Posted by: bree1972 | September 20, 2012

Mackinac Skies 9/20/2012

It’s been a cloudy, windy, rainy, cooler-than-normal week here, and I haven’t spent a whole lot of time outdoors – except when absolutely necessary.  Tonight I’m just going to post some extraordinarily beautiful photographs – taken by Island friends – of the incredible skies we’ve been experiencing the last few weeks.  I hope you enjoy them, and if you can choose a favorite, you might want to do what I did and post it as your screensaver!

Captions aren’t really needed here – except for the photographer’s name.

LOL!  Ok, ok – I’ll confess – I’m just not in the mood to write tonight!

Sunset – Steven Kopacki

Double Rainbow – Jill Sawatzki

Sunrise – Patrick Conlon

Rainbow over Mackinac Island – Patrick Conlon

Sunset – Shepler’s Captain Tommy

Early morning – Patrick Conlon

Blue Moon over Mackinac – Robert McGreevy

Have a beautiful weekend, and I’ll see you right back here Sunday night or Monday morning, good Lord willing.  God bless.

Two Sunrise Photos Added From This Morning 9/21/2012

Sunrise Friday Morning – Patrick Conlon


Sunrise Friday Morning – Chris Ann Nelson

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  1. wow they are alllllllllllllll so gorgeous! Can’t pick just one! Thanks for sharing everyone!

  2. Beautiful pictures…hard to pick just one…

  3. Beautiful and serene.

  4. Soo pretty! I’m staying on Mackinaw Island in October, and I’m so excited!

  5. Gorgeous!! Sky number 3 looks like every type of cloud God ever made just had to show up for that one special morning. A once in a lifetime shot. I wonder what it looks like from above. Love them all. Thanks for the show.

  6. Hmm… I think I need a new cover picture! But you’re right, I really can’t decide!!

  7. OMG! They are all beautiful!

  8. So gorgeous. All of them. I can’t wait to be up there next weekend!

  9. WOW!

    • Ditto!

      • Just caught up on the last 2 posts. Gorgeous photos. All too pretty to choose just one. Love Ted’s photos. Bear looks stunning sitting on the hill in the wind, he is so handsome. What a lovely window shot. I love “different” windows. After such a hot summer I’m embracing this fall lower MI weather.

  10. Absolutely wonderful pictures! Bravo!!!!

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