Mackinac Skies 9/20/2012

It’s been a cloudy, windy, rainy, cooler-than-normal week here, and I haven’t spent a whole lot of time outdoors – except when absolutely necessary.  Tonight I’m just going to post some extraordinarily beautiful photographs – taken by Island friends – of the incredible skies we’ve been experiencing the last few weeks.  I hope you enjoy them, and if you can choose a favorite, you might want to do what I did and post it as your screensaver!

Captions aren’t really needed here – except for the photographer’s name.

LOL!  Ok, ok – I’ll confess – I’m just not in the mood to write tonight!

Sunset – Steven Kopacki

Double Rainbow – Jill Sawatzki

Sunrise – Patrick Conlon

Rainbow over Mackinac Island – Patrick Conlon

Sunset – Shepler’s Captain Tommy

Early morning – Patrick Conlon

Blue Moon over Mackinac – Robert McGreevy

Have a beautiful weekend, and I’ll see you right back here Sunday night or Monday morning, good Lord willing.  God bless.

Two Sunrise Photos Added From This Morning 9/21/2012

Sunrise Friday Morning – Patrick Conlon


Sunrise Friday Morning – Chris Ann Nelson

12 thoughts on “Mackinac Skies 9/20/2012

      • Just caught up on the last 2 posts. Gorgeous photos. All too pretty to choose just one. Love Ted’s photos. Bear looks stunning sitting on the hill in the wind, he is so handsome. What a lovely window shot. I love “different” windows. After such a hot summer I’m embracing this fall lower MI weather.

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