We’re Home! 11/4/2012

We’re HOME!

We arrived this afternoon around 1:30, after staying Saturday night in Atlanta with Jason, Blair and Blake.

It was so good to spend a few hours with these three. Jason and Blair will be joining us at the lake for Thanksgiving, but Blake won’t be back south until Christmas.  I herded them all practically from bed to the front porch for a pic, but they were good sports about it.

It’s about 130 miles from Jason and Blair’s to the Vienna exit where we get off I-75.  From there we’re about 20 minutes from home – mainly on country roads – where we were greeted by harvested cotton fields and big cotton clouds.

Hay has been rolled and covered and placed in the shade of pine trees.

When we started to cross the Flint River the familiar “thump, thump, thump” of the truck’s wheels hitting the partitions in the roadway brought Maddie and Bear to full alert.

“Hey, Mom! That water doesn’t smell like Lake Huron. It smells like Lake Blackshear!  Are we in Joy-Ja?””

By the time we turned onto Flintside Drive, Bear had wedged his entire body – except his back feet – into the front seats of the truck.

Oh. My. Goodness. Home surely did look awesome!

As I write this a little after 6 p.m., it is 76 degrees outside, 43 degrees warmer than it is on the Island right now.  I’ll be honest and say it feels pretty darn good to have traded my sweater for a short-sleeved blouse, and the only reason I haven’t changed into shorts is I haven’t unpacked them yet.

We were expecting our lake water to be way down when we arrived (they do that every other year so folks can work on their docks), but the “outflow” is going slowly, and the water lapping gently against the seawall is only down a few inches.  Another week and we will have beach out past our boat house.  They only leave the water down for a month though, so it will be back up to normal by the first or second week in December.

We had a good trip home – well, as good as it could be with a sick hubby.  Bless his heart, Ted started feeling yucky the day before we left the Island, and he’s had to drive practically the whole way  – because I tend to drop off to sleep behind the wheel after only an hour or so.  Tonight he seems to be losing his voice.  Hopefully, the warm weather – and being home – will cure him in a day or two.

It’s really nice to come home to our “new” kitchen – the one we tried to remodel for six months when we were home before and that only was finished a few days before we left.  It’s practically like walking into a new house!

Unpacking is proceeding slowly, and I just discovered I left my cosmetics bag at Jason and Blair’s.  I immediately called to see if they could put it in the mail to me tomorrow (I won’t be able to go out in public until it arrives).

Maddie has toured the entire yard, and I can see her wondering what happened to all the holes she dug in the spring.  We’ve had the yard treated for moles while we’ve been gone, so it will be interesting to see if they’re gone or if the digging will commence again in the near future.  They’ve both settled right into their normal nap places.

Nice naps after a long two days on the road.

I guess that covers everything from here except to say thank you, thank you for all the safe travel prayers.  It’s always good to know, when you’re speeding down the highway, that you’re covered by the prayers of friends.

I’ll see you four weeks from today – on December 2 – at http://bree1976.wordpress.com (Bree’s Lake Blackshear Bog).  Please make sure you click on that link and then on the “follow” button, so you’ll get email notification when I post.

Have a wonderful month, enjoy your Thanksgiving holidays, and remember to thank God for all your answered prayers – whether they were answered with a “Yes” or a “No” or a “Wait”.

Love and hugs and God bless.


32 thoughts on “We’re Home! 11/4/2012

  1. So glad you made it home safely! Hope Ted gets some needed rest and feels better soon. Enjoy being back to your Georgia home. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. SO happy you made it home safely!! Hope your sweet Ted feels better soon. Will sure miss your words over the next few weeks! What is a girl to do without Bree’s Blog?! Enjoy your well deserved break 🙂 Take the very best of care.

  3. So happy that you made it home safe and sound. Sorry Ted is feeling under the weather and please tell him that I hope he feels better soon! Bear and Maddie look right “at home” 🙂 Four weeks…I don’t know if I..can…make..it …that…long…

  4. Love seeing Bear & Maddie perk up as they sense “home” is coming, and then comfortably sleeping away “travel-lag”. Our little Granddog, sheltie would get all excited when Laura got on “grama’s” block; He loved his stays with us. Our own collie dog, Bleu, we would never have been able to get from Georgia to the Island; not in this lifetime! He was a basketcase in the car, poor dear.

  5. So happy you made in home safe and sound. Praying that Ted feels better soon. Enjoy your time away from the blog. Will be thinking of you often.

  6. Thanks everyone. I honestly don’t know if I can stand being away a month, but I’m going to give it a try. I forgot to add that I hope readers continue to comment here until I get back. I’ll be checking in every day or so, and I will probably comment also. So don’t think I won’t be around at all! Love ya’ll!

  7. ……and a collective sigh of relief was heard from all of Bree’s fans when they heard the family had arrived home safe and sound. Welcome home; enjoy settling back in to life on the riv’ah. Blessings to you and the family. Ted, relax and get well soon. Maddie – be vigilant, those moles may return! Bear – enjoy the familiar smells and sights and have fun settling back into your job. See y’all in a month.

  8. Yay! You made it home to GA safe and sound, and the sadness of leaving the Island was soothed by the thrill of seeing your family and southern home. Hope Ted is feeling better very soon. The pups didn’t take long to settle in, did they? They’re so sweet! 🙂 Take care, have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and will be looking for you in December!

  9. Glad you made it home all safe and sound! Nothing like arriving home, be it home in the south or home on the island. Rest now…we’ll be glad to read you when you have settled in.

  10. Although there is no snow and the sky is clear here in southern Michigan, the thermometer read 20 degrees this morning. I sure wish I was in southern Georgia. It would be so nice to settle in and take a nap with Bear and Maddie. I hope Ted gets to feeling better soon. Please let us know here on the comments page.

    Have a wonderful month and enjoy the new kitchen.

    • Good morning, Lowell! Ted at least has his voice back this morning, and he’s been using it to tell me all the things we have to get done before Thanksgiving. I can’t even think about any of that yet until I get totally unpacked, all the clothes washed and put away, and have figured out WHERE everything is again. It’s in the 40’s here this morning, but supposed to warm into the low 70’s. A perfect fall day in Georgia!

  11. Glad that you made it home safe and sound Bree!! Will miss you for a month, but enjoy a much needed rest!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and see you on here once again in December!

  12. Glad you made it safe. 76 degrees sounds pretty good. It was only 18 here in SW Mich. this morning when I went to work. Got the winter coat and gloves out finally.

  13. So sorry to hear Ted is under the weather. Glad you had a safe trip. I know the dogs are happy to get back home,.they are so sweet. I’m afraid you will not get much rest this month…..holidays coming up fast. Take care of yourself. Have a wonderful T’Giving with family. Get better soon Ted.!

    • I keep LOOKING to see if you have written ANYTHING…LOL, I KNOW you cannot stay away…FOUR LONG WEEKS!!!
      We all miss you….but I know how much prep work will go into your HUGE Family Thanksgiving.

      • Me too Jill!! Strange not seeing a new post and four weeks seems soooo long! We DO miss you Brenda, hope you are taking care of yourself.

  14. Hi Jill and Hilde! I DID write something – on the comment page!! Ya’ll stop tempting me – this is harder than I thought it would be, and the first week isn’t even half over. I AM getting a lot done around here though!! Love ya’ll!

  15. Glad you arrived home safely. For some reason, I was still thinking of you on the island. I think it would be fun to live in two places. I can’t imagine you ever getting bored!

  16. Glad you had safe travels back south! I’ve really enjoyed your blog over the past few years. My family has been in business on The Island off and on for 20 years and I always enjoy the memories flooding in every time I look at your pictures posted. I’m sure you’ve seen this video, but just a little nostalgia from up north. Take care!


  17. Hi! i just found your blog by doing a google search. Our little family (we have two small boys) have been going to Mackinac every summer for a long weekend since the oldest boy was born – he’s six now! We LOVE Mackinac and we hope to stay an entire summer once the boys are a bit older. I’m looking forward to following your blog. Beautiful pictures!! PS. We are Michiganders year round – we live in the Thumb.

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