This, That, and . . . the Other 8.16.2012

Hi Everyone!  Sorry it’s taken me so long to post this, but I was off-island all day.  After the blog was published last night, I received several correct answers and several more today.The first correct answer came from Tina Fiste of Midland, MI.  The Mystery Spot is the cart trail up to a green in the Jewel Golf Course.  It can easily be seen walking up Cadotte – right before you get to “Four Corners” and the horse barns.

Have we had a “Photos Only” post this season?  I don’t think so!

So . . . I now declare this the First Official “Photos Only” post of the 2012 Mackinac Island Season (Whew!  I’m glad I’m getting at least one in before the season is over)!

THIS . . .

Possibly my favorite Island road – from Point Lookout to Ft. Holmes. Especially glorious in the Fall.

Not a good day for kayaking. We watched from the boardwalk as one boat flipped, and its passenger hit the water. He clung to his kayak until his buddy arrived to help. All ok.

I learned something new about Sugar Loaf! This opening is called “the Keyhole”.  It’s a shallow cave (about 8′ deep) and has two flumes that ventilate at the top.  Climbing up to check all this out is prohibited.

My friend Mcgyver, getting a little buggy-pulling exercise. I was walking up the hill, turned around when I heard clip-clops, and there he was!

The Mackinac Island recycling dray. Recycling day is once every two weeks. As each resident or business recycling container is picked up, it’s sorted on board the dray, then returned for use the next time.  All heavy cardboard, including boxes, must be flattened and tied together in bundles.  Same with magazines and newspapers.

I left my bike parked at the Cloghaun Bed & Breakfast the other night when I rode a taxi to a party with other ladies from downtown. When I picked it up the next day on my way to work, I caught the Cloghaun “mascot” Maggie on the steps going up the the porch. She was keeping a little girl who was staying there with her parents company.

Happy flowers at the Cloghaun B & B.

THAT . . .

A particularly nasty summer storm a couple of weeks ago brought down limbs and a few trees in the middle of the night. The Market Street side of Market and Cadotte was blocked most of the morning as tree cutters worked to remove huge limbs that had fallen – and others threatening to fall.  One house had some roof damage that was quickly repaired.

On Cadotte, a house can barely be seen through all the downed limbs, but there was no damage to the home.

Like magic, wood chippers appeared, and by afternoon all evidence of the storm had vanished.  Amazing!

Georgia visitors on the Island! We’ve known Don and Nancy for years, and they were on Mackinac Wednesday with a tour group from Carrollton, GA. We met them at the Grand Hotel (after they enjoyed the Grand Lunch Buffet) and rode with them on a two-hour private tour of the Island

I love, love, love seeing the Island through the eyes of a first-time visitor! I think the phrase I heard most from Nancy was, “Oh my goodness, look at that!”


We have NO WINNER for the Mystery Spot this week.  I am totally mystified – ’cause it was an easy one – well, at least to me it was.  You know what?  I’m not going to reveal the answer.  Next Wednesday I’ll post it again – but from a different angle.  Bet you get it then!  Between now and then, if the answer dawns on you, go ahead and email me at!

I’m off to the groomers with Bear tomorrow, which means spending a few hours off-island in Cheboygan’s WalMart.  It’s funny how when we’re home in Georgia, a trip to the local WalMart is no big deal (something I’d rather skip, as a matter of fact).  Up here though,  you’d think I was heading to Bloomingdale’s in New York City by how excited I get.  I guess it’s all relative!

Have a great weekend!  God bless.


18 thoughts on “This, That, and . . . the Other 8.16.2012

  1. Though I don’t like to tempt fate and commit my plans to pen – I’ll take a chance and commit to print – Sunday morning bright and early we’ll be heading northwest (then a little bit south) bound for St. Ignace. Really looking forward to spending the week in the area. “Base camp” so to speak will be from St. Ignace; from there we’ll head out to the island, to Mackinaw City and to ??? who knows where. Looking forward to the powwow on the following weekend, and an arts and crafts festival in Mackinaw City. Quite excited!

      • Thank you we’ll do that. Not sure what day we’ll head over. Hoping to check the library when we’re on the island as I have some Mitchell / Bertrand research to do. If you do come into the powwow on the 25th (it runs all weekend but we’re going Saturday), look for two not-so-young yet not-so-old gals with Canadian accents enjoying the sights. Come on and say hi.

  2. Love the random pictures…question….Sugar Loaf “Keyhole”…didn’t there used to be a ladder of some sorts going up to the opening?
    I only have one other thing to say..only 10 MORE DAYS!!!!!!

  3. That splains why I hadn’t seen a “we have a mystery spot winner” post! lol Thought for sure u were busy on another adventure or taking a much deserved nap! <<will keep looking! lol I'm curious now!

  4. btw,,,the yellow flowers…u probably already knew,,,Black Eyed Susans! they are particularly gorgeous this year!

  5. Love your photos Brenda. I’m not going to be up again this year but I sure would like to next year. So I really enjoy looking at the Sugar loaf and the overlooks I don’t usually get to see. To Deb–you should come to Niles, MI for information on the ‘Joseph and Madeline Bertrand family’- this is where they are from.

    • Thanks Doris. It is Dr. David Mitchell and his wife Elizabeth Bertrand that I am after on this trip (just before, during and after the war of 1812). But I will make note of the connection to Niles. Any excuse to visit any part of Michigan is a good one! Thanks again.

  6. I’m going to be on the Island next week for a day. It’s been a couple years, however I’ve been there a bunch of times. I’ve never seen Mission Pointe Resort and think I’m going to do lunch there. Do you or any of the readers have suggestions for “hidden gems”

  7. The ladder-to-the-keyhole has been a “there, not there, back again, gone, lather-rinse-repeat” item for years. Usually, it lasts for a couple of days before a park employee notices it and it goes away. Until the next time somebody – typically a bored summer employee – musters up the ambition to build or transport one again.
    One of the summers I worked the island (back in the mid 80s) somebody got *REALLY* creative, and for about 4 days, there was a set of steps, complete with handrail, knocked together out of hay twine and tree limbs that was QUITE an impressive example of impromptu engineering. Nobody that I know about ever claimed responsibility for it, and as usual, once the park employees noticed it, it vanished, but for those few days, it provided easy access to the cave

    • Thanks island worker….I’ve seen several pictures of the “ladder” and read stories of Indians using the keyhole to bury bones in, so I was just intriqued as to what the history was.

  8. Thanks for a lovely attitude adjustment-photos of Mackinac is just what I needed right now! I’m working this morning and am not so very happy about it…
    Glad to hear the kayaker made it back into his boat!

  9. Bree- I happened upon your blog last night. I am sitting here this rainy morning with a cup of coffee sitting on my porch thoroughly enjoying your blog. 25 years ago we honeymooned on Mackinac Island. Every few years we discuss going back, but life gets in the way. And living the Alabama doesn’t work out as a quick weekend trip. With my oldest who recently left for college and my “babies” are starting their freshman year in high school I had been feeling sorry for myself. Que up the tiny violins. Reading about your passion to chase your dream really hit the spot. It challenges me to discover my passion and figure out what it is I want to do when I “grow up”. Thank you for allowing strangers a peek into your lives.

    • Welcome aboard, Cassie! I love, love, love new readers, and since you live in Alabama and we’re in Georgia for the winters, we are true neighbors! So glad you’re enjoying the blog and hoping – while you’re figuring out that “growing up thing” – that you’ll start planning a return trip to the Island. You won’t be disappointed – that I can promise you.

      Writing has been a passion all my life, but it took retirement and discovering the magic of Mackinac to make that passion come alive. It always amazes me how God knits the pieces of our lives together – in His time, not ours. So, as you think ahead to what you want to be doing in the future, as you think about goals and what makes you the happiest, don’t forget to ask God what HE sees you doing in the future. Give Him the reins, and I can guarantee He will never steer you in the wrong direction. Thanks so much for writing! Brenda

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