The First “Grab a Coat” Weekend 9/9/2012

Was feeling under the weather this morning, so Ted went to church without me.  My throat is sore, and my ear feels like someone is jabbing at it with an ice-pick.  I searched all our medical stuff and found a left-over antibiotic, which I promptly started –  hoping those will clear this up before it becomes bad enough to warrant a trip to the medical center.

Feeling like I do, it’s funny I should sit down to write.  If I wanted to “do” something, there are plenty of options because we’ve had a pretty busy weekend, and, therefore, condo “daily duties” have mostly gone undone.  I haven’t washed clothes in a couple of days – or run the dishwasher, or ironed Ted’s “Sunday” khakis (he ushered this morning and was so sweet when he said, “Don’t worry about it – what’s a wrinkle or two!”).  I also need to wash out and clean Bear’s ears, which seem to be chronically yucky with gook lately.  There’s no sign of infection (redness), and I’m thinking he’s developed an allergy of some kind.  I’m wondering if I need to change  from a grain-based diet (will call vet tomorrow).  And the carpet hasn’t been vacuumed since last Thursday – therefore, there is an abundance of “Bear hair” everywhere.  So many things need to be done.

And yet, what I choose to do . . . . . is write.

As my fingers fly over the keyboard, my sluggish brain becomes more active, my body relaxes (that could be the pain meds I took for my ear), and my mind surges ahead to tomorrow and the next day – already full of activities I don’t need to miss.

OK – enough of the “poor me” dialogue.  Hopefully, when I finish this post I’ll be feeling better and will jump up and dive into the stuff I’ve mentioned above.

On Friday we had what I believe was only our second good, day-long, drenching rain of the summer.  It was wonderful, and it came on the day Ted and I were planning to bike out to the Inn at Stonecliffe for Frankie Thill’s birthday dinner.  By late afternoon, with the rain still falling and the wind kicking up too, we added our names to the taxi list of others going to the same dinner and enjoyed the horse-drawn ride through the wet woods.  I don’t know why we don’t go out to Stonecliffe to eat more often – the trip out there is fun, and the food never fails to be awesome.

Stonecliffe was built as a summer cottage for the Michael Cudahy family in 1904.  In 1915, it was purchased by Alvin and Sallie Hert, who made many additions, including the construction of a playhouse for their children.  That playhouse is now the Grand Hotel’s Woods Restaurant and is directly adjacent to Stonecliffe.

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner in the Cudahy Chophouse restaurant inside the Inn . . .

. . . and the birthday girl was treated to a surprise Creme Brulee dessert. Wonderful food with wonderful friends – does it get any better than that!

We were up bright and early on Saturday morning so Ted could be ready for the annual Mackinac Island 8-Mile Walk and Run around the Island.  When Ted did the walk last year, he developed a blister on the bottom of his foot about 2 miles into the walk.  But he kept going and finished the race.  It took almost two weeks for the thing to heal.  This year he wore different shoes and padded socks – hoping to avoid that problem.  He didn’t.

Ready for the start of the race – and proudly decked out in . . . .

. . . his favorite Booger Bottom shirt. (For those of you not familiar with the blog from our home in Georgia, Booger Bottom is the name of the “world-famous” locals bar at Lake Blackshear.)

As usual, the race began in front of the Mission Point Resort. Everywhere we looked participants were . . . .

. . . stretching, running short sprints to warm up . . .

. . . . and, in the case of these ladies, making sure hair was secured out of their faces.

Over 2300 racers participated this year.

At precisely 9:30 a.m., the race began, with the runners starting first . . .

. . . followed several minutes later by the walkers, including a fired-up Ted.  By the way, have you noticed what most everyone is wearing?  Coats!  At the beginning of the race, it was still drizzling rain, and the temp was only in the high 50’s.

While Ted was walking around the Island, Jill, Leanne and I walked over to J.L. Beanery, where we sat inside, ate breakfast sandwiches, and drank hot coffee.

When we got back to Mission Point an hour-and-a-half later, most of the runners were already finished, and Leanne and Jill snapped photos of happy racers . . .

. . . . including Drs. Michelle and Karen (Dr. Karen is our former Mackinac Island physician).

Ted – crossing the finish line – after walking eight 15-minute miles (and – after mile four – with a blister that runs across the whole bottom of his foot below his toes and looks yucky, yucky, YUCKY!)

While Ted rode home to change clothes, we three girls picked up our bikes from the Mission Point parking area across from Bistro on the Green and rode downtown to check out some of the fall sales.

We all gathered a while later on the patio at the Pink Pony for lunch and conversation, then left Ted to watch football.  Leanne and Jill went off to work, and I rode home.

I walked my bike up Mission Hill for a change of scenery and stood looking out over the Straits from the East Bluff.  The day was still gloomy and almost cold – a hint of what’s coming in the near future.

All that time in the wind and rain this weekend could be one of the causes of my present ear and throat complaints.  But hey!  It’s fall!  The summer crowds are gone, the very warm temperatures are a thing of the past, and we’ve already had the fireplace roaring two mornings in a row!

Hmmmmmm . .  . I think I feel better already!



19 thoughts on “The First “Grab a Coat” Weekend 9/9/2012

  1. Hope you are feeling better soon. A taste of Fall came crashing into Alabama this weekend. It was in the 90’s Friday and by Saturday morning it was in the low 70’s with a cold rain. Spent 5 cold and wet hours at the soccer field. 2 kid’s games back to back. This morning it was beautiful in the 50’s. I threw my windows open. Once the cotton spray starts flying I will have to shut the windows tight until Spring. I enjoy your blog so much. I was talking about something you had written and my daughter said you sound like Miss Bree (can you tell she is Southern girl?) is an old friend of yours. I told Gracie that it felt like it. Thanks for sharing your life. Y’all take care now

    • Wow, Cassie, that’s really unusual weather for Alabama this time of year. But doesn’t that first day you can open the windows in the fall feel just perfect! Thanks so much for writing tonight, and you take care now too – ya hear!

  2. Well if it makes you feel any better, I came home with a full blown ear infection. In fact, when we got back to town, we stopped at the local CVS (minute clinic) before we even went home. I’m on a 10 day antibiotic. Sure hope you feel better soon! Bud has a pair of Skechers Shape Ups that he wears whenever we go walking. (I have a generic pair of Shape Ups). Ted might want to try a pair of those for his walks. They are awesome and I bet they would help him alot. Bud has never had a blister and you know how much we walk when we are on the island. (Sorry about your foot Ted but WTG!!)

      • I want to say it started before the cruise Brenda because my one ear started to feel stuffed up before the cruise BUT the wind from that day might have made it worse. I don’t care though, I had a blast that day. 🙂

  3. ::: passing out masks to all the blog readers ::: Get well soon Brenda!!!
    Good job Ted!
    and WTG Dawgs! That looked like a skerry game at the start! My Wolverines tried to give me heart failure too!

  4. Praying for a speedy recovery, Brenda. Thanks for posting even though you are under the weather. I love to see your emails pop up. I was just re-reading a post of yours from mid August of last year and you were really sick. I hope that you don’t go in that direction!

    We’ll be on the Island in four weeks (Oct. 8-10) and just love you as our “warm-up” act! Thanks for all that you do to keep us “wannbe” Islanders informed! Get well!


  5. We had our first blush of cool (85 degree) weather today and it was grand. Not to play can you beat this but I was on the 10 day reg. of antibiotics for 40 straight days. Sigh. Finally beat it. There are some wonderful “blister” bandages and Ted needs to carry them with him. Enough of this macho man crud!!!

  6. Hope you are feeling better every day!
    I am on the island relaxing after my daughters wedding here on Friday. Yes Friday! The rain didn’t dampen their spirits though. They were a happy bride and groom!
    They had a cute ceremony on porch of Inn on Mackinac, dinner at the Grands Jockey Club then cocktails and duck pin bowling at The Woods! Was all she wanted.
    We have one more day here. I hope you are out and about so I may see you. We did see Jill riding by and shouted off the porch to her.
    Take care Bree! And hope to see you here somewhere!

    • Hi Connie! We picked up a lot of folks at the Woods Friday night on our way home from the Inn at Stonecliffe. Bet it was part of your wedding party! Going off-island today – don’t have to work at Stuart House like I usually do on Mondays because another volunteer wanted to work today. Feeling a little better – thanks!

  7. Sure hope you and Ted feel better soon! Beautiful sunny, cool weather, except for Sat. Such a nice change from heat and humidity of Ohio. Probably be sick by the.time we get

  8. Please tell Frankie Happy Birthday from Rob and Susan in Naperville (Chicago) (aka friends of Brenda and Mac)! I recognize another familiar face at her birthday dinner 🙂
    We just spent a week in upper Minnesota and I’m thinking about the warmer gear we’ll need when we come up to Mackinac the first of October. Gloves come to mind.
    Take care of yourself and remember that local honey is good for such ailments and it tastes so good in your tea.

  9. For anyone visiting the island, a taxi ride into the woods is a MUST! It is so relaxing and peaceful (especially at night). Even though we have visited the island several times my husband & I still do this. In fact this past summer we took a taxi from downtown to the airport and walked back. I am sure the taxi drive was confused of why he dropped us off at the airport and watched us walk back downtown but it is so fun!!!

    I can’t believe 2300 people did the walk/run (that is the poplulation of my town)! I hope you and Ted are feeling better. Hopefully Bear and Maddie are giving you lots of doggy kisses.

  10. Hope you feel better soon! And that Ted’s foot heals up – ouch! Sounds like my hubby & I better pack our woolen long johns 🙂 as we are coming up next week for a couple of days on the island. Happy Tuesday!!

  11. Is there ALWAYS something going on on the Island? It seems like there is a celebration or two every other day. I hope you are feeling better by now. Looks like the weather is going to get a tad colder soon.

  12. Hope you feel better now… Thanks so very much for the race photos-first year in 3 that we’ve missed it. My husband had his IronMan race in Wisconsin which was an incredible event but I was still a bit sad we weren’t on the island. Tell Ted to put a light layer of vaseline on his feet before the next race to prevent blisters. Sounds yucky but it really works as it decreases the friction between your foot and sock.

  13. Hi! My husband and I are visiting Mackinac Island on the weekend of Sept 21-23 and I’m so glad to find out that it is cooler there than here (Forney, TX-20 miles east of Dallas). Your blog is very interesting. We also want to see The Village this time. We visited the island in June, but now we want to see it in the fall. I love your pictures and will look at more of them before we leave Dallas. Kathy (It would be so much fun to meet you)

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