Parking Cars, Meeting Jeb, and Waiting on Lowell & Faye 5/30/2013

Thank goodness for Thursday!  It has been one crazy week here at the Horton Hilton, and this ole girl was needing a rest day!  Memorial Day Monday, then off the Island with Bear on Tuesday, then working at Shepler’s on Wednesday as 1,700 Detroit Chamber members arrived on the dock to be ferried across to the Grand Hotel.

Here’s a quote from Chris Shepler on Wednesday’s accomplishment:  “3,946 pieces of luggage, 1,700 delegates, 900 vehicles parked, one brother and son of past presidents (Jeb Bush), Detroit Mayor Bing, the owner of Ford Motor Company and one NASCAR Champion, all in a days work!”  Shepler’s rocked yesterday, and I’m proud to say I was there helping, even though all I did was smile, move cars forward to park, and ask folks to leave their keys in the car and “don’t forget your cell phone!”

The real excitement for the day came after I got back to the Island.  We knew Jeb Bush spoke at the conference at one Wednesday afternoon, and various rumors were flying around about when he’d be leaving the Island.  We also knew he was leaving on Shepler’s, the same way he’d come in the night before.  The most promising sounding rumor was he’d be leaving the Island at 3:30.  I hopped on the 2:30 back to the Island and met Jill on the dock.  We then put on our Sherlock Holmes hats and started sleuthing.

The most interesting thing we found was a dray filled with flowers heading up the hill.  Some were going to our condos for spring planting, and others were going even further up to private homes.


It’s always amazing how the workers can secure bulky items like this on the drays . . .

. . .

. . . then drive that load up Cadotte – and other hills – without losing a single leaf.

At almost exactly 3:30, Ben Mosley pulled up at the Shepler dock driving one of the Grand Hotel VIP carriages . . . a dead giveaway!

Out stepped Jeb Bush, the former Governor of Florida – and some say a potential Presidential candidate.  He was carrying his own luggage and was traveling with only one other person, who I assumed was a PR person.  And you know me . . .

"Gov. Bush, would it be possible for this nice gentleman traveling with you to snap a photo of the two of us with my phone, while my friend Jill snaps a photo of him snapping a photo of us?"

“Gov. Bush, would it be possible for this nice gentleman traveling with you to snap a photo of the two of us with my phone, while my friend Jill snaps a photo of him snapping a photo of us?”

I'm pretty sure he said yes (or it could have been I just tossed my phone and moved up close to him so fast they never knew what hit them!"  I never realized he was so TALL!

I’m pretty sure he said yes (or it could have been I just tossed my phone and moved up close to him so fast they never knew what hit them!” I never realized he was so TALL!

Someone asked me today if he mentioned running for President, and he didn’t.  BUT . . . . his PR man, while giving me back my phone, smiled and said, “We’d appreciate your vote.”  Seriously, he said that . . . I kid you not.  Do you think I should call the networks?

I was dragging by the time I climbed the hill.  We had dinner, and I fell asleep at 8 p.m. in my recliner.  Ted woke me up at midnight to come to bed, and I remember mumbling, “I’ll just stay here.”  The next thing I knew my eyes popped open, and the sun was shining in the den windows.  That was the most sleep I’ve gotten in one stretch in a long, long time.  Felt so good today!


It was a foggy morning as I walked down Cadotte Wednesday morning on the way to the ferry dock.  I turned around to look back at the Grand and snapped this shot.

It was a foggy as I walked down Cadotte Wednesday morning on the way to the ferry dock. I turned around to look back at the Grand and snapped this shot.

The trillium are blooming this week in the woods.

The trillium are blooming this week in the woods.

Jill was on the dock at Shepler's Wednesday morning even earlier than I was.  Therefore, she got a great shot of Michelle Stucks Friesians arriving on the Island for the season.

Jill was on the dock at Shepler’s Wednesday morning even earlier than I was, and she got a great shot of Michelle Stuck’s Friesians arriving for the season.

THIS ONE'S FOR Y'ALL, LOWELL AND FAYE!  Jill took this photo downtown today.  The Lilacs blossoms are budding out - I think by Sunday we're going to have flowers!

THIS ONE’S FOR Y’ALL, LOWELL AND FAYE! Jill took this photo downtown today. The Lilac blossoms are budding out – I think by Sunday we’re going to have flowers!


We have a live webcam operating again on Main Street.  Click here to view:

Here’s a great contest from Shepler’s!  They are giving away two ferry tickets AND 2 Lakeshore Express plane tickets from Detroit to Pellston.  Total prize worth $446.  You can enter here, but hurry!  I think this contest ends next week:


Friday: Working for Shepler’s again

Saturday: Resting

Sunday-Wednesday:  Lowell & Faye Green’s visit – and who knows WHAT else!

28 thoughts on “Parking Cars, Meeting Jeb, and Waiting on Lowell & Faye 5/30/2013

  1. What an exciting blog!! So many things happening..I don’t know how you do it Brenda. Are you sure there is only 1 of you? (Got to get me one of those Shepler hats). 🙂 And that question to Jeb Bush about taking a photo while Jill takes a photo…somehow I think you really asked him that…it’s typical Brenda 🙂 Make sure you take lots of pics of Lowell and Faye…can’t wait!

  2. Thanks so much for photo of Grand Hotel’s tulips….looking forward to a photo of the lilacs in full bloom.

  3. Hi – How exciting to see Jeb Bush. I don’t always read the end of your posts, way at the bottom, don’t know why. But … today I did and I was shouting for joy about the main street cam!! I just deleted the email I sent to myselfso I could just click on it and watch it while I did other things on thecomputer. I spend a lot of time on the computer and I always had that cam up. I was SO disappointed when they shut it down. Many Saturday mornings my husband came downstairs and I would say to him well, I just watched the sun come up on Mackinac Island. I can’t tell you how overjoyed I am to see the cam back up, I didn’t think it would ever happen! Thank you for the posts, we love Mackinac Island!! Janna

  4. Thank you so much for the sweet words about Mackinac Island…… do a terrific job Brenda!!!!!also so glad that the webcam is up again…….take care now and enjoy the island……Sandy

  5. I am so excited for Lowell and Faye’s visit! Can’t wait to see Mackinac through their eyes and your lens! I know it will be MEMORY MAKING!! Can’t wait!

  6. Brenda,

    Two more days, Friday and Saturday, and then bright and early Sunday morning we’ll be on our way north. It’s been a long time and now it’s almost here. And the lilacs in Marquette Park are just waiting for us. How’s that for good timing.

    I’ll have to say those tulips are grand, but you know what, I think I actually like the trillium better. Thank you for including that picture.

    Let’s see now, Jeb Bush, Detroit mayor, owner of Ford Motor Company, NASCAR champion. Would it be possible for Faye and I to touch you when we come on Sunday? You are a celebrity, you know! I’m glad you were able to get some sleep. Being so famous can be quite fatiguing.

    It is rather interesting, watching the people walking on Main Street with their winter coats on when it’s so hot here. Thank you for letting us know about the webcam. It’s my favorite and I’ve missed it. I worked in the garden today, but it was so hot (mid 80s) that it took me 3 hours to do 1 hour’s work. I spent a lot of time sitting in the shade, and I was still worn out when I finished.

    See you soon!!!!!!!

  7. Great post Brenda…loved the conversation you had with Gov. Bush!! 🙂 I was hoping that the webcam would be back up, Fred watched that a lot when it was up before..I just went to the link and there is done showing..I am wondering if it is only during certain hours..will try again tomorrow!! Have you seen our favorite taxi driver lately?? Of course you know I mean Alyssa!! We sure miss her!! Have a great weekend and thanks for the wonderful update here! God Bless!!

  8. Whew! I’m tired just reading about your fun adventures. How about an update of the shops, what’s hot and new. I only have a few hours on the Island and want to make sure my $$$’s are spent wisely. Ha!

    • I promise I’m going to get to that, but it might be another week or two! When are you going to be on the Island?

  9. Thanks for the web-cam link!

    It’s so very nice of the lilacs to wait for Lowell and Faye.I can’t wait to hear about the big adventure! Have fun!

  10. Nice to see the webcam up again. The Chippewa hotels’ webcam is working again also. It was down for quite a bit this winter.

    My husband and I are NASCAR fans so meeting Jeb Bush would have been fine but meeting Brad Keselowski would have been way cool! LOL!

    We are coming to the island on June 9-12th so tell the lilacs to hold on until then!

  11. I really enjoy your blog, especially the photos of the Island.. I have had a close relationship with the Island for many years.. In 1941, My grandfather bought a cottage on the Snows Channel in Cedarville from a Doctor from Kentucy who had built the cottage in 1908.. It has been in our family since then and I have spent most of every summer there since I was two..(now 65)…During my college years, undergraduate and law school, I worked at the Grand the summers of 67, 68, 69, 70 and 72.. The summers of 67, 69, 70 and 72 I was the Dock Superintndent overseeing the dock porters and the baggage up and back from the Hotel. The last half of the summer of 68 I was the Head Gardener for the Grand . That was quite an experience for a 19 year old college boy from Florida !! Met lots of folks on the island and have always tried to keep uptodate on what is happening there. Your blog has been a great help in that regard. Lots of great memories and experiences from my time working there.. For example, In 67, Mr.Woodfill still owned the Hotel and I remember having to stand post in the lobby when he was present in order to react to whatever he needed.. That was the summer Mr. Musser came to the hotel after graduating from Cornell with this best friend, Mr. Cmiel, to manage the Hotel. John Hulett was a bellman at the time. John was going to Florida State University and I was going to the University of Florida. Mr. Rotter was the VP and oversaw the convention porters. Dan Dewey was a bellman then and Roman Barnwell was a convention porter. During the summer of 68, I met my future wife who was working as a maid at the Grand ( fixing to celebrate our 41st anniversary in September).. I could go on and on, but I had to let you know some of my background in order for you to know how much I appreciate your efforts to report on Island happenings. Last, it is interesting to see Gov. Bush’s photo from his visit to the Island. During my service as a circuit judge, I had many occasions to be in contact with him.. Plus, my younger brother,Paul was appointed by him to be the Film Commissioner for the State of Florida. Small world. Thanks again!!!!!!!!

    • Wow, Don! What a fantastic connection you have to Mackinac Island! I just love hearing stories like yours and thinking about how the island was in the 50’s and 60’s before I ever even knew there WAS a Mackinac Island! So glad you enjoy the blog, and thanks so much for writing!

  12. Just read in the paper today who all was at the Mackinac Conference, and should never have doubted that you’d get a photo of Mr. Bush! His ‘entourage’ got a nice image of both of you. For having spent all day meeting and greeting, you sure look good!
    Be sure and tell Lowell and Faye that we’d hug them, too, if we all could be there, and wish them the best visit ever to Mackinac Island!

      • Oh, thank you! You’re such a good hugger, Lowell, that I can feel it from here! All my best for the upcoming trip.

  13. HI there…I have been following your blog for some time now and really appreciate all that you do:) Mackinac Island is a very captivating place which people can visit by being there or enjoy by browsing special photos and writings like from your blog. You have a very special gift for sharing and I thank you for doing so.

    Mackinac Island holds a special place in my heart. I have been there many, many times (I sort of lose count). My husband proposed to me there almost 18 years ago, I have been to a lot of Win-Some Women Christian retreats (this year included), have visited the island with different people over the years and I also am grateful to the very charming Lilacs and Lace on Market St. for carrying some of my artwork. I feel so blessed to have many fond memories with hopes for more yet to come. The Lord has certainly been good to me.

    When I was on the island in May, I kept my eyes opened in case I would see you to say hello. Enjoy your summer! God Bless You!

    • Hi Karen! Thank you so much for writing and for following my blog. I can certainly understand your love of the Island – it is a truly magical place. If you were here for Win-Some Women this year, I was working at Shepler’s in Mackinaw City when you ladies were coming to the Island. Maybe I even talked to you, and you didn’t recognize me in all my wind/rain gear! Thanks so much for mentioning your art at Lilacs & Lace. I will stop by the next time I’m on Market Street and check it out! Love in Christ, Brenda (Bree)

  14. Thank you so much for the pics of the budding lilacs! I have been patiently watching your blog for pics of them, fearing we would be coming for the “no-lilac festival”!

  15. I too am so happy about the webcam returning. I have ck’d it out so much this past year they probably thought I wanted to buy the site!! Very good news indeed. I liked watching the boats come and go and all the action around there. Also liked the eerie shots of the action at night.

    Love the fog shrouded shot of the hotel. So glad you had a good nights sleep. Sometimes sleeping in the chair gives me a better nights rest. Hello to Ted and the “puppies”! Going to ck out that webcam now.

  16. Hi Brenda,

    I just wanted to pop in and say hi…. We’ve just tucked our out of town guests in for the night… Tomorrow – we celebrate our lovely 17 year old daughters graduation! We’re sooooo excited for her future and what it will bring! After that it’s enjoying loved ones and on the 10th we will be island bound!! Yeah! Enjoy the time with Lowell and Faye for all of us! So sorry we will miss you both but we look forward to your tales upon your return!! Enjoy the lilacs!

    Theresa and gang

  17. So many celebrities, so little time. You really do a lot in one day, I’m exhausted just reading about it all. No wonder you spent the night in the recliner. Loved the hotel in the fog and the beautiful tulips. C’mon lilacs!

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