Rain or Shine – Road Trip Ahead! 10/16/2012

I love rain and wind and thunderstorms, but I tend to become a hermit when those weather conditions are playing outside my window.   When I say I LOVE bad weather, it doesn’t mean I want to be out IN it – I just want to snuggle down in a comfy chair and watch it . . . and listen to it . . . and sometimes, when the thunder is really close, even feel it!

I am not a duck!

We’ve had at least a week of the wet, windy and cold stuff here on the Island, so I’ve had plenty of chances to exercise my hermit-ism.  Why, I didn’t even go to church Sunday, kissing Ted goodbye as he biked off into fog and mist so thick he disappeared before he got past the first light post of our yard.

I spent my Sunday reading, writing, and making up my “things-to-do” list for the next 18 days.  How in this world I thought we had 4 more weeks before we leave is beyond me, but I sure did mis-count the calendar days.  We leave two weeks from THIS COMING Friday – I just added in a week that doesn’t exist somehow.  But, that’s ok.  When we walk out the door that day there will be checks next to each item on my list . . . . . or not!  As long as we don’t forget Maddie and Bear – or each other – we’ll be ok.

Speaking of Bear (and yes, I know I’m rambling tonight), he hasn’t had a good week.  When I picked him up from the groomer’s a couple of weeks ago, they showed me where they had clipped him too close on one side of his behind.  A little niggling thought ran through my brain . . . . “if they nicked him, he’s going to get a hot spot”. . . and sure enough, a few days later I discovered him viciously biting and licking the spot – by then raw and oozing.  I was not a happy camper, but thank goodness (and because he was just getting over a hot spot when we left Georgia almost six months ago) I came prepared with medication, just in case.   So we started treating it immediately, but even with that it’s taken a week to get it under control – a week with him in a plastic “halo” to keep his mouth away from it, a week of keeping us awake as that same halo knocked up against the bed or the dresser every time he moved, a week of treating a wound that I know really hurt when touched, but which he stoically stood and let me “doctor”.

One funny thing (well, funny to the humans, not necessarily to Bear) did come out of the hot spot ordeal.  I had purchased hair clippers to bring with me this year because the first part of treating a hot spot is to shave the hair off of it and for at least an inch around it.  I quickly discovered I was no good with clippers, so when I took Bear out for a walk that afternoon, I stopped in at the Grand stable and asked Ben if he had some clippers.  “Sure,” he said.  A few minutes later he walked out with a pair of clippers big enough to shave the rump of one of the Grand’s Percherons.

The clippers were bigger than Bear’s whole head!  But, with me holding Bear, and Ben being the barber, Bear now has a really funky haircut on his behind.

This afternoon I finally ventured out and walked to town.  I took some photos, did a little sale shopping, and stopped by at the bookstore to put the final details (with Jill) on our road trip to see Lowell and Faye.

Yep – that’s an umbrella up there. Yep – it was still drizzling rain!

Ok . . . enough rambling, I’m going to close and go pack my little bag and get ready for our trip.  It has to be a LITTLE bag because Jill is taking half her stuff home to Lansing for the winter so she won’t have to take it all in one trip.    So – Lansing Wednesday night, lunch with Lowell and Faye Thursday, and back on the Island Thursday evening.

I can almost promise that I won’t get the post written about our trip on Thursday night, but I WILL get it online sometime on Friday.

Gee – I hope Lowell and Faye are as excited as Jill and I are!

17 thoughts on “Rain or Shine – Road Trip Ahead! 10/16/2012

  1. I am so sorry you will miss the speg. dinner at the school on Wed. night, I also missed you at church last Sunday. So I worry that I may not run into you to say goodby before you leave for the winter. So here is my hug XOXOX.

  2. Feel better soon Bear…although you look kinda cute with that “shade” on your head. 😉
    I’m sure Lowell and Faye can’t wait to see ya’ll, and I can’t wait to hear all about the trip. Take lots of pics! You and Jill have a safe trip, and try to stay dry. I hear there is more rain on the way. At least here it is…for the next 3 days.

  3. Hey, Bear – hope your boo-boo is cleared up real soon! Wearing a “halo” is no fun at all, huh? Bree, have a safe, fun trip to Lansing!

  4. Poor baby Bear-hope he’s better soon. I’m going thru a similar issue with Pixel-he doesn’t get hotspots but he’s allergic to grass and pine resin so he gets infections between his toes and in his ears every summer. This year it’s really bad-our pine trees are shedding needles worse than I’ve ever seen- so I’m pretty much dousing him in apple cider vinegar every 8 hours. The house smells like a pickle factory and Pixel is pretty mad at me. But it seems to be working…
    I’m with you on the stormy weather-I love it when it’s ugly outside and I’m not! CCurling up with a dog, a blanket, and a book when the windows are rattling is the best!

  5. If you have time while you are in Lansing I highly recommend a visit to the beautiful State Capitol. Your camera would love it!

    • Hi Doug! We rode by it today on our way out of Lansing. I took a photo from the car because it was raining as we passed. It’s a building building!

  6. Hope the 3 weeks of mending Bear goes by fast! Have a great trip and visit w/ Lowell, we’ll look forward to hearing all about it when you return.

  7. Awww, he’s a good dog. One of our dogs had too wear one one time; it took our other dog about 15 mins to get that silly looking thing off of him. Please tell Lowell hello and glad to see him back bloging. I know you will have a super trip.

  8. We are coming up to the island on Saturday. Hope we can meet you sometime during our visit. We tried this past summer, but you were very busy!

  9. My husband saw a movie (UP! I think) that has a dog with the cone and they called it “The Cone of Shame”! Bear’s pictures reminds me of that! He looks like he is saying “When is this darn thing coming off?!) Too cute!

    I am so excited to read about your trip to see Lowell & Faye!

  10. Let me tell you, Faye & I had one of the nicest days we have ever had. Brenda & Jill arrived at our house at exactly 10:30 AM, just as Brenda had said they would. The only problem was they didn’t bring me a trailer load of composted horse manure from Mackinac Island. Can you imagine that? They were only here for about 3 1/2 hours, but we got a lot of talking done, especially me. We also had lunch (please allow me to toot my own horn at this point), which I cooked and it turned out OK. I told them, when we sat down to eat, that if they didn’t like the food, just don’t say anything, but if they did like it, they could say so. Well, I don’t know if they just wanted to make me feel good, or what, but they said it was worth eating. Very nice ladies, but then I guess you already knew that.

    Thanks to all of you who sent greetings. It is really appreciated and I certainly want to return the favor. It would be great to meet all of you.

    What a wonderful and exiting day it has been.

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