Come on . . . Let’s go! 10/4/2012

Do you want to walk or ride with me today?

Walk?  Well, put on your best walking shoes (maybe some socks for warmth or comfort), some long pants, a shirt and jacket, maybe a cap.

Ride?  Same outfit, except the shoes don’t matter as much.

Ok – are you ready?  Let’s go!

Oh, wait!  You better go back and get your camera!

We need to make a couple of stops downtown. The crowds are slimmer these days, and the private carriages have to wait a little longer for a full load of passengers. They sure have a pretty view though from where they sit in front of the fort and Marquette Park!

You know that wonderful old tree in front of the Windermere Hotel?  She is really showing off her new Fall wardrobe this week.

Ok – let’s head up Cadotte to the Village.  Oh look!  It’s the Cloverland Electric gentlemen.  Thanks guys for getting our electricity back on so quickly the other day!

The new maples lining Cadotte may not be huge, but you have to admit they are making up in color what they don’t have in size yet!

You can’t just stare straight ahead going up this hill – you might miss something!  Like that tree on the golf course – peeking out from behind that little grassy mound.  Looks almost like it’s on fire, doesn’t it?!

Oh – by the way. It’s a lot easier to get a tee time these days!

Ok – let’s stop here at Four Corners for a little rest. Well, would you look at that! That couple must be practicing for the Somewhere in Time Weekend at the Grand!

Gee, we’re already at Surrey Hill!  You did great!  Right down that road is the new Grand Hotel stable – never prettier than right now – framed in gold.  How about we walk past our condo here on 3rd Street on up into the Village!

There goes a private carriage out into the state park at the end of 4th Street. Where the pavement ends it becomes Whitefield Road – a beautiful walk – or ride – through the woods!

Oh my gosh! There’s Jackie decorating for Oct. 31.  Jackie’s yard at Halloween is enough to scare the living daylights out of anyone! Oh good! She invited us to her “haunted house” on Halloween night . . .

. . . which I guess means getting by this guy in the dark.

I love that we got up here just in time to see a lot of downtown workers getting home at 5 o’clock. No traffic jams or road rage here!

Don’t you love how those leaves look with the sun shining on them . . .

. . . and I think this tree is prettier this year than it’s ever been!

Come on in the condo for a few minutes!  We got here just at the right time for me to show you something from our deck.  Is that not beautiful!  And look over at the Carriage Museum . . .

. . . I think God is really outdoing Himself this fall on Mackinac Island!

Steve, a friend of ours, asked Ted to go with him today to put his sailboat in storage for the winter in Cedarville.  Steve’s wife, Orietta, and I drove over to meet them first at the marina in Hessel, then on to Cedarville.  It was a great day, and I hope you’ll be back here Sunday evening to hear all about it and see the pics!

We are expecting a few days with highs in the 40’s, and snow showers were even predicted at one time.  I think they changed that – but hey, a girl can dream can’t she!

Have a wonderful weekend!  God bless.


17 thoughts on “Come on . . . Let’s go! 10/4/2012

  1. Oh, my! Sometimes it’s almost too much to see your pictures, it makes me ache for the island! It looks like the trees are trying to make up for a less than perfect harvest and summer, and they’re doing a wonderful job!

  2. I so needed that fall walk,my dear friend. A brisk one at that. Enjoy. I will soon take a very slow sunrise walk past all the color here in sunny,southwest Florida.

  3. We shall miss these sights of the island this year, and who knows when we will return ?
    Carry on the great work.
    Lynne and Allan Busst (UK)

  4. Lovely tour, thanks! The colors seem to have just exploded this week both down here and on the Island. So beautiful-glad you captured them so we can look at this post and remember their beauty all year long.

  5. Great pics. I missed seeing you and Ted during our visit last Sun/Mon. The sights and weather were great during our stay. The full moon was spectacular. Enjoyed a great bike ride around the island and sitting outside at Mission Point and the Pink Pony. Our stay was way too short for sure, but enjoyed every second!

  6. Ditto what everyone here has said! Spectacular, beautiful, amazing, wish I was there color! I’m thinking some new back ground pictures on the computer…hmmm.

  7. My heart longs for the Mac area. Beautiful. This time in Michigan is breathtaking, but most seasons are as well.Awsome Michigan.

  8. Beautiful pictures. Tony and I will be on the island is coming week Tuesday through Friday and are excited the colors are changing. Would love to meet you and Ted at JD Beanery for coffee.

  9. I’ve been following your blog for some time now and want to say thank you very much for sharing all the news and great photos. My husband and I will be staying on the Island tomorrow and returning home on Wednesday.Looks like we’ll be needing warm clothes but living in Michigan we know how to be prepared for most anything!

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