The Winds of Autumn 9/16/2012

The winds have started.  Almost a more accurate announcement of Fall than cooler air and changing leaf color, we’ve learned – after five summers on Mackinac – that the arrival of day after day of blustery wind means summer is over and it’s time to unpack the warmer clothes.

After church and lunch today I asked Ted if he’d like to ride downtown with me.

“Why?” he asked with some interest.

“Oh, I’m going to check out the summer sales and maybe shop a little for fall,” I said innocently, knowing full-well that mentioning the “s” word would secure him in his chair.

What I really planned to do was ride around and shoot some photos.  When Ted rides with me on those expeditions, it usually turns frustrating for him because I am constantly stopping and starting.  When Ted rides, he RIDES!

“You go ahead, sweetie,” he mumbled, picking up the Sunday newspaper and diving behind it.  I smiled.

When we went down the hill to church this morning, the winds had been brisk, but not really bad.  By afternoon, they had become almost constant and pretty high.  I gripped my handlebars so tightly going down Cadotte by the Grand that they turned white, and I wished I’d tied my hair back to keep it out of my eyes.

I turned right on Mahoney, next to the Somewear on Mackinac shop, and rode down to the water.

Parking in the grass on the water side, I walked almost down to the water . . .

. . . where white caps could be seen across the Straits, and waves were crashing on the shoreline.

Walking back to my bike, I decided to try something different – filming a few seconds in “movie mode”, just so you could hear the sound of the wind and waves.  You can watch that by clicking on the link at the end of this post. 

I stopped for a few minutes to visit Bonnie, who is vacationing on the Island in a friend’s home on the Boardwalk, then headed into town, where I spotted some leaf color on a big tree framed up against the Lake View Hotel.

I parked in front of the Horse Corral and went in to see Anne at Ella & Ivy (BIG sale going on there) then crossed the street to say hello to Jill and Jeremy at the Island Bookstore . . . .

. . . where the Fall book sale has begun!  It’s 25% off everything in HARDCOVER –  EXCEPT new, bestsellers, Michigan, Mackinac, vintage, and Somewhere in Time hardcover books.

Riding on through town and past the marina, I decided to see what was happening at Mission Point Resort. Leaving my bike out in the big, open area in front of the resort, I found the gazebo still ablaze with summer colors.

My bike looked pretty lonely out there today.  With the wind blowing like it was, there weren’t a lot of folks taking advantage of the Adirondack chairs, but a lot more people were biking than I thought would be out today.

This tunnel of trees leading into Mission Point is always a lovely spot to photograph . . .

. . . and at the beginning of that tunnel is an area still blooming brightly.

I walked my bike up Fort Hill . . .

. . . stopping to shoot back down the hill at the fort entrance . . .

. . . just past the first gate . . .

. . . at the rest stop . . .

. . . and at the top of the hill, next to the Governor’s Summer Residence.

From there I turned toward the back of the fort, then cut through the state park maintenance area, coming out at the path we take through the woods to Surrey Hill.  And guess who I ran into there?  It was Ted, Bear and Maddie – out for an afternoon walk!

“Where are all the packages from your shopping trip?” Ted asked.

“Oh, I couldn’t find anything I liked – I’ll try again another day!” I laughed.

And then we all went home together.

Link to the eight-second movie filmed this afternoon at the windy shoreline:


Bear wants me to tell you that this afternoon he published his interview with Joe Joe Cocker, the CEO of the Cottage Inn.  He hopes you’ll go there now and read all about Joe Joe:


16 thoughts on “The Winds of Autumn 9/16/2012

  1. Enjoyed your you tube of the windy day! One thing I noticed in all the pictures is the lack of people. I am sure it is nice to have the island “quiet” down after a busy summer. Doesn’t hiking your bike up Fort Hill leave you winded?! I think they need an escalator!!! LOL!

  2. I am not sure where else or how to ask this. We live in Michigan and took our two small kids to the Island this last May. As we were leaving I noticed my 4 yr old crying. I asked him why and he said it was because he didn’t want to leave. I promised him we would come back again this next summer. We want to come for a month but don’t have a HUGE budget. I was wondering if you could give some hints of where to stay for a month. I LOVE reading your blog!

    • Hi Hallie! Well, we can’t have your 4-year-old crying for the Island! I always refer folks looking for lodging to Just click on “lodging” or “accommodations” (can’t remember which), and everything available on the Island is listed. Usually rates at different times of the year are listed also, but on some you have to call. The most expensive months are, of course, June-August. May, September, and October are considered shoulder months, and rates are less. May is my least favorite month as far as weather – just can’t predict what might be happening! Good luck with your search, and let me know if I can help further! P.S. So glad you like reading Bree’s Blog!

  3. Brenda,

    Oh, how I wish I could come to the Island during the cool Fall weather and have you as my guide. However, I’ll have to settle for having you as my virtual guide in the blogs. And a wonderful job you do. Thank you so much. I especially like the pictures of the wind blown Straits with the Bridge in the background and Boardwalk. I could just “feel” the wind.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the video! I’m going to bookmark it and watch it over and over. Love the photos as well-there’s something about the light this time of year that makes everything look so crisp and clean.

  5. Sure have missed being on Mackinac this year. Thanks for all your blogs, I feel like I’ve kept in touch with the island! Best to you & Ted.

  6. Bree, thank you for letting me visit the beautiful island with every post. I got two short visits this summer and I dream everyday about my next visit. I truly enjoy looking at this blog, don’t ever stop.

  7. I’m counting down the days until our trip…..less than 2 weeks now. I suppose it’ll be windy when we come like last year. It was the worst I had seen last Oct. when we visited. We are coming a couple weeks sooner, so I thought it might be better….at least nice enough for us to ride our bikes. Alittle cool air doesn’t bother me, but the high winds make it alittle hard to ride. Maybe I’ll see you and Ted. We saw Ted last year at the Pink Pony watching football. I’m gonna get in on those sales too!

  8. Brenda,
    I always love your pictures and stories. I was remembering when my husband and I were trying to walk up Fort hill, we had to stop and rest a while at the little resting spot. What a great workout, with such beautiful scenery. Wish we were there right now!

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