Alone 9/9/2013

It’s good for a husband and wife to spend a little time alone once in a while.

My sweet hubby was invited to a “boys” golfing outing this weekend.  Ted and 27 other “boys” traveled to Drummond Island (maybe 40 miles away as the crow flies) on Sunday morning, played golf Sunday afternoon, spent the night, played some more golf, and should be arriving back on the island sometime late this afternoon.  I didn’t exactly understand the attraction of traveling 40 miles to play golf when we have three excellent courses right here on our own island, but it was one of those occasions when we wives just know not to bring up anything remotely logical.  Boys just sometimes have to be boys.

I went to church alone yesterday morning and sat with friends.  I walked into town after services to pick up Ted’s Detroit Free Press and also stopped at Joann’s Fudge and bought two Peanut Butter Cups the size of jumbo muffins.  I envisioned eating one yesterday and one today – knowing there would be no remarks about how good those were going to look on my hips in a few days.

I walked the dogs, ate lunch and sat down to read – without a football game playing upstairs in the TV room.  I fell asleep around 3:30 and awoke at 5:00 – just in time to walk dogs again and get ready to go back downtown.

I didn’t hear from Ted after he left.  Drummond Island is pretty remote, and our cellphone carrier (Verizon) obviously hasn’t yet found that little strip of land in the U.P.  Ted and I usually talk to each other a lot during the day.  It’s just something we do, and when I didn’t hear from him, I knew it had to be a coverage problem.  After dinner, Ted found an ancient calling card in his wallet (he will tell that story for the next decade to explain why he never throws anything away) and used it to call and leave the number to his room – because Oops, I wasn’t home. I returned his call when I came wandering in at 10:02 after a wild evening at a friend’s ice cream and cake social, followed by a birthday Sock Hop in her honor at the Mustang – complete with DJ, 60’s and 70’s music AND videos! Nineteen women dancing the Stroll, the Twist, the Electric Slide, and the Hustle with each other was a hoot!  I even took some photos, but in the interest of remaining friends with those 19 women, I will not be posting them.

When I returned Ted’s call and heard his voice, I realized there was a little part of me that had been holding my breath, and now I could finally exhale and relax for the evening.  As much as I sometimes enjoy some alone time, ending the day talking to Ted is something I depend on happening, and I know if we hadn’t connected neither of us would have slept as well.

In hindsight, I should have let Maddie talk to him also.  I picked her up and put her under the covers with me after I turned on the lamp and settled in to read until I got sleepy.  Instead of finding her perfect spot to curl up and remain motionless for the next eight hours, her little head kept popping up over the sheet and staring at the bedroom door.  This went on for a good hour before she gave up listening for Ted to come up the stairs.

This morning I got up, got dressed, made coffee, and took the dogs out – all things Ted usually does before I even pry open one eyelid.  Maddie and Bear looked at me strangely as I handed out the Bacon Strips (one each) and filled their bowls.  I kept wondering what I was doing wrong, but whatever it was they must have forgiven me because they gobbled everything down.  I worked today at the Stuart House, and with Ted gone, the pooches had to wait past their normal “going out” time at noon until I got back to the condo around 2:30.  They were fine – no accidents – but they were standing at the back door when I unlocked the door, giving me that “it’s about TIME” look.

I’ve only eaten 1/4 of one of the muffin-sized peanut butter cups, deciding instead to save the rest for Ted and I to share.

Yep – it’s good for husbands and wives to spend a little time alone once in a while.  But I think 48 hours is about enough for me.

Header:  Today’s sunrise.  (Photo:  Shepler’s Ferry)

22 thoughts on “Alone 9/9/2013

  1. Aww…what a sweet story. My husband travels all the time for work so I know what you mean. Will you be on the Island the 18th-20th? And for Somewhere in Time? We will be visiting the island those dates and would love to meet you:)

    • That’s a busy week for me, Crista, but I’ll be at the Grand sometime during Somewhere in Time. Maybe we can work something out – would love to get photo of you two in your Victorian finery!

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Well, we will shoot for SIT weekend then if possible. You captured some of our Mackinac Maiden group back in 2009 when you did a blog with pics on SIT:) Always a great time!

  2. ” I even took some photos, but in the interest of remaining friends with those 19 women, I will not be posting them.” Loved this! Must be some good photos! 😉

  3. Keeping with your theme here, Bree… It’s good for husbands and wives to spend some time alone from KIDS!

    We became three-day wanna-be residents of the Island today, putting some 4 miles of hiking behind us, complete with an afternoon nap, too.

    But, as you shared, we breathed a sigh of relief as well hearing from the little ones playing safely on Neebish Island with their Great Aunt & Uncle.

    Glad Ted made it back safely… I know how golf trips with the boys go, especially on a remote island in the Great Lakes!

    Tom (visiting Mackinac Island from AZ)

    • Good to hear from you, Tom! I can certainly relate about the “leaving the kids” syndrome (although it’s been a LOT of years since I’ve worried about that). Always good to know everyone is doing good at the end of the day. Happy ya’ll are on the island – enjoy your stay!

  4. Loved your post, as always. always good for a little break to spend with friends, as long as it isn’t too long! Family has to come first. Sweet story. I had fun playing wii bowling with the Sr. group today while my husband was working! Our group laughs a lot and stresses to do so and act silly if we want to. Lots of fun! My kind of people!! Hugs to you, Ted and the dogs.

  5. Girls night out is always fun. Hubby leaving for UP north for almost 4 days, closing up for the season, not fun. I know what you mean.
    Glad you and Ted will be sharing that chocolate muffin.

  6. Bree, it was such a pleasure meeting you at the Stuart House on Monday! It was highlight of our time on the island. Thanks to Jill and friends stopping in we tried out The Chuck Wagon before we left on Tues. The food was great as was the service. We had a ball and made some new discoveries on this trip.

      • Yes, it is Rick. 🙂 We are from Parma, MI but most of never heard of it so we just say near Jackson, south of Lansing. We hope all the festivities go off really well today.

      • Monica & Rick, you’ll be glad to know that we know right where Parma is. We live about 10 miles north of Albion, about a half mile north of Duck Lake.

        Brenda & her husband, Ted, and Jill are what are known as “Jewels of Humanity.” I’m glad you were able to meet Brenda and Jill.

      • Lowell, you never fail to make me smile with your comments. You and Faye are “jewels” also – I think “diamonds” or maybe “pearls”. Hugs to you both!

        Sent from my iPhone

  7. I am currently sitting in Traverse City airport ready to head home from my “alone” trip to Mackinac which I love! I do this about once a year.(I allow my husband to come along on the other trip! LOL!) My husband (Tony) is a full fledge workaholic so he doesn’t mind when I take a trip to the island but I can hear in his voice he is ready to have me home. This way he appreciates me more!

    It was so good to see you and Jill! Take care!

  8. I can really feel every moment you’ve had! My hubby and I are joined at the hip and talk frequently too throughout the day. We barely tolerate being apart on the few times we’ve needed to. Those times draw us to each other in ways kinda of like Mackinac does.,,,

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