We’re Back! 10/18/2012

We’re back!

I know I said I wasn’t writing tonight, but we had such a wonderful trip I just had to say a few words and get you all primed up . . .

On Friday, I’ll post the story of our trip to Lansing and our night with Jill’s parents, Ken and Joanne – and a few other surprises!

And then – because I know it will take me all weekend to write it, I’m going to have to make you wait until Sunday evening for the story of our trip to meet Lowell and Faye.  But, just let me tell you . . . . .

. . . it was awesome! And windy!

I hope you’re looking as forward to reading this two-parter as I am to writing it.  See you tomorrow with the Lansing trip, and Sunday evening with the Lowell & Faye story!

So MUCH fun! 


16 thoughts on “We’re Back! 10/18/2012

  1. I cannot wait to hear the details of your trip and it so nice to put a face with a name I see so often in the comment page.

  2. What nice looking couples! From the way Lowell talks, I thought he was going to be a really little old man. . . . wrong!
    Hope you saw some pretty leaves on your trip south, and that the wind didn’t make the driving too scary. Can’t wait to hear all the details!! Been thinking about you two for two days.

  3. So now your going to make us wait longer!……sigh..
    Guess I’ll just have to wait ;). Glad your trip was a safe one and love all the smiles in everyone’s face. Looks like fun!

  4. And while ya-all are waiting for the full stories from Brenda, let me tell you – Brenda is a delightful house guest. She made us feel like she was “family” rather than a 1st time visitor. But Brenda, your visit was much too short. Please come again when you can stay longer.

    • Hi AnnieR. Isn’t it something that we feel a connection to one another and so many others, and it’s all because of Brenda’s great writing and photography. You know, she tried to trick me yesterday by saying she had forgotten her camera. I believed her. She didn’t know it, but when she told me that, I thought we could use our camera, scan the pictures and email them to her.

      • Lowell I don’t think Brenda goes anywhere without her trusty camera. I think her and that camera are attached at the hip ;). (You know I love ya Brenda)

  5. Lowell and Faye have so many awesome stories that could capture your attention for hours. The beauty of having lived with so many life experiences right Lowell. I loved the pictures and the stories. Talking is one of the things our family does best, right Lowell? Smile.

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