Prayer Request 5/14/2013

Hello All.

I wasn’t going to write tonight, but I received a message this evening from Faye Greene, Lowell’s wife.  Lowell was taken to the hospital early this morning in congestive heart failure.  He is improving, and Faye hopes he will be able to return home tomorrow or the next day.  He had an episode like this in February, but came home and started building up his strength for their Mackinac trip by walking every day.  They are hoping his medicines will take care of the problem, and their plans can continue.

We all know how much Lowell wants to make this trip – it has been a dream for many years – but none of us wants him to risk his health.  Please pray for Lowell’s strength to return so he can come to the Island, but also pray for God’s will to be done in this.  And please pray for Faye as she helps Lowell get better.

Thank you, my good friends.


15 thoughts on “Prayer Request 5/14/2013

  1. Lowell and Faye, you have my prayers. Lowell, I hope that you get your strength that you will be able to get up to Island in early June, but if you need to, just postpone a little while until your health is better. You know how our Michigan weather has been lately, you want to see the Island when it would be warmer, not when there may still be a chance of snow. LOL!!! Sorry I just had to put that in.

    Get better Lowell. Again, I’ve got you and Faye in my prayers.

  2. Dear Lowell,
    You and Faye are in my prayers tonight. I agree with Judy, you need to concentrate on getting better right now. With this unpredictable MI weather, it might be nicer to visit when it is a little warmer. I will be praying for a speedy recovery!

  3. My thoughts and prayers are with you Lowell and Faye. Please get well Lowell before making your trip. The island will wait until you are ready.

  4. We are praying for of you, Lowell and Faye. Through the blog we feel as though we have known both of you for years. We are currently on the island and our hearts are with you. We will pedal a little farther for you. God bless you both.

  5. Sending prayers and wishing you well Lowell! I have every faith that you will be able to return to magical and beautiful Mackinac Island, just as you set forth to do. Wishing you great strength.

  6. Praying and keeping faith they will have a wonderful time on Mackinac soon.
    Godspeed Lowell’s recovery!

  7. Lowell & Faye-I want to be selfish by telling you to come to the island a week later (June 9-12) since that is when I will be there & would LOVE to meet both of you! LOL! But seriously, take care and get well soon. God Bless!

  8. Dear Lowell and Faye,Cathie and my thoughts and prayers are with you. Wishing you a speedy recovery and a speedy return to the island. Wish I was there to welcome youu

  9. Dear Lowell & Faye,
    Take care of one another in this trying time. we’ll spread prayers around you both for strength!
    Lowell, your health is most important… Faye you rest too…Our wonderful island playground will be lazily awaiting your arrival!!
    Theresa & Family

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