Mackinac Island Winter Update – 1/20/2013

Talk about a bad night for the power to go out!  With temps in the teens, the Island went dark around 2:30 this morning (Sunday) and remained out almost five hours.  Islanders who normally set their thermostats at 68 during the winter watched as house temperatures lowered to the mid-50’s.  A problem at a sub-station in St. Ignace was the culprit, and crews worked all night to get it fixed.

Members of the dedicated Mackinac Island Fire and Police departments gathered at the fire station to be on-the-ready for any problems the outage might have incurred during the early morning hours.

A chilly evening at the Fire Station on Mackinac Island, where even hot coffee was hard to come by with no electricity!  (Photo:  Mackinac Island News & Views)

A chilly evening at the Fire Station on Mackinac Island, where – without electricity – even hot coffee was hard to come by! (Photo: Mackinac Island News & Views)

Thankfully, by 8 a.m. full power was restored, and lights and heat arrived back on the snow-covered Island.

Friends on the Island have shared some truly amazing photos this week.  I’m sure you will agree!

On January 9, Robert McGreevy captured this unbelievably awesome photo of our Island caught in the red glow of the sun.

On January 9, Robert McGreevy captured this unbelievably awesome photo of our Island caught in the red glow of the sun.


Sunset on the same day from the Mackinaw City side of the bridge.  (Photo: Patrick Conlon)

Robert McGreevy had quite the talent for being at the right place at the right time this week.

Robert McGreevy had quite the talent for being at the right place at the right time this week . . .

. . . as did Mission Point Resort.

. . . as did the photographer for Mission Point Resort.


Ice is forming on the Straits.  (Photo:  Clark Bloswick)


Just before sunrise on January 18. (Photo: Greg Main)

Friend Jeff Peterson sent the following photos in after a snowmobile ride on Jan. 18 following a heave snowfall.

From last winter, one of my all-time favorites of a snow-covered Island – from Fort Mackinac.  (Photo:  Kate Nye – Caddywampus)

Can't think of many things prettier than newly-fallen snow - no tracks, no footprints.

Friend Jeff Peterson sent this one in from his snowmobile ride on the Island January 18.  Can’t think of many things prettier than newly-fallen snow.

A phographer from St. Anne's Church was up just after sunrise this morning - just after the power came back on.

A photographer from St. Anne’s Church was up on the West Bluff right after sunrise this morning – just after the power came back on.

An island friend, Heather May, posted a great blog this morning with tons of truly wonderful photographs.  Please check it out here:

Chris Ann Update

On Facebook this week, Chris Ann wrote this:

It must be hard to watch me dying on Facebook, but it seems most beneficial to me and my friends. W hen it is over we will make sure you will hear right away. Many days I just can’t seem to get on FB, but rest assured I love you all and you will hear from us. Many think it is wrong – I do not.  ENJOY my walk with our Lord.

Chris Ann received dozens and dozens of replies to her comment.  This was mine . . .

My thought is that never will Facebook be used in a more positive way than what you are doing, Chris Ann. Your walk toward Heaven is inspiring to your family and friends, but perhaps even more inspiring to all the “friends of your friends” whom you will never meet and who have never met you. In spirit we are all walking with you, and we hope you can feel our arms around you every step you take. When the time comes when you must continue without us, we will find peace in knowing that one day you’ll be waiting at the end of OUR walk down that path, with a huge smile and open arms. Love you, Sunshine.

Those of you on Facebook are welcome to go to the page started for Chris Ann by her family and read all the comments there.  It’s called “Love for Chris (Mrs. Nelson)” and is open to the public.

Please lift prayers up tonight for Chris Ann and Burton and their family.  After almost two weeks with her, the family has returned to their homes this weekend, and Chris Ann’s dear, dear friend, Mary Saul, is there with her and Burton.  My body is in Georgia tonight, but my heart and spirit is in that cozy, warm cottage on Lake Michigan.  I love you, Sunshine.


9 thoughts on “Mackinac Island Winter Update – 1/20/2013

  1. What wonderful pictures of the island dressed in white. I’ve seen Heathers pictures too and they are awesome. Love, love the sunrises and sunsets this time of year brings.
    My prayers are also with Chris Ann and Burton and your response to Chris Ann was beautifully said. I couldn’t agree more. I wish I could visit Chris Ann again, but since it is not possible for me, my thoughts are with her constantly. Love you Chris Ann and thinking of you always, and love you Brenda ….

  2. Thanks so much for sharing Chris Ann’s facebook page. I have been thinking of her all week. I would love to tell her that she is a very strong woman and I greatly admire her courage. Your reply was beautiful also Bree. Thanks also for the beautiful pictures.

  3. Thank you for all the beautiful pictures. Most important, thanks for sharing Chris Ann’s page on FB. I think her sharing this part of her journey is something we all can you learn from. He grace and dignity is amazing, truly. I did not know her but she is never far from my thoughts & prayers these days.

  4. I have a blanket on my lap and pulled it up around me at the thought of how cold it must have been on the Island.
    I know that not everyone likes Facebook, but I think it’s wonderful at how it pulls so many people together. If we are honest, (and I mean without attacking another) then others need to respect it.

  5. Lovely photos. I’ve been praying for Chris Ann and family each day.Thank you for passing on the information. God Bless all of you.

  6. Thank you, Chris Ann. Even now you are thinking of others. How could I not hold you in admiration? Obviously, you are a most wonderful lady.

    And thank you, Brenda, for your wonderful answer to Chris Ann’s FB message. It is also inspiring for us.

    And thank you for posting the Winter Update. I especially liked Robert McGreevy’s picture of the sunrise from Fort Mackinac.

  7. How terrible for everyone to lose power on the island. I can’t say I’m shocked to hear it if the wind there was as bad as it was here. It always happens when the temps drop too. Glad it was restored so quickly. Thanks so much for the beautiful pictures and the update on Chris Ann. I think your comments sum it up for how we all feel about her….beautifully said!

  8. Such beautiful photos of the island in winter. Thank you for sharing them, Bree. It’s been so cold in Upper Michigan (and much of the country) this week; we’re all shivering. Very sorry to hear about your friend Chris Ann, but it sounds like she’s sharing her spirit heartfully with all. Your words were beautiful, too.

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