Home from Michigan 1/6/2013

Hi friends . . .

Have just gotten in from Michigan, and I’m in the middle of unpacking from a truly blessed trip to see Chris Ann in Mackinaw City.  I spent most of Thursday and Friday with her and Burton and then went over to the Island on Saturday.  Today has been spent in airports, and it’s good to be home.

I promise I will get a post written before leaving on Thursday for Colorado.  There is so, so much to tell you, but not tonight – I need a little time to get my mind wrapped around how to even begin to talk about this visit.

Will post as soon as I can – but definitely before Thursday.

The header is from Saturday on the Island – taken from Fort Mackinac, and below is just one of the many photos from my time with Chris Ann and Burton.  It is easily captioned.




9 thoughts on “Home from Michigan 1/6/2013

  1. Thanks for letting us know you made it home safely. Beautiful picture of Chris Ann and Burton. Rest up and get ready for your next trip. We will all be here when you get back from Colorado. . . anxiously waiting to hear about all your adventures. Take care!

  2. Thanks for the update and Chris Ann photo. Looking forward to getting the whole scoop when you get back from Colorado! Have a safe and happy trip…

  3. The look on Burton’s face is both sweet and sad. A look of longing and of resignation at the same time. I never really understood what wearing your heart on your sleeve meant until now. A picture says a thousand words…or just one.

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