A Little Catching Up . . .

With the busy Labor Day weekend all talked out, I’m still left with several photographs I haven’t used.  So . . . I’m declaring this Leftover Photo Day!  Settle back and enjoy some miscellaneous pics snapped by me and a few friends during the last several days.  I hope they transport you right to the Island – in spirit, if not in body!

Remember that blue moon last week? Shepler’s had a Blue Moon Cruise that night – which we missed –  but Misty Martinchek shared this fabulous photo she took as the boat headed out that evening.

Anne Stanard (from Ella & Ivy) rode over to work the other morning with Sandy and Larry (Anne is hoping she remembered the names correctly)! They started talking, and it turned out they were Bree’s Blog fans! Wish I’d gotten to meet you also!

I LOVE this photo from Chris Ann (who is the only person I know who gets up before the sun and goes to the bakery in Mac City). The sun is rising here over the Shepler dock and was reflected in her car’s side mirror as she left the bakery.

Somebody’s moving to the Island! These mattresses were loaded onto a dray with lots and lots of other household items. I didn’t stay around long enough to watch which direction they were going, but they have to be lucky folks to be starting a new phase of their lives on Mackinac!

Let the Sun Shine IN!

After Ted went to work Thursday morning, I walked into the bedroom and let the blinds up. I’ve said about a million times to my hubby that if something ever happened to me, he would probably live in a cave because having shades down and curtains drawn doesn’t bother him a bit – even in the middle of a beautiful day! Then I got to thinking about all the light we get streaming into our condo and decided to take pics of all the windows . . .

. . . and the bedroom French doors – with the shades UP!  The sun comes in and . . . we can see a smidgen of water over the tree tops and watch the horses in the corral below us.

Den doors let in sun and . . . the sight of Carriage Tour wagons slowly making their way up to the Carriage Museum next door.

Our bay window opens to the shaded light of a beautiful tree, which will begin to put on her Fall clothing very soon. Also through those windows come the sounds of horses clip-clopping up and down the street and neighing to each other in greeting.  And, as of Tuesday, every morning and every afternoon, we get to hear the happy sound of children going to and coming home from school.

Oh, you might have noticed from the pic above that I collect turtles.  I mentioned that to Chief Duck across the street sometime this summer, and a few days later he called to me in the backyard as I was getting on my bike. 

“I’ve got something for you!” he shouted. 

I walked over to the little shed in his backyard, and he presented me with a turtle he had carved and painted just for me.

I don’t carry many decorative items back and forth from the house here to the lake house, but this little guy will be going to Georgia in November – and back up here in the spring.

I love my kitchen window! No matter if there is not a single leaf stirring on the trees, somehow – somehow – there is always a breeze slipping under and around this window. When I’m standing at the sink, I can see Chief Duck’s house and yard and his two sweet pups, Gizmo and Sugar. And from there I’ve watched bike wrecks, run-away horses, summer sweethearts walking arm-in-arm up the hill, and chipmunks, rabbits, and the neighborhood cat run back and forth between our backyard and Duck’s place.

The window in the guest bedroom looks out to the backyard and the bike racks. Whenever Bear hears Ted or I return and begin to lock our bikes, he high-tails it into this room and barks greetings out the window.

Top floor bedroom, where we can see a little more than a smidgen of water. Had to take this through the screen, but you can see it pretty clearly. I’ve always wanted to have a really comfortable chair in this little nook and sit up here and read. Maybe one day.

Glimpses of Fall

Magically, and literally over-night, fall flowers are showing up among the still beautiful summer blossoms in the Grand Hotel gardens.

The pumpkins down by the big barns are already B I G!

There aren’t many places you can stand on the Island now and turn in a 360-degree circle and not see some glimpse of fall – whether it just a few leaves on one tree . . .

. . . or on a group of trees like the young Maples lining Cadotte.  Fall’s coming.

A Few More Pics – Sorry, I Keep Finding Them!

Yes! That is a BAT flying straight at you! Brian Hellis captured it a few weeks ago as he and Barbara were walking toward the back of the library at dusk. Unbelievable photograph!

The morning of the last formal ride I was wandering around in the Grand Hotel herb garden (waiting for the horses and riders) and shot this through the back portico.

One of my favorite Bluff homes!

I think I’ll end this photo post with two fabulous sunrises.  As fall approaches and the air cools, we all know we have many of these spectacular sunrises – and sunsets – to look forward to in the near future. 

Tuesday’s sunrise. (Photo credit: Patrick Conlon)

Last Friday’s sunrise over the Marina. (Photo Credit: Abby Holstrom)

Just One More Little Thing . . .

Below is an email I sent out yesterday to everyone on my contact list.  And – since I’m shamelessly begging for votes – I wanted to include all you blog readers also!  Please read the message below, and if you’d like, just follow the instructions.  And yes – it looks like you can vote more than once!

Hello everyone!  I’ve entered one of my favorite photos in a contest on-line.  The Friesian in this photo is owned by my friend Mary Stancik, and I call him my god-horse because I’m owning him vicariously through Mary.

If you get a moment – and would like to –  could you please go to this website, and click on “vote”.  In the “search” box, enter: I’ve got to start eating more oats!  When the photo comes up, please vote for it! 

The web address is:  http://www.doversaddlery.com/photocontest.aspx?TID=12086167KNotSP&EID=X180863&utm_source=Dover&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=PhotoContest&/sp_rid/MjgwNDg4OTk1NjAS1/sp_mid/7489971/

P.S. Feel free to pass this along to anyone you know who might like to vote!  Thanks!

See you back here on Monday (or Sunday night).  God bless.


21 thoughts on “A Little Catching Up . . .

  1. Brenda…I voted for your picture. 🙂 I don’t remember see that one before. I must say that is about the cutest picture I have ever seen!!! You should frame that one! I will have to show it to my kids my the morning.

  2. I loved all the pictures, Brenda. It’s nice to see the view from your condo. Patrick that was a gorgeous picture of the sunrise.

    I also voted for the picture, Brenda. 🙂

  3. You got my vote…several times over!. Love, love all the pictures. Too many great ones to pick a favorite. They are all great. Love the turtle from Duck. Always look for him when we walk by the house but have not had the pleasure of meeting him yet. Love your views from your windows, OH and that bat is pretty cool too! 🙂

  4. Never a need to apologize for sharing too many photos of Mackinac Island. After reading your blog, I’m always left wishing for more! Love the ones from your windows – I can almost feel the breezes of wonderfully fresh lake air. Also, I voted – good luck!

  5. Oh, and your mention of the Mackinac City Bakery – YUMMMY!! First place I ever had a pasty – and still my favorite. And their cinnamon rolls are to die for! When visiting the Mackinac area, I can happily eat nothing but pasties and whitefish (my favorite whitefish is from Scallawag’s, also in Mac City).

  6. Love your leftover photos. They bring me right back. Will be coming UP North tomorrow for a week. Can’t wait! Your new turtle from Chief Duck, looks outstanding. Enjoy!

  7. I voted! Hope your picture wins, Brenda!

    And that bat picture from Brian – WOAH! Lucky shot! I was just up there and when I was waiting to photograph the sunrise yesterday, a bat flew by me at waist level. They sure have been flying low lately, haven’t they?

  8. Thanks so much for all of the great stories and photos all summer long. The Island is one of my absolute favorite places, and I was sad that we were unable to get there this summer. We have made it almost every year since my son was born in 2005. Fortunately, my kids and I will be able to be there the last weekend of October—I am running the Turtle Half Marathon and the kids are looking forward to trick-or-treating on the Island again this year. Maybe I’ll get the chance to meet you?

    Also voted for your photo—my daughter and I are both horse lovers and this picture is just adorable 🙂

  9. Count me in too on the voting! Great pic! Love the one of the bat too….I’ve never tried to capture a picture of a bat since they fly so fast!

  10. Was at the windermere last week sitting on the porch reading on my kindle at11:30 pm when I felt something on my shoulder. Much to my amazement there was a bat just hanging out!!!! You have never heard anyone scream so loud!!! So that photo of the bat brought back a few memories.

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