Foggy Days on the Rock 5/22/2013

I’m such a klutz.  On Sunday afternoon I reinjured the foot I hurt when I gracefully fell on my face at a wedding a few weeks ago.  This time the pain was much worse, and I couldn’t put any weight on it at all.  I called our Health Care 24-hour nurse yesterday and asked about getting it X-rayed, but with what I described, she thinks I just strained a ligament and suggested rest and ice, which I’ve been doing.

It’s been a good few days to be out of commission because since Sunday we’ve had ran showers, rain storms, wind and fog.

Downtown on Monday. (Photo: Jill Sawatzki)

Downtown on Monday. (Photo: Jill Sawatzki)


Yesterday. Showers and fog.

This morning.

This morning.  Mostly fog and misty rain.

A kayaker floats into Hildebrand Bay with the fog. (Photo: Great Turtle Kayak Tours)

A kayaker floats into Haldimand Bay with the fog. (Photo: Great Turtle Kayak Tours)

Ted left on the 10 a.m. ferry this morning for the first “big groceries” buying trip at Wal-Mart in Cheboygin – time to stock up on paper products for the next few weeks.

We’ve already had Jerry, our plumber, up for the annual “first week back” pipe problems.  It never fails that something is leaking, dripping, or flowing when we return and get everything turned on.  In fact, when we called him our second day back, he told us, “I was wondering  why you hadn’t called yet!”  I love being part of this little community where we see the same “fix-it” folks every year – and who we can have on “speed dial”.



Bikes and golf carts at the Grand pro shop.

Wow!  This guy must have been collecting cans all winter!

Wow! This guy must have been collecting cans all winter!

New gear for our wonderful Mackinac Island Fire Department. (Photo: Jason St. Onge)

New gear for our wonderful Mackinac Island Fire Department. (Photo: Jason St. Onge)

The Pink Pony has a new Pink Pony!

The Pink Pony has a new pink pony!

All day yesterday I kept thinking something was missing, and it was driving me crazy!  I’d sit reading for a while, then look up and think, “What’s different?”  I’d wander a few feet from my chair, only to stop and try and figure out what was bugging me.  Finally, last night, as I was pulling down the blinds across the den and staring at the lights shrouded in fog, it hit me . . . . the fog horn wasn’t sounding.

When I awoke this morning to fog so thick we could barely see the Lilac bushes in our front yard – and still no fog horn – I went on a mission to find out why we weren’t hearing the lonely song normally played out on the Straits in this kind of weather.  I called the U.S. Coast Guard Station in St. Ignace, and the young man who answered my call gave me this answer: The horn is now activated only by the pilot houses of approaching vessels.  After activation, the horn sounds for 30 minutes, then automatically turns off.  This is the same process used at our airport on the island.  Instead of leaving the runway lights on all night, they can be activated by approaching pilots, then turn off when the plane has safely landed.  It’s all about saving money, and I understand that.  But I sure do miss that mournful sound – especially on foggy nights.

Everyone on Mackinac is eagerly looking forward to this Memorial Day weekend – the official start of the season for the Island.  Even though the temps will still be a little short of “warm”, the sun is supposed to be shining brightly, and the Rock is expecting people to start arriving in droves on Friday afternoon.  With the crowds we’ve been seeing downtown – even in the rain – I predict an awesome long holiday weekend for visitors to Mackinac.  Y’all come!

I’ll close with a photo that popped up on Facebook this week and is so awesome I just had to share it.  It was shot by someone at the Keyhole Bar & Grill in Mackinaw City, and it is pretty much beyond words.


24 thoughts on “Foggy Days on the Rock 5/22/2013

  1. I love the Island in the fog (although I wouldn’t miss that electronic beep they call a foghorn nowadays!) and your pictures capture it just perfectly! Sorry you’ve been laid up. Me too – torn meniscus, age related (?!!). Not that I walk everywhere like on the Island! I hope Ted was able to remember everything on your shopping list!!

  2. I remember hearing that foghorn last year when we were at the Soldiers Garden and the fog came rolling in behind us. Very eerie seeing the fog come in out of nowhere behind us but loved hearing the sound of the foghorn. Thought it was kinda cool to hear. Modern technology…where would we be without it hmmm…..

  3. Brenda,

    I’ll have to say, “The new pink pony is really PINK!”

    Even after almost 57 years I still remember the fog horn on foggy days. I’m sorry it’s been automated in the way it has. It’s mournful sound on a foggy day was definitely a part of the Island. I heard it so many times. It was oddly comforting.

    Concerning the massive tornado in Oklahoma, I know Moore is the town that has been on the news so much, but everyone should know that there were also a number of towns ENE of Moore that sustained major damage. My granddaughter lives and goes to high school in McCloud, OK. She personally knows other students who lost their houses. The week before the storm she was elected president of a youth organization at the school. The day after the storm, she organized the collection of food, clothing etc for those who needed such things. As a matter of fact, on Facebook, the day of the storm, she was already talking about getting it started. I am so proud of her. I know I’m prejudiced, but I think that’s something for a 17 year old “kid.”

    Thanks for allowing me to vent -and brag.

    • That is awesome, Lowell! I love hearing those kinds of stories about our young people.

      Sent from my iPhone

    • Congrats to to the proud Grandparents..the abilities and talents our young ones have and bless us all with are soul stopping and beautiful!

    • One president called such action a thousand points of light. I know you are so proud of her 365 days of the year but she sure shines bright when there is a special need. I wonder where all those leadership skills came from??? It’s getting closer to trip time. Stay healthy, my friend.

  4. Probably not good to mention chronic plumbing problems when you have your condo on the market. Hope your foot gets well soon.

  5. Dear Brenda,

    Take care and like Irene said let Ted do the run…he’s a great soul, he’ll remember!! Take it easy so you feel better when the lilacs wake up. The photos are precious especially the new gear and the comforting quiet fog.
    The bridge picture that was shared in incredible.

    Oh my no fog horn to fall asleep to…sigh..I can here it in my heart. A beautiful place to watch the fog roll in while listening to the long full Call of the horn to the past and future mariners of Mackinac is lookout near Anne’s Tablet it’s peaceful. It’s like waking up to clip-clop of the sweet island horses..we’ll have that. Now, when we hear the horn we’ll have to take the time to pause……

    Take care

  6. Brenda do you have any kind of ace bandage or compression ankle support for your foot to reduce inflammation cause by injury? You need to reduce swelling/inflammation immediately following injury. Rest,ice,compression and elevation following your type of injury. The goal is to reduce inflammation, which in turn will reduce pain and allow area to heal. If not better in a few days I recommend you do get a foot/ankle x-ray. Not being able to put any weight on it is not a good sign. I am a Podiatrist in Chicago and see these types of injuries all the time. I myself suffered a similar injury a few years ago and didn’t stay off it as I should of and today I can predict when it will rain. Also soaking your foot in cold water will reduce swelling and promote healing. Athletes always soak in ice baths following injuries to reduce inflammation/pain. Ibuprofen also will help if you can take it. Hope you heal soon.

    • Lora, thank you so much for writing! I’ve been doing most everything you suggested. It was not an ankle injury, but the muscle that runs along the outside of my left foot. Very little swelling or discoloration. With each day it has gotten better, so I think I’m on the healing track now. I have TRULY been pampering it for three days. It just doesn’t pay to have a hurt foot on Mackinac.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • I am so glad you are doing much better. You are so right, sore feet on Mackinac just won’t do.

      • If I were there I would wrap you in some warm pink towels and an Icepack for your ankle and you would feel better in no time. I have this on very good authority.

  7. The fog horn is like hearing the night train here. There is something calming about hearing those sounds at night – its like saying “all is well so go to sleep now!” I’m sure the fog horn will be missed! And, I agree, that is some bright pink pony!!! Take care of that foot – and be sure to ease back into things once it is healed!!

  8. So sorry about your injury, hope it heals quickly. I just read your post about selling your homes. I felt a little sadness with you, but being a Nana, I am so excited for you being closer to your grandchildren (and closer to the beach). We love the beach (and grandchildren even more)! May God’s blessings be abundant on you and your family as you head into a new chapter of life. Thanks so much for sharing the island with us for the last few years.

  9. Follow Drs. Orders, and you’ll be feeling better soon. Love the island in the fog, the pics are great. The foghorn will be missed too. The new, pink pony looks great, but, I wouldn’t want to sit under it, just in case. Have a wonderful holiday weekend, even if you just sit, and watch all the fudges go by.

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