Three More Nights . . . 10/30/2012

Another day of mostly packing, and with the weather like it is, that’s about all we could do anyway.  It’s been in the 30’s all day, with wind chills in the low 20’s.

Ted had to go across on the ferry this morning to move the truck from Mac City to St. Ignace.  Tomorrow is the last day for Shepler’s, and Arnold Transit will be the winter ferry line until the ice makes.  Arnold is only running out of St. Ignace, so the truck had to be driven over the Mackinac Bridge and parked at Arnold.  Ted said the ferry trip across the Straits wasn’t that bad, but coming back was a little bumpier.

While Ted was on his way back across, I was walking down the hill to see Jill off, then meet Ted for lunch.  It’s very seldom that Jill leaves the Island before we do, but with us staying until the end of the week, it was her turn to be “seen off” instead of being the one who always “sees off” everyone else.

Leanne and I helped load her stuff onto two burleys and walked to Shepler’s as a cold rain fell.

Yep – it was wet!  Thank goodness for rain gear.

Besides Jill, there seemed to be only two other people leaving the Island at 11:00. Wow! They must have been moving for good – even had their hanging baskets!

Always a sad day when friends say goodbye after the summer season.

Jill will spend part of the winter in Lansing and part in Chicago. We stay connected through cell phones and email and Facebook, but I miss you already, Jillski!

Ted arrived back on the Island just in time to make a mad dash down to say goodbye to Jill, then we had lunch at the Seabiscuit.  It is AMAZING how deserted downtown is.  Two restaurants are open – the Mustang and the Seabiscuit.  The Seabiscuit will close this weekend, and Cawthorne’s Village Inn, which is closed right now, will reopen for the winter at the end of November.  The Mustang will also be open all winter.  After lunch we split up.  Ted had his bike so he headed for Doud’s for a few groceries to tide us over until Friday, and I slushed through the puddles to the post office, then started home.

I’d just turned the corner at Market and Cadotte when Ted passed me on his bike . . .

. . . and only a few moments later, he was already almost at the Grand (that dark “speck” on the right side of the road half-way up the hill before the Grand is Ted).

With several hills to go, it REALLY started raining, and the water poured down the street in waves. The only part of me that got wet though was my feet.  Like a crazy person, I sent my rain boots over in the first load of stuff to the truck. Had to wring out my socks when I got home.

View from next to the Grand.  Not a soul in sight.

I checked the Weather Channel just before I started writing this, and it said we were getting the first measurable snow of the season.  I jumped up, let the shades up in the den, opened the sliding doors and peeked out.  Didn’t see any snow, but there are ice pellets on the ground, and the temp is at 33 degrees.  Hoping we don’t wake up to an ice storm!

Random Photos From Last Week

These ornamental cabbages were growing in the Grand Hotel flower beds last week when I walked by. The next day the beds were empty and the soil had been turned, and the next day workers planted 20,000 tulip and daffodil bulbs for the spring.

Going to town last week, I met Andrew Doud (Doud’s Market) walking Penny and Charlie. Doud’s will be open all winter, but Nicole (Andrew’s wife) has closed her Little Luxuries shop for the season. I think maybe she might open it occasionally for special weekends, and you can also shop from her on-line store.

Jack Barnwell and his crew – blowing water out of the irrigation lines at Metevier Inn.  Can’t have those pipes freezing!

Adorable children trick-or-treating in Little Luxuries last Saturday. (Photo: Nicole Doud)

Waiting at the Medical Center to get my flu shot. (Photo: Jill)

Of course, if you’re a tour driver like my friend Molly, you can pull up at the Medical Center and get your shot without ever getting off your carriage! That’s EMT Rick Linn doing the honors.

Poe – the Hulk’s brother.

St. Anne’s cemetery. (Photo: Mission Point Resort)

That’s it for tonight!  I’ll be back tomorrow with more goodies, and sometime before we leave we’ve got to talk about what’s going to happen to this blog over the winter months.  More to come on that!


16 thoughts on “Three More Nights . . . 10/30/2012

  1. Brenda, It seems like so little time these days. Although, wanted to take a moment and wish you and Ted a safe & uneventful trip home. It was great to meet you this summer and will definitely miss the island updates over the long grey winter days. Mayybe a book to look forward to? My best & safe travels. Gail Kalnajs

  2. Safe travels. All the prayers from all your on line friends and fans will surely keep you safe. Oh – Happy Halloween!

  3. Bummer it had to be such a wet day when Jill left (bye Jill, whatcha going to be doing in Chicago?) Had to be a hard walk up Cadotte with all that water coming down. LOVE the drivethru flu shot. lol. That’s really cute. 🙂

  4. Brenda, you have turned into a REAL islander now. – – walking back to your condo in a driving rain. I remember your blog from last year when you wrote about how you were supposed to meet several of the women for “girls night out”. It was raining so hard that you expected the outing to be canceled. You couldn’t believe it when Jill said that there was no reason to cancel the evening plans.

    And Hilde – – Jill will spend most of the month in Chicago dog sitting. Not sure if the dog sitting job (and I use the term “job” loosely) is her most favorite or working at the Book Store, which she also loves.

    Save trip Brenda and Ted.

  5. Bye, Jill-hope you had a safe trip across. We had ice pellets here yesterday morning but fortunately it stopped before the morning rush hour.

    I want some of those cabbages!!! I’ve been looking for them for the last few years and just can’t find them. They look pretty foolproof which would suit my gardening abilities to a tee…

  6. You captured the cold & RAINY day perfect in your photos! It really didn’t start raining too hard until 12:15pm (& I waited to leave on the 1pm boat & they ended up canceling the 3pm boat). I couldn’t believe it was WORSE in Mackinaw City (pouring rain & wind almost blew my car doors off).

    Good Luck with your packing & SAFE TRAVELS…miss you all too.

      • Jill, I love your free spirit! Are you dog sitting in Chicago this winter? Enjoy your time with your folks in Lansing. Your parents are so cute and I think you get your smile from your mom. Your smiling face is so welcoming when I come to the bookstore. Have safe travels!

      • Thanks Yvonne….nice to be able to keep in touch with you & EVERYONE on “Bree’s Blog”. See you in the spring at the Island Bookstore.

  7. Brenda-The pictures are great! If I was on the island, I would want to curl up with a good book and listen to the rain but unfortunately for you, you have to pack like a mad woman! LOL! How are your furry children doing? I am sure they are getting all excited about the big trip!

  8. You know as the weather reports kept coming in I caught myself wondering how you both were doing. I’m not always on line. If I were you I be balling like a baby leaving out. I hate goodbyes, but that one good reason about your blog it’s your pictures and storys it keeps everyone on one good plane.Will all be counting our blessing for you and Ted going home. Be Blessed, Deb

  9. Bet it’s weird seeing Jill off this time. Love the idea of the drive-up flu shots…..Island style. Happy packing!

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