The Day After 4/26/2013

I wasn’t planning to write today, but after so many of you wrote such wonderful comments supporting us yesterday, I just had to say a heartfelt thank you.  When I published yesterday’s post, it was with such a sense of relief that  I was a little afraid to begin reading your comments.  Would you understand, or would you think “Those Hortons have really lost it this time!”  I should have known better than to worry.  My post yesterday was like writing an important letter to a friend, and that is exactly how you responded – as friends.  You were so supportive, so warm, so exactly-what-I-needed that I’ve read and reread your words several times today.

There is nothing more anxiety-relieving than sharing a burden with a friend.  Even if nothing is said in response, it’s just such a lift to talk about what’s on your heart with a caring person.  And when that caring person responds with just the right words, your relief is doubled.

Thank you so much, my friends.

Never to Late to Say Thank You

When Bear and I were working Monday at Phoebe Putney Hospital, we visited with a waiting room full of folks in oncology.  Most of the people are waiting for friends or relatives to return from their chemo or radiation treatments, so we chat with them and let our pet partners work their magic.

As we worked the room, my eyes kept being drawn to a handsome gentleman sitting alone with his Kindle open in his lap.  He seemed really engrossed in whatever he was reading, but he took a moment to pet Bear and tell me he had a Labradoodle at home.  We moved away, but I kept thinking “I know that man from somewhere.”  It finally dawned on me who he was, but to be sure I asked someone, “Isn’t that Dr. ___?”

She nodded yes.

I had to work up my nerve to interrupt him again, but I finally approached him, and as he glanced up, I said, “Dr. __?

He smiled and said, “Yes?”

“I apologize for interrupting you, but 34 years ago you operated on my son Blake’s eye.  He had been bitten by a neighbor’s dog, and the dog’s fangs had split Blake’s tear duct.”

After Dr. __ stitched the tear duct back together (he later told us it was like working on something with the diameter of two human hairs), he treaded a suture through the top duct and out the bottom one, tying it off in a knot that remained a little below the corner of Blake’s eye for six weeks.  The doctor told us he did that to keep scar tissue from forming inside the duct.  If that had happened, tears would have never drained properly, and Blake’s eye would have continuously watered for the rest of his life.

“I just wanted you to know that Blake’s eye is perfect, and he’s never had any problem with it.”

The doctor smiled.  He apologized for not being able to remember.  He said we got lucky then with Blake because many dog bites to the eye end badly because of scar tissue.  He told me he was retired now, and I said I didn’t know that.

We chatted a few more moments, and then someone in a nurse’s uniform called, “Dr. __?”

He rose.  “Thank you so much for telling me about Blake.  We don’t usually get to hear what happens after we last see someone we’ve tried to help.”

He held out his hand to shake mine, and it was then I noticed the hospital bracelet on his wrist.  He was not there to pick up a friend or family member; he was there as a patient.

Saying thank you is such an easy thing to do we sometimes take it for granted.  But sometimes, it just might make someone’s day.

A Few Pics


Bear, giving his full attention to a middle school reader at one of our local schools.

Crabapple tree berries and birds - they just go naturally go together.

Crabapple tree berries and birds – they just go naturally go together.

From our trip to Ormond Beach last weekend.  Matthew's in there somewhere!

From our trip to Ormond Beach last weekend. Matthew’s in there somewhere!

Sprinting for the finish line.

Sprinting for the finish line.

Proud G-Daddy!  Matthew was 38th out of almost 500 runners of all ages!

Proud G-Daddy! Matthew was 38th out of almost 500 runners of all ages!

Our sweet boy.

Our sweet boy.

Gorgeous day at the lake today.  All our windows are open, we had a high of close to 80 - but no humidity.  Perfect!

Gorgeous day at the lake today. All our windows are open, we had a high of close to 80 – but no humidity.  Perfect!

Two weeks from tomorrow we will be leaving for Mackinac Island, and  WAIT – YOU AREN”T GOING TO BELIEVE THIS . . . . I haven’t packed a thing!  I figure on Monday panic will strike, I’ll pull out all the suitcases, and the countdown will begin.  Until then, here’s a little video one of my reader’s husbands found.  The first part is about Mackinac Island, and I know you will love it!

Oh . . . one more thing . . . no more scheduled posts.  They might pop up two in a row (like yesterday and today), once a week, or every day (LOL).  So it’s even more important to hit that little “follow” button so you will get a notification email when a new post hits. 

Oh . . . one more thing . . . a big THANK YOU to Clark Bloswick for capturing this breathtakingly beautiful pink moon over Mackinac last night and the header photo of the Round Island Light from the air.  Two more weeks, Clark, and I can stop stealing your photos . . . or not.


Oh . . . one more thing . . . Love you ALL!

Mackinac video:

32 thoughts on “The Day After 4/26/2013

  1. I love that photo of the pink moon and Bear, who is loving every minute of his time with his reader. That beach looks VERY inviting and congrats to Matthew! WTG! What an awesome, yet sad story about Dr. _ And your very welcome…we all spoke from OUR heart and meant everything we said. Love ya!

  2. I know you and Ted will be very happy when you settle into your new digs. There really isn’t much to do; sell two homes,pack stuff, cry, pack more stuff,cry, pick out a new home. Take map away from Ted. I know he picked out the new location since it is only 100 yards south of the Georgia line. Seriously, I’m betting ya’ll will do super enjoying your new dreams. Love to you all and sorry we will miss our visit this year.frogm

    • What, Charlie? You don’t think Ted will become a Gator fan??!!
      We’re going to miss y’all so much this summer, but we want you to take care of yourself. I’ll be writing lots of stories and taking lots of photos, so just relax and tune in for your Mackinac fix e wry few days. Love y’all!

      • Cathy (or is it Cathie) & Charlie,

        I’ve really been looking forward to meeting you on the Island this summer. I’m sorry you won’t be coming. Take care of yourselves.

      • Hi Bree, I’m sure you will make every effort to keep us updated and informed. And your every effort is the best. To Lowell: Cathie is spelled Cathie and we are very disappointed to miss you this summer. We were both looking looking forward to meeting you and learning about the island through your experience and observations

  3. Brenda,

    It’s all your readers who owe you the thank yous (Is that a word?). You’ve given us so much over the years that you’ve been writing the blog(s). You don’t need to thank us for anything. You are really blessed (Acts 20:35).

  4. I just read your post from the other day about selling and moving to Fla. While it makes me a bit sad, since I’ve read every post you’ve ever had, I’m very happy for you and Ted. I hope you can sell both places, and get your dream house in Fla. You are truly a special person with a special gift. Our family has visited Mack. Island every summer now for 17 yrs., for 5-6 days each time. We’ve always fantasized about spending the summer there when we get older. But I always thought it would be hard to live in 2 different places, like you have done for the last several years. We will be on the island in August. I’ve still never met you, but my wife and son have. Maybe I will see you this yr. if you are still there. If not, thank you so much for this wonderful blog. Good luck!

    • Dave, you’ll know if we’re still on the island from this blog. If we are, please let me know when in August your family is coming so we can all meet somewhere downtown. Would love to see your wife and son again and meet you. Thanks so much for being such a loyal reader.

      Sent from my iPhone

  5. I love your blog and will always read it !! I know God will give you direction on this journey of life and lead you to the perfect place to be near family. I hope to see you again this summer.

  6. Hello Bree, Thank you for the update. In God’s word, we read:

    Ecclesiastes 3

    To Everything There is a Season 1To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. So, you spent a few years living on Mackinac Island and now there is a new season coming in your lives. God bless. Janna

  7. I loved your letter with your true emotions written for all to read, like a great novel. U brought me to tears. I have loved following your life on mackinaw. I love your photography as well. I have loved the way u walk and hike to areas on the island we would not necessarily be able to go. Your ability to capture a story through the lens of a camera is my fav. I was thinking that u were my age now, when u started your first year on the island writing and taking pics. Something of a bucket list thing for me after following your blog. I’m not really a blog reader and stumbled upon u by accident probably 4 years ago. I also love your ability to add the GODLY twist in your writings. I will miss that. I wondered if loosing your friend this winter had anything to do with realizing family is the most important thing in our lives? You truly have been blessed in your life here on earth. Thanks for sharing all things beautiful. Sheryl Sent from my iPhone

    • Sheryl,
      Thank you so much for writing this beautiful comment. Don’t worry, I will continue blogging about Mackinac – and wherever else we end up – and I hope you come along. Chris Ann was a wonderful role model for putting family first, and I try every day to be more like her. I miss her so much. I wrote what “our” plans are, and now it’s going to be exciting to see which doors God opens. As you know, sometimes when we plan, God just chuckles and shows us what His plans are for us. We are beginning to pack for our trip north, and we are planning to be there all season unless the condo sells. If and when it does, we’ll move on to step 2 – but we will always, good Lord willing, return to Mackinac in the summer for an extended visit.
      Thanks again for writing!
      P.S. I will be 65 in June.

  8. Hi Bree! I just read your post about selling the condo and I completly understand. I loved reading all of your post over the past 5 years. You are an awesome writer. I wish you and Ted the best of luck in your next adventure. I will definately follow you and thankyou for alllll of the memories!!!

  9. Still getting caught up on all the posts I’ve missed. What a change huh! But you and your husband will be blessed. My wife and I have thought many times of having a seasonal home on the island. Feel free to shoot an email if you can or would like to talk about the condo. If nothing else just good conversation with a reader/fan. As stated many times, best of luck with all of this and I’m confident all the almighty will continue to bless you and yours. I’ll definitely still follow your blog.

  10. Dear Bree,have been enchanted with the island since we spent one day on our honeymoon in 1960. Took our kids for a day a couple times and they loved it also. Best time was two day trip that I went with my sisters Joanne and Betty Lou, led by the best guide on the island – my niece Jill. So glad you two became such good friends. Will never forget your blogs and pray that you will take good care of yourself as you settle into your new home. Thank you so much for the joy your writings have brought to my life. Bless you. Jill’s Aunt

    • Dear “Aunt” Corrine,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. You know how much I love your sweet Jill, and please know that I hope you continue to read the blog – wherever we happen to land on this next adventure. I’ll still be writing from the island as long as we are there, and when and IF the condo sells, I’ll continue to write from our next home base. Jill has told me many times how much you enjoy the blog. That is like music to my ears! Take care – I’ll be seeing Jillski in just a couple of weeks. So excited!

  11. You know we all love you too!! As far as that packing… know we work so much better under pressure as you have proven in the past! It’ll get done and if not, don’t sweat it! Loved the story about the Dr. and you are so right ….so Bree…..thank you for all your encouraging posts, beautiful pictures and stories of hope and inspiration you have given me and your other readers over the years! I hope you’ll be volunteering again this year….on Monday’s?? Would love to come visit again in Aug. when we come up.

    • Geez, Karen, it IS Monday, isn’t it? I told someone Wed. the other day. I think my brain is warped!

      Sent from my iPhone

  12. Hi Bree! I wanted to share this with you awhile ago but I guess it’s better late than never! 🙂 I’m just about to graduate from CMU and last semester I had to complete a digital story for my Elementary Ed. writing class. I decided to do it on Mackinac Island because I, too, am in love with the magic of the island! I wanted to share my video with you because I know we both have this one thing in common…love for a precious piece of God’s Earth! Enjoy! 🙂

    Mackinac Island: Digital Story

    • Oh my goodness, Liz! That was awesome! You get it, girl, you get it! Thanks so much for sharing your video – beautiful script and gorgeous photos! Congrats on your coming graduation. Hope you are coming to Mackinac to celebrate!

      Sent from my iPhone

      • What a beautiful video, Liz. It should have earned you an “A.” I hope it did. I wish I knew how to save it to my computer, but my son recently set up my wife and me with new computers that have Windows 8 on them and I don’t know how to save videos. By the way, my opinion of Windows 8 is very low. It is extremely user unfriendly. Or maybe it’s just that I’m getting too old and don’t like change.

  13. All your blogs are wonderful but this one was extra special. The gracious thank you you to us, you’re blog followers, Bear doing wonderul work, a beautiful moon as only seen on Mackinac and a new beginning for you!

    On another note I am sure finding it hard to believe I will be visiting the Island before you are there. I will miss stopping by to say hello, although very excited I will be there Friday for the weekend. I guess another weekend is in my future so I can say Hello to you in person this is season. 🙂

  14. Matthew is quite the athlete. Congratulations to him!! Go Matt!!! Another lovely post, and the pink moon is fantastic. Enjoyed the video from the lovely young lady.

    I’m 74 and agree with Lowell, I don’t like Windows 8. My brother is in his 50’s and he says a lot of people don’t like it. We would not have purchased it if we had known everything about it. Buyer Beware!! How true. Don’t stress over the packing…you’ll get it done, it’s o.k. if you forget a few things….less to tack to GA!

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