Leaving . . . Soon 10/28/2012

“I need to ask you something,” Ted said to me as we drove Jason to the airport this afternoon.

“The answer is no,” I said as quickly as possible.

“What did you think I was going to ask?” Ted said – a tad testily.

“You were going to ask if we could be ready to go Wednesday morning instead of Friday,” I answered.

Great look of amazement of Ted’s face.  “How did you know that?”

“Because you spent 30 minutes throwing stuff in a bag this afternoon to bring across to the truck today and then said you were all packed,” I said – a tad snappishly.  “Therefore, you think I can have the entire condo closed and EVERYTHING else packed and ready to leave on Wednesday’s 8 a.m. ferry.”

Jason from backseat: “All right, children.  Play nice or you’ll have to go to time-out.”

I thought about it the rest of the way to the airport, through the lunch we ate at the airport restaurant as we waited for Jason’s flight, all the way back to the ferry, across to the island, and up the hill.  I’m still thinking about it.

Can I be ready to leave Wednesday morning – only time will tell.  Time – and maybe even weather – as we wait to see what the remnants of Hurricane Sandy will mean to us by the middle of the week.  There’s already talk of the ferries not being able to run on Tuesday because of high winds, and some of that may impact Wednesday’s boat schedule also. 

So.  After I finish writing this, I’ll start on my very long list of “closing down the condo” chores.  In the next two days I’ll clean some, pack some, and make phone calls changing mail addresses and cutting on or off cable and DSL services.  If, come Tuesday evening, the list has lots and lots of unchecked items, or if the weather doesn’t cooperate, we’ll be here a few more days.  If all items are checked, and the weather doesn’t interfere, our truck will head south on Wednesday.

Only time will tell – which brings us to the next few days. 

I can’t begin to tell you how much fun we had while Jason was here.  His spur-of-the-moment trip took our minds away from leaving and threw us instead into the happy, party-time mode that just naturally follows in Jason’s path.  I was out of the condo more in the last four days than I have been in a month.  We’ve hiked with the dogs and eaten out a lot.  Ted and Jason played golf one afternoon, we went on the Ghost Tour Friday evening, and joined in on the Mackinac Island grown-up costume party on Saturday night.  In between all that, we checked out the Somewhere in Time weekend at the Grand and watched the starts of two road races.  It was a large weekend!

What I’ll do tonight is post a few pics of Jason’s trip, and then I’m just going to say “anything goes” until we’re out of here.  I’ve a ton of pics to share of the Island and a ton more I’d like to take before leaving.  Whether there’s time for that, I just don’t know.  So – here’s the plan.  After tonight, I promise to puts pic up every night until we leave.  I do not promise to write much – but pics with captions WILL appear.  The rush to leave is going to throw me into a tizzy – just warning you – so if I say something that doesn’t make sense, just insert or delete whatever word is needed for you to figure it out.

Ok – all that said – here’s a few pics on Jason’s trip.  I’m not going to try and cover all the stuff we did while he was here in detail, but I promise to come back later and put up more pics on the Ghost Tour, Somewhere in Time, the road race, and the costume party downtown.

After a 2:55 Wednesday arrival in Pellston, we somehow managed to make the 3:30 ferry to the Island – fog and all. The Island had been fogged in all day, and it didn’t lift until almost dark on Wednesday.  Right after this pic, Jason dug a sweater and coat out of his luggage for the trip up the hill.

Thursday morning – checking in at work with a bed full of puppies.  Maddie was saying, “Don’t you know you’re wasting time you could be using playing with me?  Get up!”

Thursday was a great day – not sunny, but warm for this time of year. I had a hair appointment that afternoon in St. Ignace, so Jason, Ted and I hiked up to Point Lookout and Ft. Holmes that morning.

There are very few colors left up this high, but the view is not diminished at all.

We took the dirt trail straight down from Ft. Holmes. I wouldn’t recommend that when the path is covered with wet leaves, but we made it safely – and slowly – to the bottom, which put us on Rifle Range Road. From there, we walked over to Arch Rock.

Ted and Jason played golf on Thursday afternoon while I was off-island, and we all met back up at the condo before walking downtown for dinner at the Seabiscuit. The Island on Thursday was very quiet – but the crazy-busy weekend was fast approaching!  These bikes are outside the Gate House, one of the few restaurants still open Thursday evening.

Glancing up at the windows of a private residence on Market Street, I almost screamed out loud at THIS staring back at me! Getting ready for Halloween!

An almost-full moon was beautiful over the Arnold dock that evening, and the temps were still in the low 70’s. We hurried through dinner though because the weather would be changing overnight. By the time we were back home and taking the dogs out around 11:00, temps were dropping, and we awoke Friday morning to high 30’s.

Even though Friday was pretty chilly, we spent a lot of time outside. It was just too beautiful not to!

On a walk down the boardwalk and out to Windermere Point, we watched the always-present kites ride the winds . . . .

. . . and Jason gave this one a little push-off from where it had crash-dived.

Friday night and time for the two-hour Haunts of Mackinac Ghost Tour, which began at 10 p.m. It was a dark and very chilly night – but we were excited!

Although neither Jason nor I has ever had any ghostly encounters, we thought it would be a hoot to take the tour.  Lamech (please forgive me if I got the spelling wrong) was a friendly, professional, and very interesting guide!

First tour stop – the Murray Hotel, home of the last known murder on the Island. No worries – it happened decades and decades ago!

Another stop – The Island House.  Lots of ghostly stories here!  We made several other stops where Lamech narrated the tales of encounters tourists and others have had with spirits from another time . . .  but you’ll have to take the tour yourself to hear all the details!

The last 45 minutes of the tour is at the Mission Point Resort, and most of the time is spent in the theatre where the TV Show Ghost Hunt taped one of their shows and called this spot one of the most haunted areas they’ve ever covered (FYI – most of the time spent here is in almost total darkness). I won’t go into what all happens here, but if you take the tour and Lamech asks, “Who scares easily?” – don’t raise your hand! I did – thinking he’d not put me in any situation where I might keel over from fright. Wrong! But it was all a very good time, and I would highly recommend the tour – whether you believe in ghosts or not. Jason and I had a blast!

Saturday – another very chilly, but beautiful day! Somewhere in Time weekend at the Grand Hotel, two road races on the Island, AND the adult costume party downtown. The island was hopping. As we walked down for the start of the races, we met two ladies from the Grand out for a morning stroll – in period costume.  I’ll have a few pics later this week from inside the Grand for this event.

Snapping a pic of the Straits.

There were 2500 runners on the Island for the two races PLUS their families and friends!

Georgia was playing Florida in football Saturday afternoon, and Jason thought it would be great fun to walk downtown in costume and watch the game with Ted at the Pink Pony (are you seeing why this 40-year-old-going-on-nine-year-old has always kept me laughing)!?

As he walked down the yard, dray drivers and horses kept a close eye on him.

When I walked down the hill a little later, I met this little boy coming up.  All the children on the island were invited to trick-or-treat downtown at local merchants Saturday afternoon, and I think this “skeleton” had already eaten everything in his bag and was well into a nap!

Georgia BEAT #2-ranked Florida (had to get that in here somewhere), and Ted says now Jason has to wear the costume for EVERY Georgia game!

My favorite gorilla!

We loved, loved, loved Jason being with us for a few days, but we would have loved it even more if his beautiful wife Blair could have been here also.  This younger generation just works too hard and too much, and Blair’s schedule  couldn’t be adjusted enough for her to make the trip.  We missed you, Blair!  Maybe you and I can come up during the winter for a girls trip!

Lots more pics to come this week of all the events above and the closing of the Island.  The Grand ends its season on Monday at 10 a.m., and I’m going to miss that event this year if I have any chance at all of being ready to leave on Wednesday.

I’ll see you back here Tuesday night with more pics!  Can’t BELIEVE the last week is here!


25 thoughts on “Leaving . . . Soon 10/28/2012

  1. Only have one thing to say…wish I could of been there for all this!!
    (I have really been distracted the last few weeks and this blog tonight was just what I needed to take my mind off of something that has been bothering me.) What fun it was and I can’t believe it’s already time to leave. Where does time go?

  2. Two things: I used to love it when my collie dog Bleu cuddled by my side like Bear is doing to Jason. and #2: Your banner: Is that Jason’s “Monster Walk” or is it his pre-warm up to a smothering welcome hug?

  3. Loved your post. Jason in the gorilla outfit is a hoot. Ted’s question to you sounds just like something Jim would ask me. Good luck with your getting everything ready for closing up on Wed.

    • You mean “Jason” ? Would you believe he shipped it to the Island. I think he got it in Atlanta and has used it for several Halloweens there! He sits out on his front porch as a gorilla and greets the little kids when they come trick-or-treating.

  4. Oh wow !!!…you’re leaving all ready? We were just just there to welcome you last May when you arrived…which was really a fun experience. We’d love to sneak up and wish you well as you leave, but we have to prepare for our 600+ trick or treaters that visit us annually on Halloween. Your wonderful pictures and commentary have given the feeling we were there all summer. Thanks for keeping us so connected !

    • Over 600 trick or treaters? That’s amazing. We’ve lived in the country for the last 11 years and in that time I think we’ve had them come to our door 1 time (maybe twice).

      • Yes, it’s crazy Lowell…last year we had 660. It’s fun though. Have enjoyed your island comments and especially your visit from Brenda and Jill…fun stuff !!

      • Lowell,
        I believe you mentioned that you worked at the Carriage Lantern???? in your early years on the island….do you remember who the owner was at that time….looking for history of the early years….

    • I can’t even imagine what 600+ would be like….crazy. How much time are the kids given to Trick or Treat?

    • I said GIRLS – that’s plural! NEVER without you, girlfriend. I have everyone up here praying for a very cold, very snowy winter!

  5. Brenda,

    I think Jason must be a lot of fun to be around, but I suspect I’d be a drag on his fun.

    The picture of the little boy asleep, leaning on his bike is a real gem. I hope you didn’t wake him up.

    I liked the picture looking down to the water from the leaf covered street. Was that Market Street?

    Tell Ted that I think it would be best to give it a few extra days before the trip to Georgia. Give the storm time to get completely cleared out.

    Looking forward to more pictures.

  6. Hi Brenda! So happy to hear you enjoyed the Haunted History Tour! And yes, you got the spelling of Lamech’s name correct 🙂 My husband, Todd is the owner of Haunts and he spent all day today packing up the ticket office for the season.The end of the season is always bittersweet. Saying goodbye to friends and employees is sad, but the calmer pace of the next 6 months is a welcome change. Wishing you safe travels down to Georgia!

    • Hi Nina! I remember meeting you a couple of summers ago! Really, really enjoyed the tour and was surprised at how much Mackinac history went into it also. It seems the tours are getting bigger and more popular each year, and I hope that continues on and on. I mentioned to Lamech about an incident at the Stuart House this summer and wondered if Todd had ever heard of any haunting there.

  7. You can do it. I have been wondering how the storm is effecting our area. Some calling for snow. So glad Jason popped in. What a blessing our children are.

  8. What a great time you all must’ve had. It would be such a blast with the grands too. Some of those pics look like it’s pretty cold there. Brr… Good luck trying to be ready for a Wednesday deadline.;(

  9. I was laughing at the first couple sentences in your post….I figured out the question too before I finished reading…funny how we can figure out what our other halves are thinking….I think all of us women have some kind of esp!

  10. Hope you have a safe trip home. We are heading south soon to spend Thanksgiving with family and collect the rest of our ”stuff” from storeage. Bought our first snowmobile and necessary snow clothes. So, we are hoping for a snowy winter also. Just need to get some heavier thermals first. I’ve learned already that what I have isn’t heavy enough. At least you won’t have to worry about that stuff when you make it back to Georgia.

  11. I bet it is bittersweet leaving the island, but I bet you are anxious to get back to Georgia. I enjoy your posts from there too. Have a safe trip!

  12. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your blog! I have to admit, I’m getting a little sad at the thought of you leaving the island. I think I may need therapy to cure my ‘living vicariously through your life’ syndrome! :)) Have a wonderful last week and a safe trip home.

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