BLAH . . . 8/22/2013

Hi Gang!

Wishing I had something brilliant and exciting to write about tonight, but the truth is I haven’t been outside the walls of our condo since I posted Tuesday evening – except to walk Maddie and Bear a couple of times.

I sat down a few minutes ago and looked back over all the home remedies you offered Tuesday evening that might help me get rid of my sore throat and laryngitis.  After review, I have to say my sore throat might not have been helped by some of these, but I would have had enough alcohol in my bloodstream that I really wouldn’t have cared!

You suggested:

  • Shot of whiskey with a dab of honey
  • Whiskey in hot tea and honey
  • Hot Toddy
  • Bourbon and honey

and, my personal favorite,

  • Cayenne Pepper in a fifth of vodka, shaken and left to settle overnight. Then mix 1 part Vodka mixture with 3 parts warm water,  and  . . . . gargle!

Non-alcoholic remedies were:

  • Orange sherbet
  • Tri-color sherbet
  • Chicken soup
  • Hall’s Fruit Breezers
  • Saltines and soda pop
  • Ricola Throat Lozenges
  • Lemon, honey & ginger

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the suggestions, but after a quick check of our liquor cabinet, we had:

  • No whiskey
  • No vodka
  • No bourbon

 . . . . and somehow beer and honey just didn’t sound right.

Furthermore, we had:

  • No sherbet – of any color
  • No soup of any flavor
  • No Fruit Breezers
  • No Ricola Throat Lozenges
  • No ginger

. . . . I did have Saltines, which I tried and actually, Jason, you might be on to something there.

Anyway, I stuck to what I had – Hot Tea and Honey with a Dab of Cream.

My sore throat and laryngitis iare gone . . . . . . . splendidly replaced with the worst head cold I can ever recall.



So there you go folks.  My two “Oh Woe Is Me” posts of the summer.  Tomorrow morning I will rise, smile my brightest smile, and go out into the world – ok, the island – and do what I do . . . . . take pretty pictures and write happy stories.  I am done with feeling sorry for myself.  I am done with complaining.  I am done with . . . .          (BIG SNEEZE, FOLLOWED BY COUGHING FIT)          . . . . . . 


“What, baby?”

“Would you mix me up some beer and honey, please.”


So glad others were out taking photos while I’ve been sniffling!

The Niagara spent one night docked on Mackinac this week. (Credit: Caddywampus)

The Niagara spent one night docked on Mackinac this week. (Credit: Caddywampus)

A middle-of-the-night view of the Straits from somewhere inside Fort Mackinac. (Credit:  Clark Bloswick)

A middle-of-the-night view of the Straits from somewhere inside Fort Mackinac. (Credit: Clark Bloswick)

Header Photo:  Jill Sawatzki


28 thoughts on “BLAH . . . 8/22/2013

  1. So hope you are feeling better Brenda……….their is nothing worse than a summer cold……….my neighbor is suffering right now…..Hope you feel better real soon……..You are to nice a person to be sick….we are headed to Mackinac Island sometime next week…..hopefully I will get a chance to meet you…….

  2. So happy that your feeling better…lol…you are feeling better, right? Rest up, you only have a couple more days to get better. 😉 See you soon! Love ya!

    • Hello from Marysville, Mi. Just read your blogs and love it all..every word, every picture. I just fall in love with the Island last year. My husband and I did the Great Turtle race last year, we enjoyed it and are doing it again this year, but we are walking it( hubby got sick and not ready to run it). Just wondering if you also work at the concierge booth, your picture looked like the lady I talked to?

      • Not me, Lucie. If you mean the concierge booth across from Shepler dock, that’s Mert, and I thank you for the compliment if you think we resemble each other! So glad you discovered the blog, and thanks for the kind words!

  3. Colds are such a bother! So sorry you are going through this.

    The Niagara photo and the moonlight shot are wowser! The Niagara was around us recently, reenacting the Battle of Lake Erie (you know, Commodore Perry and ‘We have met the enemy’ etc.) It’s beautiful seeing it in port up there. Imagine the creaking sounds from all the sailing ships that used to go to Mackinac. . . . now add in that full moon. . . .magical!

  4. Great photo of the Niagara. Are there still lots of stars in the sky there on a clear night? Starriest sky I ever saw was there! Nice hoot of the straits and bridge at night. Be well soon!

  5. Brenda,

    I’m assuming that if you have a head cold, your nose is stuffed up and you are having a difficult time breathing. If that is the case, have Ted get a very small spray bottle or squirt bottle and mix up the following solution:

    4 oz lukewarm water
    1/8 teaspoon salt
    1/8 teaspoon baking soda

    Transfer the solution to the spray or squirt bottle.

    Keeping some tissues handy, spray or squirt the solution into each nostril, remembering to keep your head tilted back. Do this until you can breathe easily.

    If Ted can’t find a bottle for you, mix up the solution, and putting a little in a teaspoon, sniff it (snuff it – oh who cares?) up each nostril. I know that sounds horrible, but believe me, it works.

    Be sure to mix a fresh solution each time it’s to be used.

    I’ve used this remedy for at least 35 years ever since a lady in Oregon told me how to do it. It’s not a cure and each “treatment” is only temporary for a few hours, but it will do wonders for clearing your nose and making it almost 100% easier to breathe.

    Please remember that if you treat a cold, it will last 7 to 10 days. If you do not treat a cold, it will last a week to 10 days. Or maybe it’s the other way around.

    signed: “Dr. Greene”

    PS: You can probably buy the same thing at the drug store, already mixed.

    • I forgot to say that as you’re sniffing the solution into one nostril, you need to close the other nostril by pressing it shut with you finger.

      • “Dr. Greene”,

        We shall keep this one in the “Dr.Mom” file!


        Hi Faye!

        Theresa and Family

      • I don’t care who gets the credit. IT WORKS! Try it. I’m sure you won’t be sorry. It so nice to be able to breathe. Not only that, it saves on tissues.

  6. Hope that head cold clears up real quickly. When we were on the island we took an evening walk up to the Grand. I got some nice pictures of the bridge while setting my camera on one of the fence posts at the far end of the road in front of the porch. The one you posted from the fort almost looks eerie. I like it!

  7. Oh Brenda you can certainly tell you had a Jason in the house……beer and honey..Wow! Did the good Dr. Greene’s therapy work any better? Hope you feeling better at least from blog laughter and support if nothing else.

    Doc Greene, on the other hand what do you have for shingles and mono? Yep folks its as it reads ….. Help…oh my Mackinac Dreams may be just that for this season?……….

    Thanks for the beautiful photos they are so cherished at times like this.

    Theresa and family

  8. Saltines? Go figure! Hope you’re breathing clears soon. 🙂
    The pictures are wonderful. I love the night sky up North.😄

  9. Why is it that summer colds seem to hang on forever! I was going to suggest a netty pot (sp?) My husband and daughters all have sinus problems and that is like a miracle!! Loved the picture of the Niagara and the night sky! Can’t wait to get up there. Take care Bree, hopefully the worst is over.

  10. Hi Bree, Sorry about your cold. Hope you fee better.
    I thought of something related to Silver Birches that Liz may be interested in checking out. Some of the episodes of This Old House related to water filtration and secondary water that can be use to water the property may be of interest to her. They also showed a house in Cambridge, Mass set up to use hot water to heat the floors and forced air heating so no energy was lost. Perhaps there are some more ideas for her from those past episodes.

  11. Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well. Hope some of the remedies start working soon. Don’t over-do-it tomorrow when you venture out “into the world”.

  12. lol You do crack me up! I’m telling ya the sherbet (of any flavor,,my fav is orange) will feel soooooo good! 😉 Get well soon!

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