Happy Dance! 5/13/2013

Happy dance, happy dance . . . . we are unpacked!  I’ve even washed the first load of clothes!


It’s kinda weird how it takes us a few days to get our minds and hands reset to a new place, even one in which we spend half our lives.  We find ourselves reaching into the drawer by the stove for utensils because that’s where we keep them in Georgia.  Here, the ones we use the most are in a canister on the counter.  It takes a while to get back into the swing of recycling – paper products in the trash container on the left side under the sink, “garbage” on the right side, cans rinsed and put in yet another container.  In Georgia we don’t have a garbage disposal; here we do.  But by next week, we’ll have it all straightened out in our brains . . . . until we return to Georgia and do it all over again :).

We awoke to blue skies and sunshine.  I do so love our view!

We awoke this morning to blue skies and sunshine, and it sure looked good!  Our lilac bushes are not budding yet, and the Lilac Festival starts June 7.  Right now it’s a race against time.

After the last piece of luggage was put away, I bundled up and headed downtown for the first time.  It was SO GOOD to be outside walking down “the hill” again – even if it was cold!

First trip down Cadotte!

First trip down Cadotte!  The trees down the hill haven’t started adding leaves yet, so Lake Huron was clearly visible.

Wow! No tulips at the Grand this year. I'm not really surprised because the tulips for the last couple of years have just not done well. This year they've been replaced with daffodils, and they look happy and healthy.

Surprise! No tulips at the Grand!  This year they’ve been replaced with white and yellow daffodils, and they look happy and healthy.  Very pretty!

My good friend Frankie arrived on the Island this afternoon for a few days.  Her position as housemother was abolished at the end of last season, and she is trying to find another job and housing for her and Hershey.

My good friend Frankie and her sidekick Hershey arrived on the windy Island this afternoon. Her position as housemother was abolished at the end of last season, and she’s trying to find another job and housing for her and Hershey.  Sure hope she can find something! (Thanks, Jillski, for the photo!)

We ran into Chloe and Bella on Main Street.  They are the mascots for Mackinac Wheels and were enjoying a free ride home with their mom.

We ran into Chloe and Bella on Main Street. They’re the mascots for Mackinac Wheels and were enjoying a free ride home with their mom.  Chloe looks a lot like Hershey, doesn’t she!

I walked with Frankie and Hershey down to the Mission District where she is staying and visited with her awhile, then came back through town and up Cadotte home. Oh my gosh it felt good to be moving again! 

Tomorrow and Wednesday I’ll be in Mackinaw City volunteering for Shepler’s as a greeter.  It’s time for the Winsome Women conference at the Grand, and there will be a thousand ladies arriving for Tuesday’s session.  On Wednesday, that thousand will leave, and another thousand will arrive.  It’s going to be crazy busy!  The only sad part is that Chris Ann won’t be there alongside me.  We had so much fun volunteering for this conference over the years.  I know she’ll be smiling down on us though! 

Personal note:  Please keep Lowell and Faye Greene in your prayers this week.  They have a trip planned to the Island June 2-4, and they are so, so excited.  Lowell has been feeling a little under the weather for the last few days, and we need to send up prayers that he will feel stronger and be able to make the trip.  (Lowell, I hope you don’t mind that I shared that prayer need.)

17 thoughts on “Happy Dance! 5/13/2013

  1. So glad to hear you are unpacked and already volunteering. Enjoy your time with the ladies.
    Will add Lowell to our prayer list.

  2. LOL…I moved into my new place about 8 months ago, and I still find myself looking for things in the wrong place!! Hope Frankie finds work & praying Lowell feels better soon!!!! Enjoy the volunteering!! 🙂

  3. Glad to hear your tucked in and the sweet sun has greeted you today! You know sweet Chris Ann is right with you… For ever and always your friendship shall endure even the seperation of this physical space. For she was a “Sister of the Heart”.

    Enjoy your peaceful walks and thoughtful talks with friends as you greet them dockside; ). Enjoy the conferance ladies!

    Lowell and Faye your on our prayer list. Please take care…..

    Live ~ Love ~ Laugh

  4. Good thoughts for Frankie in the job search and for Lowell to feel better soon.
    Glad you’re almost settled in.I was recently told that it’s good to change your furniture and kitchen set up once in a while as it exercises parts of your brain that don’t work everyday. So when you go to the wrong drawer, think of it as a healthy brain workout!

  5. Snoopys Happy Dance is one of my favorites! I know you are thrilled to be back on your beloved island, I am so glad for you!
    The pics are wonderful!
    Airezen to friends in need of some extra energy.

  6. Ah! The Island looks beautiful. We are headed up north for Memorial Day weekend. We won’t get to the Island this time but, we will be there in July.

  7. Glad you had a good trip and are settling in. We were up in Traverse City for a couple days and it was quite chilly there too……no snow, but it sure felt like winter instead of spring. Lilacs down state were late as well (just blooming now) and everything is a couple weeks late, so I imagine it will be the same up there. Will pray for Lowell & Faye for a good and healthy trip…….so glad they are making up to the Island.

  8. The picture Chloe and Bella is adorable! They are always lounging in front of Mackinac Wheels and I just can’t go by with out petting them.

    Lowell & Faye – You are in my prayers and hope Lowell starts feeling better.

    The pictures of Cadotte Street make me so anxious to get to the island. We will be visiting in about 4 weeks and can’t wait. Today in Southern Iowa we are suppose to have a record high of 95 degrees!!! Can you say sweaty and cranky gal! LOL!

  9. I didn’t realize how much we had missed your blog from the island. As always my family crowded around the computer to listen to the latest news & see your wonderful pictures.

  10. Am excited to hear you are back on the island! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures and the happenings going on there. Am hoping for a fall getaway to Mackinac, but we will see. Keeping Frankie and Lowell in my prayers! There has to be a job there for Frankie!!!!

  11. One more comment: it was 85 degrees here in Madison, WI too! Unbelievable! Today it is 74 degrees. The weather has been very strange.

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