs to a lady in the Village), was going from one teller window to another, standing on her hind legs and checking for possible hand-outs.

Everyone seemed to be busy, but that didn't deter Annie . . .

Everyone seemed to be busy, but that didn’t deter Annie . . .

. . . who finally checked a window where the teller had treats!

. . . who finally checked a window where the teller had treats!

Someone called Annie’s owner, who was down the street looking for her wayward dog.  She said when they left home that morning she told Annie they were going to the bank, so she guessed Annie decided to go straight there and forget their other stops.


Our wonderful Police Chief, Jim Marx, has retired, and the whole community came together this afternoon to wish he and his wife Betty a relaxing and peaceful retirement.

Our wonderful Police Chief, Jim Marks, is retiring October 5, and the whole community turned out this afternoon to wish him and wife Nancy an awesome retirement.  We will miss y’all!


Riding home with taxi driver Ron this evening after dinner, we saw that some of the "new" trees lining Cadotte are already dressing for Autumn.

Riding home with taxi driver Bob this evening after dinner, we saw that some of the trees lining Cadotte are already dressing for Autumn.  We’re beginning to see some touches of yellow all over the Island – Fall is coming fast!


I haven’t had a chance to get out and take many pics this week, but I know a lot of folks who have.  Here are some great shots from around town:

Lars, Ann Levy's beautiful Friesian, left the island at sunrise this week.  Always sad to see the horses leave, both private . . .

Lars, Ann Levy’s beautiful Friesian, left the island at sunrise this week. Always sad to see the horses leave, both private . . .

. . . and those belonging to Carriage Tours.  We've been watching them go ever since Labor Day. (Photo: Denise Beaudoin)

. . . and those belonging to Carriage Tours. We’ve been watching them go ever since Labor Day. (Photo: Denise Beaudoin)


It’s blue barrel time on Mackinac.  Our Jamaican workers fill these barrels with everything they’ve purchased while working here during the summer and ship them back home to their families.  They will send linens, paper goods, rice, flour, clothes – anything that isn’t perishable.  All these items are much cheaper in the U.S. than in Jamaica, and the things they ship home – plus the wages they’ve earned in the time they’ve spent away from their families – will help those families survive another year.

Tuesday's spectacular sunrise from Mackinac Island's Shepler dock.  (Photo: Shepler's Ferry Line)

Tuesday’s spectacular sunrise from Mackinac Island’s Shepler dock. (Photo: Shepler’s Ferry Line)

We’ve got a quiet weekend planned, but – being Mackinac – that could change at the drop of a hat.  And next week, I’m being interviewed by Stephanie Fortino, a reporter for The St. Ignace News & The Town Crier, for a feature story on Bree’s Blog.  So excited about that!  ALSO excited that I may be spending a night next week out at Silver Birches in the big lodge.  Now THAT should be an interesting night!

Have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see you back here in a few days!  God bless.


24 thoughts on “Here and There and Everywhere! 9/19/2013

  1. Hi Bree, My dog also has bouts of hot spots and my Vet here in Memphis, TN recently shared a treatment she learned at an educational conference. I thought I would share it with you as it is the only thing that has worked and the best part is no steroids. If you mention it to your Vet, they may be able to confirm its effectiveness. It is two products: prescribed 2% Lidacaine Gel and over the counter Capcaisin 0.75%. First you apply a thin layer of the Lidacaine to numb the exposed hot spot and wait ten minutes. You want to make sure the Lidacaine has done its job before you apply the Capcaisin since it can burn. Then you apply a thin layer of the Capcaisin, using gloves to protect your hands. The Capcaisin is the true magic medicine with this treatment. For some reason it targets the hot spot and promotes drying and healing. With the cone on Bear, he will not be able to lick the ointments, however it may be tricky to keep him from rubbing it off based on the location near his tail. I typically try and keep my dog still for about 30 minutes until the Capcaisin has dried and formed a seal. For a bad hot spot I usually do the treatment twice a day. I hope you find this information useful. 😉

    P.S. I started following your blog last year and made my first trip to Mackinac Island just a few weeks ago. We squeezed in as much as we could in three days and plan to come back as soon as we can. Thank you for keeping everyone connected through your blog. I look forward to each post.

    Kind regards,


    • Awesome, Julie! I’m always looking for that magic combo that really works. Will definitely ask vet about this! Thanks so much for sharing . . . And I’m so glad you like the blog. I love writing it!

  2. Annie is a smart girl…love all the pictures… Can’t wait to hear about your stay at Silver Birches…that will be a great experience.

  3. All I have to say is…I miss the …island and friends and sunrise and sunset and horses and…well you get the idea. I miss it all! Only on Mackinac can you find a dog going from teller to teller at a bank. Love it! Seeing the horses leave means winter is on the way, and you know how much I don’t like winter ;(
    Feeling melancholy….

  4. Brenda,

    Please remember that everything you do on the Island is not “normal” for those who are reading your blog, so yes, we are very interested. Maybe I shouldn’t use plural pronouns, but I’m sure that’s true for most of us anyway.

    Poor Bear. I had never heard of hot spots until you talked about Bear having one in Georgia. They must be torture. I sure hope he gets better soon.

    So you’re going to be interviewed for the paper? I can honestly say that’s a real honor. I think you deserve it so much more than someone else I happen to know rather well. Please tell Stephanie hello for me and give her my very best. She certainly is a very nice person. Do you know if she is planning on staying “up north” through the winter?

    I think Annie is a very smart dog. Maybe she could teach me a thing or two. I would like to know how to make a withdrawal without having to make a deposit.

    I think we take the workers on the Island too much for granted and I would like to commend every worker who we had anything to do with while we were there. We could not have been treated any better.

    Can you imagine what those maples lining Cadotte are going to look like in twenty years? I’m sure I won’t get to see them then, but I have a good imagination.

    Please enjoy your stay at the Silver Birches. Are they planning to be open for business next spring.

    • Lowell, I asked Stephanie that same question tonight, and actually this will be her second winter. She lives in St. Ignace and either ferries or flies over for stories in the cold months.

      I think the plan is still to have the cabins open for guests in the spring. Maybe I’ll know more after I “stay over”. Trying to plan a night before the really cold weather hits, since the lodge isn’t heated yet.

      Sent from my iPhone

  5. Lowell beat me to the comment about the trees lining Cadotte. They will be spectacular some day! Imagine that river of red leading up to the Grand. Wow! Wow is also how I feel when I saw that sunrise picture. Beautiful beyond words. All of these weather fronts going through sure make for some beautiful skies.
    I also agree about ‘ordinary’ life on Mackinac not truly being ordinary. I mean, how often do you see horses on boats and dogs in banks?!?

  6. Jim looks like a happy fellow…Congrat. Jim, have a wonderful life of retirement!!

    Can’t believe how smart Annie is….so darling, love that shot.

    Thank you friends of Bree for sharing the photos. Love the blue barrels and the story. We had a wonderful waiter from there several years ago while visiting. He was very friendly, gracious and very polite. They were not very busy yet that early evening and we were able to chat with him and had a few laughs. Very kind person.

    Give Bear a big hug from me, poor thing. It must be terrible for him not to be able to tell you how horrible he is feeling…..hope he will be a lot better by the time you get this.

    Have fun at Silver Birches!

  7. I’m so glad you mentioned the trees are changing color. My hubby & I have stayed on the Island in mid-October the past few years and it’s been beautiful. We decided to come a bit earlier this year and will be staying at the Grand Hotel next Wednesday and Thursday night. So excited to visit my favorite vacation spot! I hope Bear is feeling better soon. Your stay at Silver Birches sounds wonderful and I hope you have a great, enjoyable time there.

  8. That Annie is one smart cookie. Love her pictures.
    Poor Bear. Isn’t there something called Vetrycin sp? That’s for skin problems, with no Cortisone involved?
    The sunrise shot is spectacular. So good to see it, because I never make it out of bed in time.
    Seeing the horses leave makes me feel sad, meaning winter is coming.
    Have a wonderful time at, Silver Birches, and wear lots of layers.

  9. Loved this post Mrs B! I don’t want to repeat what most have already said though.

    Lowell, you really hit your comments square on the nail, and agree with you that anything Brenda and Ted do as normal is just a treat for us to read and see through thee eyes of their camera lens.

    Team Pasab gives our regards to Bear. What we do for hot spots is lidacaine for a base and then spray it with “Pad-Tuff”. Pad-Tuff is what we apply to their feet for sore cracked feet with all the rocks and dirt over here. The Pad-Tuff will ultimately dry out the hot spot as well. Keep the cone on though.

    Annie’s story, and the Blue Barrels was equally interesting. Yes, it is that time for the horses to head to their winter pastures after a well deserved and hard worked spring/summer season. I wonder if George will be driving his team again this winter? I bet he has some good stories to tell.

    I really enjoyed this post Brenda and I’m patiently waiting for the fall picture review. I know I’ll want them all for my collection (hint hint) Y’all enjoy your weekend.

  10. Wow, can’t believe how red the leaves are already. I miss the island. We were there in mid August, but it seems like such a long time ago. Your blog is such a pleasure to read. It’s one of the bright spots of the day!

  11. Love the dog doing her banking/begging routine! So funny!

    How do workers ship those blue barrels? Do they use a carrier like UPS or DHL? I think I heard that several of them take a bus to Florida and then fly home. They are such wonderful and kid people.

    Boy I am glad my Bear doesn’t get hot spots. It sounds so painful! YIKES! I am like Lowell that I had never heard of hot spots until you talked about them a year or two ago. I bet Maddie is being a sympathetic sister.

  12. So many special and exciting “everyday ” things! When done on Mackinac Island it becomes magical… Go figure a furry friend to do your banking?!? Again you’ve hit the special unique points to your unique island life.

    When are you and Ted leaving the island this year?

    The family said Ditto to everything everyone had to share…

    Give Bear a gentle pat for us, but don’t forget Maddie.

    Have an awesome time at Silver Birches for us all as we continue to dream Liz’s dream from afar. Please let us know the info so we may make arrangements for next season.

    Theresa & Gang

    P.S. keep us all posted on the leaf peeping

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