A Different Kind of Good Weather 9/25/2012

We have a Mystery Spot winner!  She is Pam Schuch (she JUST visited the island a couple of weeks ago) from Wauseon, WI!  Please see end of post for Mystery Spot answer!

Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather. . . . John Ruskin

It seems I’ve talked an awful lot about the weather for the last week, but bear with me at least one more day ’cause Monday was a humdinger on the weather scale!

The wind blew hard all day Sunday, and just before bedtime that evening a wind advisory for the following day was posted on The Weather Channel.

Monday morning, as Ted was getting ready to ride down and catch the 9 a.m. ferry and drive to Traverse City to catch a plane to Chicago, gusts were so strong I began to wonder if there would be a ferry to catch.  The ferries were running, but later in the day that would not be the case.

Half-way through the morning, Jill rushed in to tell me the main branch of an old chestnut tree had fallen on Main Street and hit a woman riding by on her bike.

Amazingly, the lady crawled out from under the tree on her own steam and was unhurt. Thank goodness she was wearing a helmet!

Our emergency responders were called out to cut the tree up and remove it from the street, and soon there were other calls to remove downed trees and large branches. (Photo:  Jill Sawatzki)

The winds continued to get stronger.  News filtered in that all three ferry lines had stopped their Mackinaw City service to the Island because the waves were just too turbulent on that route for passengers to be transported safely.  Service continued for a while to St. Ignace, and Mackinaw City passengers were shuttled across the bridge to pick up their cars.  At the height of the winds (60 mph sustained) – ferries were unable to dock in St. Ignace, and all ferry transportation ceased for a short time.

At one point the Mackinac Bridge Authority posted this notice:  Winds are blowing across the bridge in excess of 50 miles per hour. Motorists are being instructed to reduce their speed to 20 miles per hour as they approach the bridge and be prepared to stop. Bridge personnel are stationed at both ends of the structure to provide instructions regarding how and when to proceed across the bridge. 

Later in the afternoon only passenger cars and load-free pickup trucks were being allowed to cross the bridge.

When I left the Stuart House a little after two, I zippered all my layers so the wind wouldn’t create that “parachute” effect with my coat and haul me off the street!

Jill took this photo outside Little Luxuries, showing how even green leaves were being stripped off trees and plants.

It was after 3:30 when I made it home.  I did a quick wardrobe change, took Maddie and Bear out, and hunkered down for the rest of the day.  When the winds finally shut down around 9 p.m., Facebook was filled with photographs of what had to be one of the windiest days on record for Mackinac in September.

Monday morning’s red skies should have let us know what was coming. (Photo: Robert McGreevy)

A view of the Straits and Round Island Light from the front porch of the Grand Hotel. (Photo: Kellie Lawrence)

Waves crashing at British Landing freight dock. (Photo: Ben Horn)

The Straits with 50 mph winds on Monday. (Photo: Robert McGreevy)

After all that excitement, it was good to wake up this morning and see sunny skies and very little movement in the trees.  But I have to confess . . . I LOVED Monday’s weather!

Lake Huron was back to normal this afternoon . . .

. . . skies were blue and cloud-free . . .

. . . and children walked themselves home from school without having to worry about high winds. What an amazing difference a few hours can make!

Ted is enjoying his stay in Chicago and will return home by late Wednesday afternoon.  I can’t wait to hear all about his trip.  He says he’s taking loads of photos so maybe I can share some of those on Friday!

Reader Photographs

Craig Wicks – Roanoke, Virginia. A fringed buggy ride long the boardwalk in 2001.

Frances Wenhold – Florida. A rock sculpture along the shoreline in 2010.

Hilde DaVanon.  The Mackinac Bridge through a Grand Hotel portal – in August, 2012.

Tom Wachowski – Arizona. Island sunset, 2011.

Traci Rackley – Pulaski, Tennessee. Island flowers, 2011.

Mystery Spot

The object of the Mystery Spot is to be the first to identify where the object is located. When you think you have the answer, email me at brendasumnerhorton@hotmail.com. I’ll check my email several times a day, and as soon as we have a winner, I’ll post the winner’s name at the top of this blog so you can stop guessing (you may have to refresh your page for this to show up). Is there a prize for the winner?  Yes there is; but the prize is secret, and the only ones who will know what it is are the winners. To be fair, I’m asking residents of Mackinac Island to please NOT guess. This is just for readers who don’t live here . . . but would like to! And the Mystery Spot is   . . . .

Where does this door take you?

Again, please email your answers to me at brendasumnerhorton@hotmail.com.  PLEASE DO NOT ANSWER IN THE “COMMENTS” SECTION OF THE BLOG.  Remember, I’ll post the winner at the top of this blog as soon as someone gives the correct answer.


The Mystery Spot is the door to the Town Crier Newspaper office. It is tucked behind the Le Galerie shop on Market Street.


6 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Good Weather 9/25/2012

  1. I saw some of the weather pictures on facebook and the waves were amazing. They were definitely a “WoW” picture for sure. I guess you wouldn’t want to be walking along the shore line that day. 😉 It IS a good thing that biker lady was wearing a helmet when that branch fell. It looked like quite a large branch too. Glad Ted is enjoying his time off island and can’t wait to hear about his trip.

  2. Wow-glad the woman on the bike was not hurt. The photos of the water are pretty awesome. I love windy days-I like to think the trees are dancing!

  3. Wow, what a day on the island. Love that kind of weather, in small doses, of course. The pics were awesome!! You really got the idea of how windy it was. Glad Ted had a safe trip. Can’t wait to see his.pics!! Take care.

  4. Awsome pics. Last Oct. when we arrived, the bridge was also closed to high profile vehicles. I was concerned if we went over we wouldn’t get back. It was very scary driving over the bridge in the high winds!

  5. So glad the lady is o.k…thanks to the helmet1 Awesome photos. Great waves and brilliant flowers. Love the header. Every photo is special, as usual. Thanks everyone for sharing. Hope Ted had a great time.

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