Where Were You . . . . . 9/11/2012

We have a Mystery Spot winner (I guess it wasn’t as difficult as I thought!).  She is Jane Haviland from Portage, MI.  Please see end of this post for answer!

“Where were you when the world stopped turning, that September day?” 

We’ve all heard that achingly sad song by Alan Jackson, written a few short days after the 9/11 tragedy.

I certainly remember.  In the Public Information Office of the Dougherty County School System in Albany, GA, our back room was home to the Administration Building’s only TV set.  We had it for emergency announcements during bad weather and to watch and record school system officials when they’d appear on the news or on local talk shows.  That morning, having hardly walked out of the office next door – where the coffee machine was on our floor – I sat down to begin the morning’s projects.  Suddenly, a lady from another office on our floor came running in, shouting, “Turn on the television!  The World Trade Center has been hit by an airplane!”

So many thoughts ran through my mind at once.  A plane?  Small or large?  And . . . how could a plane hit a building that big?  Had the pilot died at the controls?  What a unbelievable accident!

By the time we’d gathered around the TV and turned the channel to NBC, our minds were shattered by Katie Couric announcing a plane had flown into the second tower.  We looked at each other in horror – this was no “accident”.

Each year Mackinac Island honors those who died in the Twin Towers – both the workers who were going about their normal business day in those two huge office towers, and the firemen, policemen, EMT’s and military who lost their lives trying to save whoever they could that morning.

A large crowd gathered outside the Mackinac Courthouse to participate in the Patriot Day ceremony.

Members of Mackinac Island’s volunteer Fire Department and our police force, EMT’s and military were all honored.

In our small community, where we know each and every one of the men and women who put their lives on the line each time they answer a call to duty, every word spoken by program participants put into perspective how grateful we all are to those who help others in their time of need.  It was a beautiful ceremony.

Blog Readers on the Island

Loved, loved, loved meeting blog readers who were on the Island and attending the ceremony. From left to right: Kate and Scott from Huntington, Indiana, then Mike, Pam, and Leonard (Pam’s dad) from Seven Mile, Ohio. So glad you introduced yourselves and hoping to see you all again while you’re here!

So happy also to see Jan Webster and Bonnie Foltz (a former summer resident) at the ceremony. They’ll be on the Island a few more days and we’re hoping to see them again.

Readers Photographs of Mackinac Island

Everyone has their own personal, favorite photograph of the Round Island Lighthouse, and this is Carole King’s from Virginia. Carole worked on the Island while she was in college and tries to make it to the Island every few years. She says she remembers back then she “would ride through the woods and have an enchanted feeling – like I was in wilderness.”

Wedding day for Tom and Melissa Wachowski, who live in Arizona now. Tom visited the Island for the first time as a 10-year-old and came back several times over the years.  When he and Melissa were planning their wedding in 2003, he suggested Mackinac. She wasn’t quite convinced until – out of the blue – a Mackinac Island Wedding Guide arrived at their P.O. box in Arizona! It was a sign! They visited in 2004 so Melissa could see the Island, and were married at Mission Point the next year. AND – they arrived here today for their annual visit.

Jeff Gushman – Dearborn Hts., Michigan. A view of the Island and the Star Line Ferry’s LeSalle – taken from the deck of Star Line’s Marquette II as it rounds the bend leaving the Island.

Jill Sawatzki – Mackinac Island and Lansing, Michigan. Winter Festival, 2009.  A bike, stranded by a sudden snowstorm, is getting a ride home on a sled pulled by a snowmobile.  Notice the snow is OVER the sidewalks!

Dave Crans – Canfield, Ohio – August, 2012. This photo of Main Street was taken from the second-floor balcony of the Lakeview Hotel.

Mystery Spot

The object of the Mystery Spot is to be the first to identify where the object is located. When you think you have the answer, email me at brendasumnerhorton@hotmail.com. I’ll check my email several times a day, and as soon as we have a winner, I’ll post the winner’s name at the top of this blog so you can stop guessing (you may have to refresh your page for this to show up). Is there a prize for the winner?  Yes there is; but the prize is secret, and the only ones who will know what it is are the winners. To be fair, I’m asking residents of Mackinac Island to please NOT guess. This is just for readers who don’t live here . . . but would like to! And the Mystery Spot is   . . . .

I THINK this will be a tough one . . . . Where is it?

Again, please email your answers to me at brendasumnerhorton@hotmail.com.  PLEASE DO NOT ANSWER IN THE “COMMENTS” SECTION OF THE BLOG.  Remember, I’ll post the winner at the top of this blog as soon as someone gives the correct answer.

Personal Note:  Thanks so much for all the “get well” wishes!  I’m feeling much better, and I’m so glad I had some meds on hand to nip this little allergy bug in the bud!  Ted’s blister wasn’t nearly as bad as the one he had last year, but it was bad enough!  He’s doctoring it each morning and night, and we’re hoping it will be all better soon. 

Mystery Spot Answer

The Mystery Spot is the decorative work on one of the top gables of the Chippewa Hotel.


16 thoughts on “Where Were You . . . . . 9/11/2012

  1. It’s nice to hear that you and Ted are feeling better.

    For me, 11 years ago I was working at American Express Travel (Corporate Travel) and we got a call from a fellow worker who was off that day to say a plane flew into the first Tower. Just like you I thought maybe something happened to the pilot and the plane then went off course and unfortunately flew into the Tower. Then the news of the second plane and we all knew this was not an accident.

    We had several TV’s in our office, unfortunately they did not bring one out to our area, we had to take the calls that we were getting from our clients to help them out any way we could. Obviously there were no planes flying so for the most part we were just trying to rent them a vehicle so they could drive home.

    I do remember the next several days how eeriely quiet it was outside not hearing any planes flying overhead.

  2. Yes, Judi, I thought the same thing about how quiet it was outside, not a plane in the sky. I remember calling Bud at work that day after the first plane hit. I also thought it was just an accident, until the second tower was hit. Even now, I can’t watch the memorials on tv without crying. So very very sad.
    On a lighter note, I’m happy to hear that you and Ted are both recovering ;). .

  3. I remember 9/11 so well. I was at work as a media clerk in our local high school when the planes hit. On hearing the news we turned the tv on to watch the world change. I spent the day worrying about my brother-in-law who worked very close to the Twin Towers. Later that day we learned he was alright but had sat at his desk as the Towers fell. Our prayers had been answered but so many others were not.

  4. I will never forget that Day! I was on my way to the doctor on the I 96 freeway in Grand Rapids, Michigan when the man on the radio said a plane had hit the World Trade Center. I assumed it was an accident and that it was a small plane like the one that hit the Empire State Building years before. After the doctor, I turned the radio on again, but later, after the second plane had hit and the buildings had collapsed, I could not listen anymore. When I arrived home, I told my son what had happened. He went to the neighbors to watch their TV. We were in the process of moving and everything was disconnected at our house at that time. It still bothers me, to this day, even though I knew no one who was killed or affected in any way.

    Apparently the “Post Comment” button has decided to reappear on my computer after a few weeks. I have no idea why it went on vacation. I hope it had a nice time, and I hope it’s back to stay.

    Such wonderful pictures. I especially liked the Round Island Lighthouse by Carole King, the snow picture by Jill and the picture of Main Street by Dave Crans.

    Now, if you don’t mind, while Faye is finishing the job of canning tomatoes (I did help with the peeling and cutting up), I’m going to saw some lumber and cut down some Pampas Grass. Well, even if you do mind, that’s what I’m going to do.

    Glad to know you and Ted are doing better.

    • Lowell, so happy to see your comments again. If that naughty “Post” button disappears again, just download a different browser. We miss you when you don’t post.

  5. very nice blog about a wonderful ceremony….so glad to have been there, and see you and Ted also. not to mention the good picture of Jan and I…:) see you later! Bonnie

  6. I was on my way to jury duty on .that terrible day. I will never think of shirking my civic duty again. I was flying 767’s for Delta at the time and was afraid we would be next. Needless to say court was cancel.ed for a few days.

  7. Is there anyone who can’t recall that day? My friend called me and told me to turn on tv. I sat with mouth agape because my mind couldn’t wrap itself around the horror. I was grateful my pilot husband Frog was on jury duty and had to be absent from work. It amazes me the number of heroes that emerged that day…the amazing thing is the thousands of heroes that we’ll never know about.

  8. Hey Brenda, quick question. I am debating either doing the Woods one night for dinner, or trying the grand luncheon buffet. I figure they would both cost about $40 per person. What do you think is a better way to spend the money?

    Thanks an great to see my picture on here!

    • Oh wow Jeff! That is a tough question! I might just let the weather decide. As much as I like the ride to “the Woods” through “the woods”, doing it at night when it’s chilly or raining sort of takes away the thrill. So check the weather for your open day. If it’s going to be in the 50’s that night, I’d go with the Grand luncheon. You can’t go wrong either way on the food – yummy! Oh – and don’t forget to add in another approximately $15 for taxi fare round-trip to the Woods, if that’s where you go.

  9. September 11 changed the world. I remember thinking life will never be the same. Not only was I heartbroken for the loss of life, but also the loss of innocence for my young children. My husband was part of a team that evaluated the towers in regards to security weaknesses after the World Trade Center bombing in 1993. I remember he said as long as a plane doesn’t hit them they should stand forever. We were on the phone with each other watching tv when the second plane hit. Knowing then it was an attack he said “God Almighty, they are bringing the towers down.”

  10. I have finally got my computer up and running and counted up the days I have missed reading your blog and it 89 days. I laugh and thought I’ll never caught up. But one day I’ll get threw them and enjoy everybit.
    Are summer has been a busy one and we haven’t even made it to the U.P. yet,doubt we will. So I’ll read your blogging its like a home away from home, thank you Brenda. That’s how good you are at doing what you do. You bring me back home.

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