Beauty and the Beasties . . . . 10/31/2012

Happy Halloween!

Hope you’re all stocked up on goodies for all the little munchkins who’ll come trick-or-treating tonight!  We stocked up a week ago ourselves, even though Ted knows very well not to do that.  Brenda-the-grown-up-munchkin figures if chocolate is in the house, it’s meant to be eaten – so we had to stock up again yesterday.  Ted hid it this time – the old scrooge!

I want to catch you up on the Somewhere in Time photos tonight, and since it’s Halloween it’s also the perfect time to show you a few costumes from this weekend’s downtown parties.

I apologize in advance for having so few photos of Somewhere in Time this year.  I rushed into the Grand at 5:30 Saturday afternoon on my way downtown to the costume party.  I’d been snapping pics for five minutes before I realized that everyone in the hotel was DRESSED UP – not just for Somewhere in Time, but for a cocktail reception planned for hotel guests (I wondered why I was getting so many strange looks).  I was the only – the ONLY – person in the Grand in blue jeans, sweater, and loafers.  Good grief, get me out of here!  So – not many pics.

I knew I would forget names here, but the sweet lady on the left recognized me and came over to say hello and introduce me to her friends. We had met a couple of years ago in the Fort Cemetery at the Memorial Day ceremony, and she’d been reading Bree’s Blog ever since. So good to see you again!

Love, love, love the hats! Two beautifully dressed Victorian ladies!

I think I photograph this lady every year. She is always so elegantly dressed, and her hats are to die for.

Sweet couple taking a little rest from all the festivities.

It was here that I made the discovery about how I should have been dressed. As I dashed out the door, I saw Robin Dorman, Executive Director of the Mackinac Island Community Foundation, and asked him to pose. Then I was out of there!

It’s hard to make the transition from Somewhere in Time elegance and gentility at the Grand Hotel to costume party in the Pink Pony, but work with me here.

We were sitting in the corner of the Pink Pony by the front window. I held the camera up over my head, pointed it downward, and clicked. This gives you a small glimpse of how many people were packed in there.

From the town of Bedrock . . . Fred, Wilma, Barney, Betty, Pebbles, and Bamm Bamm!

A server with two heads . . . wonder if you were supposed to tip both of them?!

The Pink Pony staff were all dressed in Prohibition era costumes. This is beautiful Erin with Ted.

Justin – one of our favorite bartenders and a Detroit Tiger fan.

A bunch of Super Heroes . . .

. . . and Batman!

Little Bo Peep kept losing her sheep . . . but looks like they’ve all come home.

Mr Ed?

King Kong? Gorilla in the Mist? Jason?

Don’t know who this is supposed to be, but she sure is pretty!

Three of the Seven Dwarfs – never saw Snow White.

People spilled out of the Pony into the lobby of the Chippewa Hotel. It was packed everywhere that night!

I. Have. No. Clue.

Myk Rise, a regular entertainer at the Pony during the summer, closed out the evening with some good tunes.

I can’t believe I’m about to write this next sentence.  See you back here tomorrow for the last post of this season.


23 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beasties . . . . 10/31/2012

  1. I was cracking up after reading the first paragraph…I can so relate to the chocolate! Love the costumes and all the! Lots of fun.
    Last post of the season…sad…

  2. Love the pics!
    I’m always sad when you go home…I feel so “disconnected” from “my” Island.
    Hurry back! We’ll miss you!!! Take care and God bless!

  3. Love the pictures as always….reminds us of the time (probably 20 years ago) when we just happened to spend the weekend on the Island, and had no idea it would be Halloween weekend. We went to Horn’s for a bite to eat, and before long the place was packed with the greatest Halloween costumes we’ve ever seen.

    We had 590 trick-or-treaters tonight…short of our usual 650…sure was fun ! Have a safe trip south.

  4. Looks like it was a great party. I can’t believe that tomorrow is the final blog from the island already. Boy, time has sure flown. I know that all of you can’t wait to get back to Georgia and see your friends at Booger Bottom.

    Well have a safe trip south and I can’t wait to find out what is happening in Georgia with you and your friends. Take care and just think, only 7 more months until your back on the island. 🙂

  5. I love reading your blog! I hope that it is a labor of love because it gives me such great joy to read what you write and look at all the pictures. Thank you for all your efforts!

  6. Thanks for all of the great fashion ideas!! I am sure we will all begin to incorporate these new looks into our wardrobes! Especially those two girls (?)

    Seriously, tell Ted to get you, and the pups, back to GA safely. Look forward to hearing all about your life down there!

    Thank you for the sharing another Mackinac season with us!

  7. Thanks for the great pics, and another great year of your blog. I’ve read every post since you started, and will miss it over the winter. I know you post updates from the island, and I check in to your Georgia blog often.

    Have a safe trip home and a happy and healthy holidays!

  8. The people who dressed up for the Grand were so elegant but I am like you (a blue jeans or dockers gal!) The Halloween party looked looked like a lot of fun and a few beverages being consumed. Once nice thing about the island, no one gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle! I love the costumes! Have a great last day on the island.

  9. The pics are awesome. You do a great job. I will miss you all winter long, I always look forward to your next blog. Have a safe trip home to Ga. Never did.hear.enough about Bear and Maddie, but i’m a huge dog.lover, so everyday would’ve been good. Look forward to posts from Ga. Thank you!

  10. Loved the pictures and captions. We happened to be on Mackinac Island a couple of years ago during the Somewhere in Time weekend, and it was fabulous. Stay safe in your travels as you head south. Football season is in full swing and I’m sure Ted is anxious to get back. Hope you and Bear have the opportunity to work with the Delta Pet Partners again after you get settled in. It’s such a wonderful program and another opportunity for you to touch so many lives. Looking forward to your winter updates about the island and reading your Georgia blog. Godspeed!

  11. I love the sheep!!! That’ a great idea and would work very nicely if I could ever take my herding dog to a party! He’d have a blast if I could get a bunch of friends to dress up with me. He herds people around in my house so he’d do just fine.

    As others above have noted, it’s hard to believe another year has gone by and you’re leaving for Georgia already. But, I look forward to hearing about your ‘rivah’ adventures just as much so I think I will survive!

  12. Brenda,

    I sure hope the beautiful girl with the golden mask didn’t get the golden feathers scared off of her by Jason Gorilla! As for the clueless girls, I don’t think I would ever be tempted to invite them to my house. Did Ted leave the flapper at the Pink Pony?

    I’ve saved four of the “Somewhere In Time” pictures to my Mackinac Island folder.

    All your pictures are so good; I really enjoy them.

    When you return to Georgia, I’m counting on you continuing the Lake Blackshear Blog and posting the winter updates on the Mackinac Island Blog. I know that’s selfish of me, but I sure do look forward to those.

    • LOL Lowell! Ted said to tell you he did the “wise” thing and didn’t bring Erin home. That husband of mine is no dummy!

  13. Sounds like the Bree and Jill’ road trip was superb. Lowell and his wife have a beautiful place. Made me homesick for where I grew up. Next year we’ll have to get them to the island for a personalized tour of the island. Ya’ll drive careful if you want to.

    • Frog – if we can just get Lowell and Faye up here next summer, they want to come at the same time as YOU and Cathie and HILDE and Bud! Let’s make it happen!

  14. Somewhere In Time Party photos delightful, but I would have been more at home in the Pink Pony, jeans and all. What dedication as I see the posting time marked after 2 am. You are amazing, what with packing and all.

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