A Few More Days . . . 10/29/2012

The decision has been made to NOT leave on Wednesday – mainly due to weather.  It seems what’s left of Hurricane Sandy will be impacting our neck of the woods on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Trying to move our little household on a sunny day is taxing enough on the body and spirit, but trying to do it in gale force winds and rain is just plain stupid.

So – Friday is the day.  Inhale deeply, exhale slowly.  The pressure is off.

Those of us left on the Island (with the closing of the Grand Hotel today and the exodus of its employees, the rock is now inhabited mainly by its 500+ year-round residents and a few late-to-leave summer folks like us) have been very tuned in to what’s happening with the hurricane.  Island weather for tomorrow is calling for rain, gale force winds, tall waves, and – would you believe it – sleet and snow.  Sounds like a good day to hunker down and keep packing – which is what we’ll do.  It might, in fact, be all we CAN do if ferries and the Mackinac Bridge have to close due to winds.

With the ringing of the bell by the Musser family this morning, the Grand Hotel closed its 2012 season.  (Photo:  Jennifer King)

Tonight on Main Street. Still, quiet  . . . and empty. (Photo: Mary McGuire)

In another storm-related story, we were so sad to hear today the HMS Bounty, a replica tall ship that visited the Island in August of 2010 (and several times before that), sank this morning approximately 90 miles southeast of Hatteras N.C.  The ship left Connecticut last week and was on its way to St. Petersburg, FL.

The Bounty tried to sail around the storm, but when she began to take on water, the 16 crew members donned cold water survival suits and life jackets before launching in two 25-man lifeboats in 40 mph winds and 18-foot Atlantic Ocean seas. The Coast Guard  almost immediately rescued 14 crew members, but it was tonight that a 15th unresponsive crew member was pulled from the water and has since died.  One other person, ship’s captain Robin Walbridge, remains missing.

The replica of the original HMS Bounty was built for the 1962 movie “Mutiny on the Bounty” with Marlon Brandon and recently was used in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie series.  The Bounty had been sailing around the country for the last several years, offering a glimpse into maritime history.

Our prayers go up that the missing person will be safely rescued.

The HMS Bounty on Mackinac Island in August, 2010.

A Few Random Photos

Last Thursday’s sunrise. (Photo: Robert McGreevy)

A  Shepler ferry against an unbelievable sunset. (Photo: Steve Fridley)

Three burning bushes in a row on the Grand golf course. (Photo: Ted Horton)

A solitary Grand bus goes north on Cadotte last Thursday.

If you are in harm’s way tonight, please be safe and know that prayers are lifting for each of you.

See you back here tomorrow night.


20 thoughts on “A Few More Days . . . 10/29/2012

  1. Prayers for all; and especially for those sailors out on the Great Lakes on this wild night. Glad you are staying put until better weather. Stay cozy.

  2. Prayers going out to everyone in Sandys path….sad news about the Tall Ship. 😦
    Might be a good thing to give it a few more days before leaving the island. Will be thinking of ya’ll and praying for safe travels for you, Ted, Bear and Maddie.

  3. Glad you to hear you will stay a few days so the weather has time to improve. Prayers for those in harms way. Thinking of all the sailors on the Great Lakes. It isn’t even November yet. But the winds have arrived.

  4. Been in touch with some friends in NYC – not good. We are sending good thoughts to all the responders and those in need. Travel safe friends! Sue & Andy

    • Sue – one of our condo neighbors is here from her home in NY City. She was supposed to fly back on Wednesday, but has changed her plans. Waiting to hear from a friend about her area.

  5. The missing person from the Bounty is the captain. We r expecting 16 foot waves here at the south end of Lake Michigan…..The Witch of November has arrived

  6. Brenda- The fall sunsets and sunrises in the fall at times leave me with my mouth open in awe! It makes many stop in their tracks. I do know that every beautiful sunrise and sunset give me hope that day and the next to come. Good choice in waiting out the storm. I have always been amazed at the power of the storms. Have a great trip down.

  7. This must be an incredible time on the island, so still and quiet, yet with so much change in the weather. Thank you for letting us experience it through your eyes.

  8. Brenda,

    I don’t think I can top what has been said by so eloquently in previous comments, so I’ll just say, “Me too.”

    I’m so glad Ted decided to wait a couple of days to begin the return trip to Georgia. I was worried about you driving through the storm to get home.

    Oh, I hope you find the wayward gorilla.

  9. My response is similar to Lowell’s! I love this time of year on the Island. Of course, 40 years ago, the ‘winter quiet’ really used to start closer to September. I think it would be harder for me to leave now, than to go with the throngs back a month or two. I’m glad you get an extra day or two, time to enjoy your last days instead of rushing around. Although, I hope you don’t cover all the furniture until Thursday night – sitting in a shrouded living room, waiting out the storm, is not my idea of a pleasant way to spend the end of your ‘summer’! – Safe travels!

  10. I’m so glad you decided to wait instead of travelling in that wind and rain. Almost wrote you an email about not trying it on Wednesday, but prayed the prayer that’s never wrong, and I’m much comforted.
    The Shepler ferry in the sunset photo is awesome, beautiful, breath-taking!
    Last, and most important, thank you for thinking about our Great Lake mariners. The waves on Lake Erie are 20 ft. tonight with 60+ mph winds. That’s not a hurricane, but it’s just next door to it and mighty scary. May they all be safe.
    Oh! Don’t miss taking one last walk in the very quiet woods. It’s magical when it’s so quiet (read: before the snow mobiles start their engines!).

  11. “When the gales of November came early.” I was a crew member of a 36 ft life boat sent out from the Mackinac Island Coast Guard Station on a May Day call from the Carl D. Bradley sinking on Lake Michigan. November 1958.

  12. I’m with everyone else Brenda, glad you and the family are staying the few extra days. Prayers go out to everyone on the East Coast in Sandy’s path that they will be safe.

  13. I am glad you and Ted decided to change your travel plans. I hope you know how much we have enjoyed your Mackinac Island blog this past season and look forward to reading about your Georgia adventures. We will be praying for your safe return to your winter home and for all those who are affected by Hurricane Sandy.

  14. Very glad you’re staying til Friday-it’s ugly, ugly, ugly out there. A friend posted a video from his front porch in Hackensack, NJ-he’s got someone’s roof in his yard and a light bar from a police car in a tree just off the porch.. Very scary.
    That sunset photo of the ferry is breathtaking-hard to believe nature can be so beautiful and then so destructive. Good luck packing-hope you find all your lists again!

  15. Glad you have a couple more days to prepare! Prayers to the entire east coast and all who are having weather related issues. Impact is huge for the entire country.

  16. Brenda, just wanted to say thank you for another season of updates and amazing pictures. I was fortunate enough to visit the Island again this summer, and stayed at the Grand for the first time. What a treat that was! I will sorely miss your stories and photos. Safe travels home! Bonnie

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