Prayers for Moore, OK

Instead of my original plan tonight to write a couple of silly paragraphs whining that I hurt my foot yesterday, please allow me to use this space for something a lot more serious.

As I write this, first responders from Moore and Oklahoma City, OK (and surrounding areas) are frantically trying to find survivors of the monster tornado that hit Moore this afternoon.  Please pray for all those trapped in buildings throughout the city, and please say a special prayer for the children who may be trapped and injured in the Briarwood and Plaza Towers Elementary Schools.

My prayer is this:  Please God, be with the men and women from the fire departments, emergency medical personnel and law enforcement departments – and the residents of Moore  -as they search.  Make their eyes sharp and their movements quick and effective.  Please, dear Lord, guard the lives of those who wait beneath steel and wood and debris of any kind.  Let them feel Your presence and know that You are with them.  And when the last person has been found,  please God, help the people of Moore rebuild once again.

God’s merciful blessings on all those who wait for word in that ruined city.  This night will be endless.


23 thoughts on “Prayers for Moore, OK

  1. I didn’t hear about this all day at work. I heard about it at dinner. Now seeing the stories online – my heart is in my throat for all those poor people. I know God is holding all of them in the palm of his hand, but I pray everything that you just said.

  2. I join in praying for all those who are the Name of Jesus, God I ask You to comfort and encourage those families who in the middle of this disaster. Send Your Angels to minister to the Heirs of Salvation….

  3. My middle son lived in Oklahoma City, just three blocks north of the Moore city limits when his youngest daughter was born in 1985. Today she was at her boyfriend’s grandmother’s house somewhere near Moore. The grandmother had a tornado cellar, in which they took shelter and came through the storm safely. Thank you God for that. I have six cousins who live in Northwest Oklahoma City and they took shelter in Baptist Hospital, which has a storm shelter for the people of the area. Fortunately for them, the tornado did not come near that part of the City.

    Such a devastating storm. I wish I could help. But I can pray.

    • So thankful your loved ones are all safe, Lowell. It must have been an anxious afternoon for you until you heard from everyone.

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  4. AMEN! Brenda thank you for such a powerful prayer.I have family in the Arkansas area just over the boarder riding out the storms in a storm shelter so I’ve been praying all afternoon, My heart is just crying for all the lost children and pray for strength for their parents that have to suffer threw the loss of a child.

  5. God our father we pray to you on this trying sad night to please hold Moore and her families tightl till the morning light. May all who have lost or are with out answer look to you…thank you Bree for give us a prayer chain to heaven for them.


  6. Prayers are flowing for everyone impacted by the OK tornadoes. How do parents reassure their children the world is a safe and kind place when so much tragedy abounds? Sandy Hook, Boston, Oklahoma tornadoes, etc.

    • I know, and they seem to be hurting children more than usual. I can understand how to reassure children when Sandy Hook and Boston occur, but tornadoes? There’s just trying to explain “Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the LORD your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.”

  7. Jim’s brother and wife live in Moore, but are about a mile north. However, one family from our church in Oklahoma has a granddaughter that attended a daycare in the destroyed area. The church is still waiting to hear from the family. Our Dr was in the medical building next to the hospital, until today. Moore has been hit 3 times by tornados in the last 14 years. Two of the three have been F5 and took almost the exact same path. Our hearts hurt for everyone there.

    • Cathy, so glad your family members are safe. Extra prayers lifting for the little girl in daycare. Hope the news is good for her family.

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