End of Season Slow-Down. Not! 10/9/2012

How much more could we pack into the last few days!

And whatever happened to the end-of-season-slow-down?

Hasn’t happened.  Shows no sign of happening!

What can I say except settle back with your coffee or your lunch or your afternoon cup of tea, ’cause we’ve got a lot to talk about!


I had no plans at all to leave the condo on Saturday.  I was thinking, “book, blanket, fireplace, one dog in lap and one at my feet, a little nap . . . .”.  Anyway, you get my drift.

It was all working out just like that until I remembered I wanted to attend the very first Annual Fall Fashion Show that was going to be the ending event for Great Turtle Shopping Week.  It didn’t start until 5:00 so I still got in some reading and napping, and then I bundled up and walked downtown.

On the way down the hill, I passed this bride and groom posing for photographs in the middle of the Grand Hotel’s flower gardens. Bless the bride’s heart – I know she was chilly, but you’d never know it from the smile on her face!

A few minutes later they were being whisked away in a wedding carriage, and she was wrapped up in a snuggly blanket.

The fashion show was held downstairs at the Lilac Tree Hotel & Spa. Before the show we browsed all the raffle goodies and dropped tickets into the jars sitting next to the items we wanted a chance to win.

There was a really good turnout, and everyone enjoyed the sodas and munchies provided before the show.

It was so fun that most of the models were students at the Mackinac Island Public School – like Colton here . . .

. . . and Will . . .

. . . Diana . . .

. . . and Hailey. I love that I know the families of all these young people now!

The show was a great success, and proceeds went to the Close Up Foundation, which will allow Mackinac Island Public School students to travel to Washington, D.C. in the spring.  I’m hoping this was the first of many more events like this to come.  Maybe there will be one in the spring to kick off next season!


Sunday was supposed to be chilly and cloudy, but the sun warmed everything up nicely, and by the time we were out of church, the clouds were gone and it was a beautiful day!

After church, a group of us girls walked up to the Grand to try and catch the end of a vintage jewelry display.  We were a little too late for that, but we really had fun showing one of our group (she was from Canada and had never been inside the Grand) what she’d been missing!

We used the stairs instead of the elevator and rushed through each floor (two ladies in the group had to catch an early ferry), stopping to peek in rooms that were being cleaned – including the Presidential Suite!  Finally we reached the cupola . . .

This is another of those places on the Island that I can’t get enough of – morning, mid-day, or evening, rainy, sunny, or foggy – the views are always incredible. Here we’re looking straight out to the Round Island Light . . .

. . . same view, but further away from the window and showing part of  that magnificent chandelier . . .

. . . and from a side window. Awesome – just awesome view!

The other ladies headed downtown, and looking in that direction, I thought the day was continuing to look promising . .

. . . then I turned around and looked UP the hill.  Uh oh!

I shifted my walk into another gear and hurried home . . .

. . .almost there.

I made it inside and changed my clothes – just before something started hitting the deck that didn’t sound like rain. Nope – it was hail!  Back on the couch with my book!


Monday was my last day working at the Stuart House this season.  I so enjoy doing that.  Not only do I get to talk about my wonderful Mackinac to visitors, but I get to meet nice people from all over the world. 

Ted walked down to the post office with Bear and Maddie while I was working and then brought them to the museum.  They arrived just after Frankie came in with Hershey, Bear’s best bud.

Everyone said hello.

There were hugs . . .

. . . play fights . . .

. . . and a few doggie secrets shared.

Bear wasn’t too happy when Ted said, “We gotta go!” He had to leave Hershey AND his mom!

It was another windy day walking home. Even the geese seemed to be having trouble coming in for a landing on the Grand’s golf course!

Just past the Grand I met a couple (Gary and Sue) coming down the hill who called out, “Are you Bree?”  We chatted a few minutes, and for some stupid reason I didn’t get their photo.  I was giving myself a “talking-to” about forgetting to take a pic, when two gentlemen coming toward me with two Shelties called out, “Aren’t you Bree?”  

Scot said he has been trying to “run into me” for three years. He and Stephen love Mackinac and come to the Island every year.  So, so glad we finally made a connection!

I hadn’t gone another 10 yards when my favorite carriage driver, Molly, hailed me and said, “I have a couple of your blog readers on board!” So I got to meet Chris and Jim!

Jill told me this afternoon there had been two other blog fans in during the day.  WOW!  Everyone must have wanted to come at once to see all the fall color – we should have had a blog party!

I think that about covers the weekend!  Lots of good stuff coming up in the next three weeks that I’ll let you in on in a few days.  Enjoy the rest of the week, and I’ll see you back here on Friday!


18 thoughts on “End of Season Slow-Down. Not! 10/9/2012

  1. The pictures of Bear and Hershey are ADORABLE!! I am still smiling about the paw on the head picture. What sweet pups.

    I’m really enjoying all the fall pictures too. My husband and I aren’t able to get there for our normal anniversary trip this fall and your pictures are helping ease my island separation anxiety.

  2. You’re going to need a publicity agent soon! Enjoy the autumn on the island; it must be fabulous. Thanks for another wonderful virtual visit to the island. Oh Bear – Morgaine says she doesn’t understand why humans are allowed to set the schedules and decide when visits are over. It just isn’t fair. Just because they shelter and feed us and provide us with some companionship – oh, maybe that has something to do with it. I guess we can “bear” with it, as long as they stay our best friends.

  3. Hi Bree. I was on the island with my youngest daughter ( now 20 ) this past weekend ( for our annual trip now going on 42 years ) and I was telling her all about you and how much I love your blog. So needless to say I was keeping my eyes peeled for you hoping to meet you/say hello. Anyway, I finally saw you on main street as we were heading back to catch our ferry. I was going to introduce myself but you were in a pretty deep conversation with someone ( with a dog ) and I didnt want to be rude/interrupt. I lve your blog and appreciate your efforts on the blog. Maybe we’ll bump into you next summer.

    Jeff Finger

    • Oh Jeff – ALWAYS interrupt me! I’m trying to think who I could have been talking to . . . was it Hershey’s (the chocolate lab in today’s blog) mom? Anyway, I love meeting my readers. Hope to see you next summer or fall!

  4. Love, love, love the Bear and Hershey photos! Fashion show looked lovely-I really like that crocheted top and striped skirt. Did you win anything in the bag raffle?
    Glad you made it home before the storm-that would have been a miserable finish to your walk.

  5. Hi Brenda, my husband Gary and I (Sue) were the couple that stopped you on the way up the hill near the Grand. We were pleasantly surprised to run into you and really enjoyed our chat!

    We know so much about “our” Island thanks to your blog that is always filled with a wealth of information that you just can’t find anywhere else.

    Hopefully we will meet again next October when we make our ninth trip up it the Island to enjoy the fall colors. Thanks for all you do for us “wannabe” Islanders!


    • Thank you, thank you Sue for commenting! Now I can go back and add you to the blog! My poor old brain just couldn’t hold three sets of names that day, and NEXT year we’ll get a pic also! So glad you stopped me – I love meeting my readers!

  6. Hi Bree,
    yes, I believe it was Hershey..chocolate lab, no leash needed even though the sidewalk was crowded.,,sort of near the pink pony. He sure is good looking. Thanks for the response and I will be sure to say hi to you if I see you next year. I am so glad that there are so many people that love the island like we do. My parent’s honeymooned on the island in 1963 and well…9 months later along came me. So if there is a word/phrase that means that I was on the island before being born well…that’s me. And I couldnt be more happy that my daughters love the island as much as I do. I have been making the trip there every year since I was 4 ( I am 48 now ) and passed that to my kids. Now they are adults and love the place. I had an awesome daddy/daughter getaway last weekend with my youngest and now we have memories that will forever put smiles on our faces. Anyway, I love your blog because it allows me to live vicariously on the island most of the year through your eyes and that’s fantastic! Keep up the great work and hopefully we’ll meet/see you next year.

    Jeff Finger

    • Jeff loved your story of how you were conceived on Mackinac Island during your Parent’s honeymoon. How wonderful to able to return year after year and cherish the memory.

  7. A blog party sounds like a great idea! Do you ever feel “famous”? I saw Jill walking down Main St. when we were on the island and it sure is nice to come and recogonize some faces.

  8. I LOVE the pictures of Bear and Hershey (you too Maddie). Such communication going on between them! Wouldn’t it be great to have all the blog readers there for a weekend? What a party that would be. 🙂

  9. My husband and I arrived at the Island on Monday and left this morning. We were in the bookstore Monday & I recognized Jill & mentioned I read your blog and that I had seen her photo on your blog. I was the lady that bought the paperback “Somewhere in Time”. 🙂

  10. Barbara and I have several pictures taken today of Teddie and McGyver going onto the boat you may want to post. Not sure where to send those pictures.

    • Hi Tony and Barbara! So sorry I didn’t get down the hill to meet you today. You can email me the pics at brendasumnerhorton@hotmail.com. I’m about to publish blog for tonight, and there is a pic of you two on it that Jill took this morning. Hope to see you next time you’re on the Island!

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